100 mil budget. Need upgrades.

Demon Hunter
Hey everyone, my cousin and I play this game on and off, and usually farm act 3 together on mp 1-2, depending on our mood. He plays a monk, and when we get to higher mp levels I have trouble keeping up as I usually have to kill every monster to avoid getting too deep into the fray.

As a result, he gets most the kills and often the elites before I can get close and help. i can gear up to approximately 140k dps, no sharpshooter, but i have noticed it doesnt really help if i am still waisting my time trying to avoid getting killed by the garbage. I like to gear to MF, but if anyone here has any recommendations on how I can improve this guy to keep up with my monk buddy, that would be great.

I know my gems suck, so please avoid the obvious.
Whoa...is your life really 17.2k? Your EHP is even lower than your unbuffed DPS. Your armor is good, but life is way too low and all resists are on the low side as well.

Maybe replace your nat's chest and boots with ones that have vit and replace your gloves with ones that also either have vit or AR. You can also upgrade your strongarm bracers to one with vit as well. That's where I would start, but you're probably in for a lot of shopping and upgrading because you'll need to increase your vit by a lot unless what is on your profile is outdated and you have much more life.
Yeah. Sounds like a plan. Good thing I probably have enough gold to make some decent changes.

Thanks for your help.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you could buy all of the stuff on my character for a 100 mil budget. :)
play to the items strengths.

if you need gloves get crit chance and crit damage, if you need boots get all resist and movement speed.

100m is huge money
Dude you easily have enough gold to revolutionize your character!

1. Get a calamity like that, but with a socket. Or a socketed xbow with dex and/or cd and higher dps. This alone will send your dps waaaay up. you can also cheaply add 6 or 7 IAS to your quiver cheaply.

2. Ditch SOJ - get ring with cc/cd/vit/dex or something, maybe RA.

3. Consider swapping out nats helm for mempo (I never looked back, so much more EHP and dmg) unless you feel you'll REALLY miss the disc.

4. Gloves. Vit.

I used to roll around with 260 ra and 28k hp, and I did ok, but since getting over 400 ra and 40k hp, I could never go back. I honestly don't know how you've been enjoying yourself at all with 17k hp, you need at least double that!
Add me I can get you to 45k ehp while keeping your dps
dood... the ONLY thing you bought with VIT on it
is your DML.... even that you should upgrade its only 12% ias...

find viles with 100 vit on them?, nat boots with vit (50 ish), depth diggers with vit (100 is easy to get)
some tips from me a while back on upgrading a DH with 150mn budget, hope it helps :)

So after spending about 20mil, I was able to do some nice upgrades. Still a work in process, but a lot more enjoyable. Thanks again for your help.
Btw, great call on the mempo. My dude looks like a boss.

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