When was the last time and upgrade dropped?

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I found my gloves this patch.
I found my helm in 1.0.4.
Yesterday, actually, which is kinda surprising given how low my playtime is compared to others (just over 100 hours on my Demon Hunter, my main). The Cycle Serpent ring I currently have on dropped off Belial. Also got my shoulders yesterday, but those were a side-grade...just switched out some other stats for the AR and MF.

Almost everything else I have on I picked up for relatively cheap on the GAH (hence why the legendaries/set pieces are on mostly on the lower end - didn't pay more than 300,000 gold for any of them).

Last dropped upgrade before that, though? My bracers, which I think dropped in July or August.

Not really surprising though, given my lackluster MF and Paragon Levels and my overall casual playstyle.
a week ago the ring I'm wearing dropped, which is the only decent yellow I've found that I could use.

The Lacuni Prowlers

dropped 2 nights ago. approx value 20-30mil. Funny thing is thats what I was saving up for since Chintados are insane expensive. Needless to say I was shocked, and it came at a much needed time. I was getting burnt out not finding items to sell or use. Can't complain after looting those :)
Haven't, so far (250 hrs played) except in normal and whatnot, where every drop was an upgrade since I was completely new. I did get one good amulet I still use on and off for EHP, but I think I don't really need it anymore. Other than that one amulet (dropped about a month ago), no upgrades for me yet.

So yeah, I'm really happy with GAH, because otherwise I'd be a monk with 20k DPS and still couldn't finish the game. Probably even less than 20k DPS.
Yesterday, found a set ring with strength and crit and some other stuff. About a week ago I found a pretty good strength Skorn that I am now using.
My Barb's weapon, amulet, and gloves all dropped post 1.0.5. and hes found basically half my dh and monk gear since then as well, including that vile ward on my dh last night :)
I got my amulet at the beginning of 1.0.4, and nothing since.
i've never found an upgrade. ... :/
I got the amulet i am wearing about a week ago..

Rng is Rng..

and when you have high end gear obviously the chances for an upgrade to drop slim down...
IK helm, and weapon are both found upgrades since 1.05.

I found my chest armor way back in 1.03.
Found 2 upgrades this past weekend. My main hand (crit damage, socket, 980 dps mace) and my amulet (250 str, life regen, cc, cd).
I found my lac prowlers and bow just before 105 hit. I found my pants last week or two weeks ago and bought the belt to go with em.

Ive found a ton of stuff for my wiz. Gloves, amulet, boots, and chest are the only thing bought off the AH on that char.
Havent found anything lately , is RMAH worth using ?
11/06/2012 08:16 AMPosted by Grailer
Havent found anything lately , is RMAH worth using ?

Subjective. For the most part you should avoid buying items directly from the RMAH and buy gold instead. If you do the math you generally will spend overall less money by buying gold on RMAH to use at GAH.

And then of course there's often a "moral dilemma" associated with using the RMAH mostly by people who have never actually spent money on a hobby.
I found a Zuni Marrow just a few hours ago and I've been hoping to get one so I'm quite satisfied. The other day I found Inna's pants, though the main stat does not suit me, still, it was way better from my old pants. Then I got my Vile Ward after just a couple of days since 1.05 was released.
in the last 2 weeks I have found 4 upgrades, some instead of using I sold though...
This morning when I made a new character. You should try it if your current character is so maxed out that your having trouble upgrading.

My Lacuni Prowlers. I was pretty stunned that I found an item myself that is an upgrade for me.

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