Sore wrists from whirlwinding to much

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Get yourself to an Occupational Therapist. They'll be able to release any strains in muscles and tendons, also will be able to suggest exercises to target problem areas.

I have rotator cuff issues (shoulder) from to many years at a desk (gamer/sys admin), most of the pain is now gone and I'm working on building strength in my shoulders. That said, he did ask WTF had I done to my shoulders not long after D3 had come out :P

My current pain point is in my index finger, need to learn not to press so hard on the mouse button. Or setup a function on my G15 to hold it down!
I play hotarend, no sore wrists for me, and i kill faster than ww.
I actually find my left hand gets very sore from spamming sprint/rage to sink rage for thrive on chaos. I only play on mp4 (with decent gear) so I don't have to do too many circles and my right wrist thanks me for it. Anyone found a decent way of sinking rage without getting carpal tunnel?

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