bola shot-acid strike freezes game

Bug Report
havent use my dh because of this bug i started using it again hoping it was fixed but it is still there. plz hotfix this bug i hate having to close program restart and reput my info in and authentication in every time it happends .
game is freezes can not play!!
This bug has been in game since release. It's high time it gets fixed. I've been trying to narrow down the cause, but the game just randomly crashes when using bola shot with the acid strike rune. It doesn't matter which act, but it seems to happen mostly when fighting elites.
Also, the delay for the explosion is still there, even though the bolas no longer explode.

Sometimes, I can play for several hours without the game crashing and sometimes I can only play for about half an hour before it crashes.
Just wondering where people are managing to get these bugs, this and the WW one. I've never had either. Used this skill with my DH at 3 APS against everything and it's never happened to me before.
bugs dont always effect every person who plays the game

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