Diablo 3 doesn't work in Windows 8

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For me, after upgrading to Windows 8, the blizzard launcher update is stuck at 70%. Deleting Program Data folders didn't work.
I have a similar problem. I uninstalled Diablo 3 because i was tired of playing it. Now after i have upgraded from Win7 to Win8 i encountered this problem: I start the installer, and a message appears. It reads: "Your operating system does not meet the minimum specs for Diablo 3. The installation will be canceled." Any idea of how to fix this? It's really frustrating since i want to play it again.

EDIT: I also checked the system requirements on Battle.net, and it states that Win8 is compatible. I don't get this :S

Try creating a new user account in Windows 8 and adding it to the administrators group, then log out of Windows and back in with the new user account and try the installation.

If you did an in-place upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7, it's probably kept registry entries that are confusing the installer. Using a different user account to install can help with that.

my laptop with windows 8 is giving off an Failed to download a required file erro but not number that will help identify this issue, i have made another account gave it admin access and still will NOT down load. what is the issue ? i know windows 8 is crappy but come on....
to add to my last comment: i am downloading off the store purchase disc, and thats not working event uninstalled and tried digital download and both are giving me the same error
I was experiencing the same thing after I downloaded Diablo 3 on Window 8. But I found one solution, I don't think this would work on everyone, though. What I did was, opening the trouble shooter for the game. Then, troubleshoot the program. After that, try the recommended settings. And then after that click ''Test the program''. The system will automatically open your Diablo 3 launcher then press ''Play''. When your screen turns silver for a moment then it would work.

Again I'm not sure if this would work on everyone, but it worked on mine.

When your opening Diablo 3 on Windows 8 always activate the trouble shooter, then repeat the instructions. If you don't open the trouble shooter your Diablo 3 will crash.

if it doesn't work on your PC, I'm truly sorry for wasting your time. But if it worked, GAME ON!!! :D

Thank you! for your cooperation.
so the windows 8 issue cannot be solved?
if download the patcher then can play the game for window 8 or wat can i do to play the diablo 3 on my com that is a win 8 software ?
Diablo 3 runs fine and smooth on Windows 8 for me. Never had any problems.
11/04/2012 03:16 AMPosted by Malicar
Winblows 8? Can I get a HELL NO?

I said the same thing till i tried it after building a new system

It is a great OS once its set up properly and 8.1 will make it that much better. Also it works out of the box optimized with all multi thread processors
I installed Windows 8 Pro back in October 2012. Be ready for the learning curve and suggest using classic shell. Win8 runs just fine, but will do a clean install once I download the 8.1 iso.
Windows 8.1 PRO: what worked for me was using the battlenet launcher rather than the diabloIII link directly. When I did, I get into the game first time every time. Otherwise, I'd get an error: cannot write to disk or disk full. (it was a brand new SSD - and I tried everything from administrative accounts and compatibility settings to disabling anti-virus).

Hope this helps if you get stuck like me. Now it works like butter.
Does D3 function ok if not located on SSD? You can simply copy D3 to another location then using launcher or bnet app. Make sure video drivers are updated.

I have been playing D3 with Win8 Pro since October 2012. D3 with 8.1 works just fine. I play in windowed mode both hardcore and softcore. I prefer windowed because easier to flip flop back and forth in/out of D3, plus I keep windowed taskbar visible.. One thing I did though is in options/key bindings change settings with control button to alt button -- as I usually rest my left hand close to left side of keyboard and sometimes accidently touching ctrl button. Before I changed such, ctrl crashed D3
I just got the game for 40 $ and they said they couldn't refund me my money...if this doesn't work on my windows 8 PC, i'm going to flip out
I've been on Windows 8 since its closed Beta. If you guys are still having trouble installing D3 on it, you should seriously consider asking someone who knows how to handle a computer to do the installation for you.
Hi all

I use Win 8 on my new notebook. When I click play, then enter the black screen but background music on.

How can fix the problem?
I have an Asus g750, I don,t know if switching graphics same as with the alienware will work for me
This is a microsoft issue and they have some fixes that may help.

06/27/2014 11:11 AMPosted by Omrakos
For those of you running Windows 8.1 and using a hybrid PC (integrated and discrete video), there are a couple of Microsoft hotfixes you might want to look into installing.

The first directly addresses the issue of a black screen occurring when you start a game that uses Direct3D 9 in Windows 8.1


The second contains several updates that Microsoft recommends installing.


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If that does not help, the work around for a black screen when starting D3 is to run in windowed mode.
a. Navigate to My Documents>Diablo III > D3Prefs.txt
b. Edit DisplayModeWindowMode "0" to say DisplayModeWindowMode "1"
d. Restart Game
e. Once you have it running try turning Vertical Synch on in the graphics menu. If that does not help or causes issues turn it back off. For some people it fixes things.
I just got a new laptop that runs windows 8.1, on my older systems and pc's diablo 3 ran just fine without an issues. As of right now, everything works except for there being absolutely no screen but a mouse when I even try to boot up the game. Once the game goes full screen to start the music sounds and everything starts up as it should, except for no video. I am utterly stuck and confused as to why this is happening, I tried reinstalling and that didn't work either, if I could get some help with this it would be greatly appreciated

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