Service Outage Information - 11/1/12

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STATUS UPDATE: I just received another notification in my PayPal account and it said that the transaction was cancelled. haha glad I wasn't triple charged but what the heck it going on? lol.
my auction house is not working for some reason i cant click on it it says when i highlight it it tells me it is temporarly unavailable? any way ya can fix that would be awesome thx!!!
Seriously bad rubber banding tonight that made the game unplayable. Last night was bad too. Guess it's hotfixes and server maintenance lagging things. Don't play hardcore!
I tried to place a charge last night, but never went through. Tried again today... hopefully i dont get double charged.
All of my attempts to purchase in RMAH failed last night. The paypal transactions were canceled a little while ago. Looks like we will not be losing any money in purchases that that did not complete.
i just got 8 emails from paypal, charged over 200$, and still going, all because of failed attempts, if it says FAILED in my completed tab, why the !@#$ do u authorize it blizzard
wooooow they had better make that right thats all i can say for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^
and what .., where's ur gear??^^
my gear is on the gold auction house, i have it all thats not my problem atm
what about the mini rollbacks some of us got in the game yesterday before the shutdown?
why are these threads being posted in general? post them in the service status section because that is where players go to look for service status information. jeez.
AH not working still...

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