Black screen. Monitor loses signal.

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I don't know what causes it, but it's only been happening after the patch. It's happened 3 times, the screen will just go black and it's like my entire computer crashes, and the monitor says there's no signal detected. I have to hit my power button to restart, and it's really annoying I hope this gets figured out or has so I can actually play.
No one else has this problem?

This symptom could be caused by the video card or cpu overheating.

I suggest downloading and running HWMonitor from

Now start the game and let it run several minutes. Then exit or alt-tab out and see what the highest temperature in Celsius is that was reached for the gpu (video card) and cpu.
I have 2 GTS 240 GPU's

One is running at 83c and the other is at 73c and my CPU is at 45c.

My computer has always ran pretty hot and never crashed, but I've never experienced this problem until yesterday when I started playing again.

Hmm, While those temps are well within the specs listed for the maximum, there's no way to tell if the card has experienced stress earlier on that may influence it's particular heat range.

Use a utility to increase the gpu fans up to 80-100% (I know it's going to be loud) and see if the game is stable then. Check the temps again too to see how much they go down.

If you need a way to bump the fans up, consider MSI's Afterburner located here:
I set the fan speed to 100% and it lowered the temp a little, but then I opened game and did a quick run through and my max was 102c and averaged 93c. I guess I can't play this game anymore then if it's a hardware issue. But so many other people are suddenly having this same problem I swear D3 seems to be more demanding than it was before the patch, but I don't know much about this stuff.

Thanks for the help I appreciate it, I have a couple questions if it's not a problem.

My 2nd gpu runs at a constant 50-60c like it's not even being used, is there a possibility to take the load off the primary gpu? Would that lower the temp of the primary gpu? I didn't build my computer it's a Dell XPS, and I figured why not have 2 gpu's, but I don't even know if the secondary is even being used.

Is it hopeless? What could possibly be an upgrade, or fix to my computer to get the temps down?

I also downloaded the Kombuster application, it seems to be a way to test your gpu and it had gpu0 at 90% and gpu1 was at 0%.

It reached a higher temp after raising the gpu fan speed??

In the in-game settings. disable the fps limiters if they're in use and enable vertical sync. See what that does to the temps. If they're already disabled, enable them and set the foreground to 30 and background to 8 as a starting point.

If you have SLI enabled, disable it. The game doesn't really take advantage of it. You do this in the Nvidia Control Panel.
When I originally said 83c that was just not doing anything intensive like fighting giant hoards of demons haha, I did that on the recent trials and found out I was exceeding 100c. Raising the fan speed did not make my temp go up.

SLI was already disabled.

foreground FPS at 30; background at 8 (Also set all the graphics to low or off/Fan at 100%) - Max temp is 95 and hovers around 89

vertical sync on; fps limiters off - Max temp 100 and hovers around 93

don't know if the crashing is fixed or not I'll have to play with it a bit, maybe with the new patch for some reason I just can't handle high gfx anymore.

It's still way too hot. I'd remove the cards and give the fans and heatsink assemblies a good cleaning out with a can of compressed air. Your main gpu may just have a messed up fan too. You might remove that card and just use the second one to see how it performs and see how hot it gets.
Haha this will be interesting, I'll keep you updated.
Okay pretty much cleaned my gpu fans that weren't too bad, and I'm just leaving the side of my case open and opened up the back a little bit for more air flow, getting about 65c just chilling as opposed to 85c. Haven't had any crashes so thanks for your help in figuring out what could possibly have been the problem.

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