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i didnt notice any change with rare/legs/sets drop for me. What I noticed though was the bigger stacks of gold that drops. If gold find works, I guess MF is working too :)
They roll stats like an i63 even though the item level is 58.

I rolled a 58 item with a required equip level of 60, because of the higher stats. If the stats roll at the monsters level, and all the monsters are 63, then all the ilvls will be i63.
Don't believe it really helps unless you make a huge investment into the actual gear. I don't have the millions to spend on MF gear that doesn't make my dps get cut into a third of what it currently is.
It's just better for me to kill monsters three times as fast I'd imagine.
Maybe If I get lucky and get a piece of MF gear with actually decent stats to drop.
Without changing any of my gear (and with increasing paragon levels) I've noticed about a double in the legendaries I've been finding. Sounds like their patch doubling worked.

And it's all luck. I was chatting with my brother the other day and he linked me a mempo of twilight he just found. Not 10 seconds later he had found an echoing fury. Sometimes it's just luck.

I for one agree with gamp. Kill fast, enjoy the big numbers, and cash in on the drops when you get them.
I run with 190k dps, 500 mf on mp5.

All im seeing are mad stone, tzo Kim craze (both monk helms), ageless might (barb belt), ivory tower, ginbin, ivory tower, ageless might, mad stone, Madstone.... You get the picture.

So no, mf is crap. You're better spending on dps gear and get mf for free through paragon levels.
the longer I have been farming and the higher my paragon level gets the better the quality of items I find is, I was key farming the act 1 key warden tonight and on my 4th kill he died up popped 3 beams 1. Key 2. Mempo Of Twilight 3. Echoing Fury while they weren't the greatest rolls that was the most rewarding kill so far at least for me.
Same here, since 2 days ago i cant get legs as before (before i was taking about 4-8 legs in a day) welll... yesterday i played 17 hours and get 0 lol, what happened Blizzard? now i have a sure that MF doesnt effect nothing, ima selling my MF gears to buy dps ones, waste of time to use MF gear now. As always happens i think something changed the dropped rate, so from now on the drops will be craps as same as before. MF dont works anymore for me----> waste of time and gold!!!
after reading this thread........

i picked up 1 i63 2hand spear and 1 i63 2hand pole arm within 10minutes

both are legendary xD
even thought mf might help a bit random is still random,

i made 3 coop runs with a friend yesterday, he used a monk, dh, wd all of them with different mf from 200-280.

I used my wizard with 275 mf

Result: he dropped 6 legendaries I dropped 0
This is encouraging to hear! Now that I’ve really started working on my Magic Find set, I can’t wait to see how it changes the drops I’m able to score.

Magic find does not affect the drop rate that happens, correct? Only the rolls?

Backwards, It affects the drop rate, NOT the rolls.

When they say "Magic find increases the chances of finding a better item" they mean in terms of Item Class.

+6 Affix Rare
+5 Affix Rare
+4 Affix Rare
+3 Affix rare
+2 Affix Magic
+1 Affix White
Grey Item

How these affixes roll has nothing to do with MF, MF just determines how many affixes you are LIKELY to get, Legendary/Set are considered above +6 Affix.

Magic find rolls in this order, so when an item is produced the first check is "is it a legendary item" if it's not, the second check is "is it a +6 Affix Rare Item" and so on.

Magic Find increases the probability that you will win the dice roll earlier rather than later.

Having max magic find makes hitting on the first roll drastically better.

So lets say, a specific monster has a 0.02% chance to drop a legendary, that means when the item is produced, YOU have a 0.02% chance to select "Legendary" as item class.

If you had 100% magic find, it would be 0.04% 200% Magic find, would then make it 0.06%, 300% magic find 0.08%, 400% = 0.10%, 500% = 0.12%

It was the communities best guess that PRE 1.05 drops were on average 0.02%, and in 1.05 they doubled it. So 0.12% becomes 0.24% in 1.05. Which is actually higher than double, since MF was capped at 300% previously. 300% at the doubled rate is 0.16%, which would have only been 0.08% in 1.04.

So yeah, we went from 0.08% in 1.04 to 0.24% in 1.05. Which is actually more than double, it's actually triple with monster power.

It's actually more than triple with monster power, because enemies have the probability of dropping a bonus item now.

So more drops = more chances in the same amount of time = more legendaries in the same amount of time, especially when sat on top of a tripled drop chance.

This is why we see people frequently finding 7 in one night now. While it was possible in 1.04, it was only possible for those that could farm Act III inferno as fast as they could run.

It's now possible for those that aren't anywhere near that strong to plop the same amount of legs on the ground in a night. The drop rate is fine now, the problem is still the drop quality.

There is still WAAAAAAY too much trash. I'm getting legendaries all the time, but they are horrible Ageless Mights, Frostburn Gauntlets, Wizardspike's, etc. And even when you get a witching hour or something awesome, it's usually a crappy one with no all resist. Or a mempo with INT an no crit chance.

So, in conclusion, there are still WAY too many items that CAN'T EVER BE GOOD, and way too low of a probability on the items that CAN be good, to actually BE good.

This needs an adjustment. I'm not saying they should all be good, but the once that can't EVER be good should be redesigned so they could BE good, and good items shouldn't be 1 in 200 pages on the AH either.

We need to trim off some affixes from the pool of randoms on specific items. And add randoms to others out right, like the wizardspike.
MF ups your chance to find a blue, yellow, (although still miniscule) legends by a lot. (at least in the 100 to 200 range of MF stat)

It also had a chance to up your affixes on weapons by a little bit on top of that. (I think like 2 to 3% with craptons of MF)

So MF affects your loot color a lot. But affects your affixes on those colors by a tiny amount.
If your doing 91k damage with your barb why would you even do mp0 or mp1. I run mp6 pretty fast with my barb and normally find 2-3 legendarys a run and mostly all lvl 63's. mp0-mp4 I one hit kill most things so why would you not just do a higher mp to start with.
i agree mf does help my magic set is 425 for mp2 and i find at least 1 legend a run although they have 90 percent of the time not been for my barb
11/01/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Coleslaw
This is encouraging to hear! Now that I’ve really started working on my Magic Find set, I can’t wait to see how it changes the drops I’m able to score.

Magic find does not affect the drop rate that happens, correct? Only the rolls?

other way round buddy

it affects the magic quality of the item so: blue,rare,legendary.set
Ive always said it works!

550 MF at MP 8 and i AT LEAST 1-2 legendaries every hour, save the occasional bad patch.
It's very hard to say and there is no standard... but I have to agree that MF does help

When I play with less than 300+ MF buffed (including NV), I never NEVER get 1 legendary.

Currently playing at 300+ MF usually and sometimes 400+

Average legendary time: approximately 4 hours to 12 hours

Route of farm:

Core Arreat -> Keep 3 -> Keep 2 -> Stonefort -> Tower of Damned 1 -> Arreat 1 -> Arreat 2 -> Field of Slaughter -> Skycrown

Doing these for about 3-4 runs total within 4 hours and might net a legendary but sometimes could be up to 8-10 runs before I get a legendary

Most legendaries I get:-

two handed sword with that % gold find, thanks!! I love it VERY VERY much for giving me such a garbage item for 7-8 times, so that I could salvage it!
I have a great deal of luck with a start of 375MF on MP1. I play about 2 hrs a night and have gotten at least one green or a legendary item and I think all have been pretty decent so far.

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