5 GREAT IMPROVEMENTS that take 5 mins to code

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5) Never allow two identical items on the AH at once...

There are more and more reports of duping, and while it's not an epidemic yet, it is the ONE thing that can totally ruin Diablo. Heck, I quit D1 and D2 when duping became a problem. So why are multiple of the exact same item on the AH at once?

It would take Blizzard literally five minutes to put in a line of code that searches the AH to see if your item already exists on it. If an item with the same name and stats is on there, you can't put it up. In theory, they should have unique item ID's for everything in their database, but regardless, this will also go a long way to combating the problem.

And while they're at it, take another five minutes to put that same line of code in your inventory and stash. If an item is placed in either -- and an identical item exists -- it deletes both. Wow. That would take literally five minutes to code. So do it. A 'false positive' is mathematically impossible, so there are no risks really.
A long time ago, my monk ran around with two blue rings, each with 70 dex and 7% attack speed. I'd have hated it if the game deleted them just because they were the same when I seriously doubt they were the result of duping!

Even if we're not considering blues, false positives are not mathematically impossible, even with rares. Especially considering some rares roll only 4 affixes, and some of the affixes have very small ranges (attack speed and pickup radius, for example).
I really agree that they should make an option to silent the followers.
Take out the caps of 25% movement speed. I have 24% MS but it feels damn slow. Or they need to increase the base of the Movement speed itself.
I love your idea about stats giving bonuses, We need that for variation since I have been stacking dexterity to 3000 on my monk now. I want something else.
Increase density of MOBS in act1 and Act2.. And number of elites in act 4.
no, no, no, no.
Oh, and no.
11/01/2012 10:33 PMPosted by Muskratio
Even if we're not considering blues, false positives are not mathematically impossible, even with rares. Especially considering some rares roll only 4 affixes, and some of the affixes have very small ranges (attack speed and pickup radius, for example).

This would not apply to blues.

Dupe all the blues you want.
I have a thought about #6 that has always bothered me but nobody has brought it up yet. Most of these dungeons are just terrible, but how about an option when you die in a solo game to resurrect in a safe spot closer to your death so you don't have to run that same long path again.

How many times do you run over the same ground more than once...? Think about it.

So I'm 70 percent cleared and come to a stupid reflect molten arcane sentry Elite pack... Of course they kill me or rather I kill myself... Then I have to run all the way back from the entrance. Annex off God forbid they get me again or the next pack also killed me... Run... Run... Run over three same ground. Time and time again. But I've already clears that 70% so why not have an option to Rez at the entrance or to a safe spot 50 yards back...?
awesome ideas
Legendary idea is good, and pretty simple to do. Might create balance issues though.

balance issues?

how about this...

DH - manticore or windforce or calamity.
wiz / barb / monk - majority using skorn or echoing fury + off hand

there is little or no other choices for most classes.


What? Who's using that P.O.S.?

Without crit damage or dex [which you can't get with a socket] you are just hamstringing yourself.

Manticore[slow]/Danetta's[medium]/Calamity[fast] are the only options for DH.

If one 1% Crit hit damage confers a +1% damage bonus when you crit, and 1 dex confers a 1% damage bonus all the time, then it's clear Danetta's is just as good as a manticore. 300% CHD +~180 Dex on each bow +130 Dex for wearing them both +3% damage to elites. That's nearly 500 dex AND 300% critical hit damage bonus, which is 500% base damage bonus AND 300% Critical hit damage bonus, which is multiplied off of the 500% base damage bonus [which will be way higher than 500% when totaling all character dex.]

I talked some trash about how bad Danetta's was, and I don't take it back -- for the major concern was not that they are bad, but that most of them WILL BE bad. When you get 2 at the higher end, there is almost not a better option.

P.S. I have a bad Danetta's Spite since it's missing the socket.
I don't think Blizzard wants the primary stats to have all these hidden benefits that will confuse players though. The game was meant to be a pretty simple ARPG, and will likely eventually be ported to consoles. The balancing required would take extensive time as well and their time would probably be better spent elsewhere.

The monster density should be increased in ACT I and II but only on inferno. The original difficulties were meant to be a steady incline as far as that is concerned.

Legendaries are tricky, most the ones that are "DOA" are the level 60 and 61 items. Giving them a random affix could catapult them to being on par with level 63 ones and that can't be happening because they drop at a much higher rate. A better idea is to make crafting relevant l again because no one cared about the bad legendaries when they could sell the fiery ball (the exact name eludes me atm) for 200k .
1) Fix the dead legendaries by giving them an additional affix.
2) Add more monster density to Act 1 and Act 2.
3) Add new benefits for non-main item stats. Ones that people can get excited about.
4) Make the sorceress shut up.
5) Never allow two identical items on the AH at once...

1) Sure, I guess. The viability of this suggestion is all in the details.

2) Agree. Make Act IV suck less while you're at it.

3) I guess, kinda. Dex=>Crit Chance, Str=>Melee Damage, and all that classic D&D-ish or even SPECIAL-ish stuff. But do I rly think barbs need more magic find? ... um, no, not ATM until other classes are buffed to the moon to come in line with the barb's current OP-ness. Doubt it will happen, tho. They are quite stingy overall in dishing out things that make players feel powerful, effective and "just cool".

4) Meh. Already turned down once. Kind of a waste of time to ask for it to be turned down again, IMO, since D3 team REALLY likes to stick to their bad ideas (cf. item identification. turn down rares, turn up legendaries. WTH?!). The only time it rly annoys me is when they harass u while u are at a merchant. Templar sez u are wasting time, etc. They should not talk when u are using a merchant.

5) Change "items" to "legendary or rare items" and I guess I don't see a significant downside to this. (Obviously there can be a lot of identical blues out there. Is there even a blue market any more??) OTOH not sure it's that big of a problem, although duping is total bullcrap that legit players should not have to contend with, if and when it is going on.
Our RTG channel actually did a show on this recently, called "What's Wrong with Diablo 3." It is a critical look at the game we love, in an honest effort to identify how to make it better. You can check it out here:


And let us know what you think would make it better.

Cheers 0/

RTG Sibcoe
so ..

crit dmg per XXX str for non barb

ias per XXX dex for non dh and monk

anything suggested for intelligence ??

crit chance perhaps ??

however, on all of these, i think its fair to suggest that there needs to be diminishing returns somehow.

10% > 5% > 2.5% > 1.25% > 1.25% > 1.25% per hundred after the first 200

so 300 would get 10%, then 400 would get 5%, etc.

something like that sound reasonable ??
4) Make the sorceress shut up.

Seriously. For the love of God. Make it an option menu check box or something. I literally can't play when my girlfriend is home because if she hears the enchantress she will think less of me.

Deleted... Didn't want to hiijack.

10/31/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Brygo
4) Make the sorceress shut up.

You are a pretty bad engineer if you think those take 5 minutes to code:D
10/31/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Brygo
Most good D3 players have spent the last four months farming Act 3

"Most" very likely but "good"?
10/31/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Brygo
A 'false positive' is mathematically impossible, so there are no risks really.

Guess you don't know much about mathematics and believe it or not I got once two identical items from one pack.

PS: To your comment on improving monster density in act1 and act2 to make them more playable (outdated now with all the key farming going on) it is act4 which is really neglected apart for the odd player wanting to complete inferno and those needing the plan barely anyone goes to act4.
Just put the correct attributes to the correct weapons. Simple. I mean if I was an amazing weapon enchanter I know I would not make a GIANT axe that makes you smarter. Then maybe you might just hang it on your living room wall over the fire and enjoy a nice nap. It's safer.
11/02/2012 02:35 AMPosted by JoeMaorian
You are a pretty bad engineer if you think those take 5 minutes to code:D

Or very good. :-/
Actually who knows what is easy or hard for them really? We need only to say what we would like and is their job if they want to.

I made in euro a thread about what new things can be made if someone wants to participate please do!


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