When was the last time and upgrade dropped?

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So when was the last time an upgrade actually dropped for you?

On the PTR I got my first full set drop for myself now live, nothing.

My monks wep set I got on GAH.

I haven't gotten an upgrade in months.
Found a 1250 dps str crit damage echoing fury last week, which I now use for ubers and key farming.
Last night I got an echoing fury drop, upgrade for my barb. Day before got a inna's temperance off a white pack, upgrade for my monk/dh.
Saturday, I got an axe that was a mild upgrade for my Barb, but with really nice LOH, so I'm using it.
Yesterday, got a Natalya's ring for my DH.
Last week, got 3 set items for my Wiz and a (lowend) Manitcore for my DH.

I don't find many upgrades for my Barb, but he finds lots of stuff for my alts.
My vile ward shoulders dropped for me, it was a good upgrade. that was just a few weeks ago.

I've found things that would have been awesome for my barbarian IK gauntlets with 180str 9% ias and 10cc, 79 AR 199 dex, but i sold them.. a mempo with over 200 dex.

The rest of my items are all from AH.
Yesterday. I found an IK armor. 2 days ago, I found those sweet gloves for my Wizard.

Should I go on?
Vile Ward about 3 weeks ago...
good question.
Lastnight. Got an amulet with 10% crit chance. Boosted my dmg up 9k.

Profile hasnt updated it yet though.
My main hand dropped a couple days ago. 4-5k dps increase.
My last run, chest.
Last night. I had a really nice belt, in fact it was the best item on my barb so I was ready to wear it pretty much until the expansion and then...boom. One dropped and all the numbers...so much green, so much.

214 str
78 All Resist
46 Fire Resist
2.80 Life Steal
and a little 66 vit thrown in with some thorns (wish it was life%)

Before that it was two days ago and my Sever dropped with 991.6 dps and a socket, upgraded from my stat stick dagger, sold the dagger for 13 mill.
Vileward, IK boots, IK armor, Unity ring in the last two weeks, the armor being the latest.
A month and a half ago. My trifecta gloves.
Last week, chest armor and boots. This week shoulders.

Couple of weeks ago, weapon and belt.

It seems like I find a minor upgrade once a week.

The only thing I have bought in the last month is a 2os Manticore, only because I got tired of waiting for it to drop and I had the gold for it.
last upgrade drop was like almost a week ago and it was a blackthorne notched belt with high int high vit high armor and high life regen and that's definitely an up for me. wiz here.

then last night while randomly getting invited to play by a friend at mp7 a3, i came across a belt drop, legend. i said to myself, ugh another damn barb belt only to realize that it was an int roll witching hour.

a definite upgrade for me in terms of attack speed and cd at the cost of hp and armor and life regen but definitely another upgrade for me. it's not even worth much selling it since it has a low roll but it's a solid 40 mil so that's me saving 40 mil.
Last night when my int/vit/cc4.0 Lacuni Prowlers dropped (not shown yet in my profile as it's listing my old pair). :)
About a week ago I had my Inna's pants obtained from a drop, to replace the Inna's which I had purchased several weeks ago.

A few days before that I had trifecta gloves drop.
My gloves, found then a week ago.

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