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If you are a fan of Lori and Corey Coles' games you should consider supporting this project. Here's the description.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is a classic 2D role-playing adventure for Windows PC and Macintosh - we may add other platforms later - by award-winning game designers Corey and Lori Cole (Quest for Glory, Castle of Dr. Brain, and more). In our genre-bending style, Hero-U combines classic RPG skills and combat with the rich character relationships of Persona, and the story and puzzles of Quest for Glory in a single challenging game experience. The game is designed to be fun and challenging for both adventure game and RPG players. We feel that both game types work best together.

A classic role-playing game with exploration, combat, and skills
Tactical combat that is much more than "hack and slash"
A rich story that changes based on the way you play
Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
Adventure-style puzzles that are an integral part of the story

More info and the video is here:

Also, here is a recent interview of Lori and Corey:
Heck, you guys should check out Hero U even if you currently have no clue who Lori and Corey Cole are!

I never played their classic Quest for Glory series, but now I have checked up on their record and the Coles do have a history of designing innovative and popular games. This means that they have a good shot of pulling off all the nifty ideas they have been talking about in their interviews, e.g. enabling a wide variety of possible role-playing styles and adapting the storyline in both large and small ways to fit choices that have been made by the player.

As a fellow backer of Hero U summarized it,

Like RPGs but bored of monster slaying and fetch quests? Wish games had more meaningful plots and memorable characters? Join novice thief Shawn O'Conner as he attends the hallowed halls of Hero University and navigates the trials of college life. Your choices determine whether he becomes a noble hero, a ruthless villain, or some mix in between. You decide if he will use force or finesse, persuasion or cunning to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. But remember, all choices inevitably have consequences. And that's just the freshman semester of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.

This is a pretty good overview of both Hero U and the old Quest for Glory games from a fan perspective (both of us took the above intro from another guy with permission)

P.S. to anybody else who normally plays games under wine: Hero U co-lead Corey Cole has promised to handle the native Linux support personally. As a little Indie team, it is more worth their while to care about us Linux-using odd-balls. It would be awesome if Linux gamers could repay that interest by coughing up $20 for a Hero U pre-order and dropping by the comment thread to let them know "I'm here for the LINUX support!"
Quest for Glory is the game that got me into RPGs in the first place, and I am very excited to see that Lori and Corey are back to do more. RPGs nowadays just don't have the same level of dialogue, depth of character, and quirky humor that Quest for Glory had, in my opinion.

I hope that this project goes well.
I'm backing Hero-U!!
Check it out! It looks really promising!
Rather lengthy interview about Hero U (followed by discussion about past experiences with previous games) that was just posted today
It's great to see these wonderful innovators from the early days of PC Gaming making a return, Quest For Glory is the game you can point to and say 'Right there, that's where it began with the RPG elements being put into other genres!' Just like you can point at Ultima IV as 'That's where morality systems started!' They're gaming pioneers and its wonderful to see they still have a passion for making games and want to bring the people a new series of roleplaying adventures (See Corey's personal commitment to port the game to Linux himself without using the Kickstarters funds to do so). Lori and Corey have simply been awesome through the whole thing, both are very active on the comment threads, sharing thoughts and ideas on the game, answering questions, or just tolerating, or joining in, on their backers ocassional bouts of silliness. They really do deserve to have this happen for them!
Although Space Quest 3 was my first adventure game, I picked up a copy of Hero’s Quest later that year. Hero’s Quest was my first experience in RPGs and my definitive experience in fantasy. I’ll never forget the cover to that game:

I played the Quest for Glory games for several years and it was always my secret indulgence. I had some friends who played D&D, but I was always afraid to play because of my propagandized ignorance of the game. I was in my school library one day in 1994 when I noticed a paperback novel left on a table. The cover caught my attention. The red dragon in the background looked very similar to the of Hero’s Quest:

I checked out Dragons of Autumn Twilight and the rest is history. I started reading fantasy novels like crazy, my friends noticed my interest in fantasy and invited me to play D&D, and I remain an avid fan of fantasy and RPG to this day. I even DM a 3.5 edition campaign of Dragonlance which you can read about on our wiki! http:/

For me, Quest for Glory was a catalyst for fun, excitement, and socialization far beyond what the series offered in hours of play-time. I owe a lot to the Cole’s for their creative influence throughout the Quest for Glory series. This Kickstarter is my opportunity to repay the enjoyment they’ve provided me both monetarily and with zealous support!
Right on, I love hearing people's stories.

I also love the Linux support for Hero-U and the face that they are trying to do something different than some of the remakes, even though they have a smaller budget.

That adventuregamers interview was excellent! Great reading some of the history and behind the scenes stuff as well.
Masprime -- cool story, and you're fortunate to have had friends that would invite you into their role-playing group. I had to stick with reading fantasy books & playing computer RPGs, due to never finding a critical mass of D&D gamers living close enough to meet regularly. When I was 12 my dad got me basic D&D and then Advanced D&D and we both wanted to play, but couldn't find anyone else. When I was 13 I met a cousin who was into GMing sci-fi scenarios, but to my great disappointment he ended up moving back to Utah shortly afterward. Now I'm married to another geek, but we're living in a small city (like the Coles) and there don't seem to be any gaming groups here.

Sooo... now we play WoW with a friend who lives about an hour away, and I want this Hero U project to get funded so I can get the other half of my role-playing fix: less graphics and character customization but more emphasis on a detailed story that adapts to player choices!
That is pretty cool.. I only had a handful of friends into games when I was growing up. My cousin and bro and I would really get into games such as Betrayal at Krondor.

It's funny that now there are SO many games and gamers out there that it is difficult to focus on certain ones and genres sometimes. Even so there is really nothing out there with the story focus and RPG elements that Hero-U will bring. I'm trying to spread the word and I really really hope that it gets funded!
Cool blog entry on what makes Hero U different from the typical RPG we have available now (and thus why it's worthy of kicking in $20 for a pre-order, assuming you've got $20 lying around to spend on games)


Quest for Glory was an adventure/RPG hybrid, uniquely merging the deep storyline and complex puzzle solving of adventure games with the combat and character sheet attributes that make an RPG. You know how in Skyrim your character stats improve as you perform certain tasks? The Coles came up with that five years before Elder Scrolls: Arena was published. These people have proven that they can do innovation.

And that's what Hero-U is, not just a throw back to old skool gaming of the past but an effort to reach for the next level of roleplaying. "Choice and consequence" has been a buzzword for the last decade but the Coles want to make it more than a gimmick. They're building their game around the premise that the actions your character takes will have a definite, persistent impact on the game world and how it responds. Forget the so-called "sixteen" endings of Witcher II, they want to build a game that makes you feel like you have the freedom of playing a PnP RPG.
Thank you, that sounds good. I like actions that lead to certain scenarios rather than more randomized dungeon battles.
They are gaining more support now so I hope they can make it to the finish line!!

Also intruging is that following games they would hopefully make are all intertwined and feature other classes such as a magic user and paladin. The way you play the first one will set some things up for the next without importing your character like in the QFG series.
The whole bit with the whole game series being affected by your earlier gameplay is really intriguing!

Each student (like Shawn) is in school concurrently... so the next game, we play the same semester from a different perspective. My Shawn from this semester is whom I'll interact with as a Mage in Hero-U 2. In Hero-U 3, my Fighter will interact with them both! And so forth...
Really looking forward to Hero University and new games from the Cole's.
They're not only very sweet and grounded people, see:

But they're also, very ambitious and fun.

I was talking to a programmer that worked with the Cole's at Sierra, he said:
Should be a fun project, I hope they get the funding for it! The Cole's are great to work with, as Corey is a programmer himself (at least he was when I worked with him), so they tend to scope their designs within the realms of reality. Aside from that, they design truly fun and interesting games.
QFG1 would have to be one of my most favourite games of all time...played it to death, and even managed to get full 500/500 once, though could never repeat it afterwards :/.

Such an awesome game...was extremely excited to learn about Hero U a few weeks earlier, and it became the first kickstarter I've backed.

Sadly, doesn't look like it's going to get funded at this stage. Very much needs all the help it can get.
Actually, it's going to be down to the wire, a real nail biter. As I was just telling a co-worker for whom Hero U is also a first kickstarter:

This project is really borderline on making it because
of the kickstarter funding dynamics. When someone with an existing
reputation starts a project, there is a big burst of funds at the beginning
due to fans who have been eagerly awaiting more. Then over the course of the
project a number of people come by who are on the fence
over whether they want to pledge, and click a 'remind-me-later' button.
They all get an email 48 hours before project end, and that starts a second
big spike in funding. Then the hard-core fans get excited to see that the
project is getting *close* and start raising their pledges until hopefully
it breaks the goal.

(the last day is a partial day, the spike in funding rate didn't suddenly
stop on the last day)

So Hero U has a better shot at it then you might think: the next couple days
will probably bring in about $24k, and then since the first 2-day spike was over
$87k, the last 2-day spike could bring it over $82k to make the goal.
Well, I am very happy that this ended up being funded although it was a close one!!

Also, one of the recent updates said that they were moving the game engine to an Isometric view after all the feedback, so that is awesome! Kind of wish they decided that in the beginning so they'd get more backers.

They also have a new forum so you guys should stop by!

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