When was the last time and upgrade dropped?

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I found both the ammy and (rare)ring that my WD is wearing in the last week or so.
Today is my lucky day because my wish comes true for my Immortal King's Eternal Reign in which I get it from The Barrack Level 1 (Act 3) after killing an elite monster.
Last week when i got a calamity and a DML
11/05/2012 10:06 PMPosted by Ryth
Never since getting level 60.

Same. NEVER.

Bought all my gears from RMAH. Funny this question popped, just sold nat's boots for 150mil and bought a new ice climber with additional 50mil gold purchased from RMAH.
I have already more than 650 hours played and so far I got 2 upgrades only one gloves and one ring long long time ago. I think blizzard should make it so it increases the chance to drop your main stat item and like this we we get more upgrades ? For example you are a Barbarian which needs strenght items and you have 30% chance the item to roll strenght stat (If the item can have strenght stat ofcourse). That is what I think about "Upgrade drops".
Found my latest upgrade yesterday. But then again I roll all classes.
1 month player here.
Found my bow yesterday morning, after about 10mins of play. What do you think? ;)
Upgraded from a Windforce that my friend found a couple weeks ago.
maybe a month or so
Since 1.05
The IK belt on my barb --- not really an 'upgrade' tho, lost some 60 str and a ton of vit since my old yellow belt had 290 str and 110vit / 50 fire and 78ar. But I need the LS.

And a 1160dps black axe with 130vit LS and socket. Sold it on the AH for 240m and brought the main hand for my barb plus geared my new wiz.

Last week

The source and helm on my wiz
Last item i upgraded is the Inna's pants a month ago.
Post patch all my drops are trash.

By the way I really hate how Inna's pants looks on my female DH. Make her look so fat.
IMP best pants to pair with Natalya is Depth Digger.
my chest 2 nights ago
my trifecta 60 res socket ring days before the chest.
today! i got an immortal belt with 190 str and 90 vit

unfortuntly im selling it for other more important upgrades
On my main char (hc wd) everything except chest, belt and shoulders is self found. Such privileges for the hardcore only. There is no need to spend huge gold amounts on something u may loose in next 10 minutes cuz of disconnect.
I've also got sc wd for tests, and everything equipped on it was bought for 20m hardcore gold (60m sc), that i've collected in 2 days. And it's not going in the comparison with the time that I would have spent on finding these items. So if u want to wear things u found -- join hardcore community :)
My gloves which I found the week of 1.04.
I got my first real upgrade since I started farming Inferno late 1.03 just two nights ago, a 216 Dex, 80ish Vit, 73 Res All Vile Ward dropped for me ^^
last upgrade i found was right before patch 1.03, so its been a very long while.
my luck seems to be to only find gear for otherclasses, so its a good thing there is the ah.
Ive never found a single item that wouldve upgraded my DH. All my gear comes from finding good barb gear and selling/trading it...like the game is telling me something.

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