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Bug Report
On 2012-10-24 01:28:04 I bid 25,250,000.00 gold for a Immortal King's Triumph order id: 1067517226. I lost the bid so the gold was sent to my completed auctions tab, i clicked on send to stash, however the gold never arrived and will never arrive. I need someone to manually refund the gold to me. I opened a Ticket US32249757 and keep getting the run around by the Blizzard GM's saying they don't have the ability to help me and that someone from QA can however there is no direct way to get a hold of them. Please help me.
Can anyone shed some light if this is the right place to report this?
Probably similar to what happened to two of my items on the RMAH over 2 days ago.

Had taken over an hour to authorize so I cancelled them, and when I clicked send to stash, they never showed up.

Filed a ticked and received..

" Hey! I can totally understand how trying not finding this item you sent to your stash would be upsetting, and I hope I can get this sorted out for you! ^_^

We are aware of some of the delays and issues that players are experiencing with the AH and sending items to the stash, but don't worry! This appear to be a server delay for moving items, and you should see that item appear in your stash eventually, so don't worry!

Please understand that this process may take some time in some situations, but we are investigating reports of especially long wait times to see what the issue may be.

In some cases, these items show up in the stash without being noticed, so make sure to keep checking for it over the next couple of days! The server keeps an overflow record for requests, and processes them, so it will eventually appear.

In the future, you may want to stay on the Completed page until the 'Sending to Stash' process completes. Moving to a different page seems to cause a delay for some players.

While this may take some time, please remain patient while this is further investigated! : D

Definitely keep an eye out on our D3 Bug forums ( or our main site ( for any additional information and updates on this issue!

If you need any more help or have any other concerns, just hit one of the fancy buttons below! <3

Best wishes,

Game Master Ixzal"

Seems 72 hours isnt enough time to deliver your items from cancelled to stash. Sounds like your experiencing similar.
Stever, did you eventually get your items? It's been over a week for me.
10/22/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Vasadan
As I've said many times on this forum before, Bug Reports is not where you need to go to claim that you are missing items. Please contact Customer Support.

This article will lead you through the process:
Wait a second. Customer support are the ones who sent me here.
This is a bug and the GM's said they can't help me. I wouldn't be making such a big deal about his but I've lost 25mil gold.
Havent got my items still.

Was told to come here by blue so one side of your parties better clear up exactly who is supposed to do what, and something is the correct response.

If the item is not returned to you please report this as a bug to our developers so we can investigate this and keep it from happening again.

In order to submit a bug for us to take a look at, please use the Diablo 3 forums. There is a forum on the website dedicated to receiving reports for bugs found by our players. Please use this and describe the bug in as much detail as you can for our QA (Bug smashing team) can fix it. :D
I feel you on 25m.

One of my items that evaporated was a 1400 dps 5.6 lifesteal skorn which averages ~400-600m.

Not. Happy.
Btw love the link to ticket creation when its obvious both of us are quoting tickets.

Very useful.
Got a very decent reply from Game Master Daecoiana. Much appreciated.

First one that had a semblance of a time frame or solution.

Thank you for your patience on the wait. I'm going to do everything I can to resolve your issue, even though we didn't get an opportunity to speak.

Transactions in the Diablo III Auction House may occasionally take some time to process before the money and item are delivered to the appropriate parties.

Items can take up to 48 hours for delivery. Proceeds from auctions may take up to 5 days for delivery in certain circumstances. If you have not received your item or money after five days have passed, please reply to this ticket for assistance. Since this issue happened on the first please let us know on Tuesday at the latest if you do not see the item.

Least I know when I should get upset. Would be nice if it was the first not the 5th reply that said hey maybe just might take a few more days sorry for the wait instead of: wait indefinitely and we cant do anything.
I know, this is very frustrating that no one is taking ownership of our issues. This problem is obviously a bug that blizzards QA will not acknowledge.
QA fixes bugs. If there is a bug, and they were to fix it, you still wouldn't get your items or gold or money for past transactions. It just wouldn't happen again.

Try the technical support forum. Omrakos has been answering questions and providing support, though he can't award items, gold, or money either. The only ones who can do that are customer service, and most of the time, they won't either. Omrakos is your best bet for getting the situation resolved though.
Ty for the useful reply Javrius. Will try tech.

Pretty stupid no one will own up and just amend a situation where its easy to verify a customer is not at fault. Its not like its hurting your bottom dollar actually guaranteeing transactions and deliveries take place.
Javrius stop sending people away from the bug forum when thats where theyre telling us to post. RAISE THIS ISSUE.
as stated on a couple other posts im out about $85. as long as we're not alone its a problem they have to deal with so keep posting.

What I said at the top is that I've already gone through the ticket process twice and here is what they say..

If you feel that an error has taken place with one of your purchases, we ask that you please take a moment to post the issue on our Bug Report forums at <>. This forum is monitored by members of our Quality Assurance team who are responsible for finding, recreating, and fixing bugs of this nature.

full response posted somewhere else
Well, really what needs to happen is Vasadan needs to go slap the ticket team around and tell them to take responsibility for these issues like they're supposed to.

Part of the problem is that the customer service team doesn't seem any better at distinguishing between bugs and isolated incidents than their customers are.

If your goal is to annoy Vasadan to the point where he does that, then posting here is probably the right approach. But if you actually want your transactions to be resolved, a ticket is the way to go. If that fails, post in technical support, and hope Omrakos muscles the ticket team into doing their jobs.

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