Why is D3 running at 17-20 fps now?

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Recently my 2012 15inch macbook pro ran out of power while i was playing diablo 3 and I rebooted my computer with power and instead running incredibly smoothly like before, its running at an unpleasant 17-20 fps and i cannot figure out why or how to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?
17-20? consider yourself lucky. I have mine set 1 15 for foreground and 1 for background and I'd be suprised to see if it was running at 10 FPS
Hello noobifler123,

do you mind to tell us your system informations?

1. Hold the 'Option' Key and choose System Profiler/Information from the Apple Menu.

2. Copy the information from the following sections:

•Hardware (remove the Serial Number line)
•Software (remove the Computer Name and User Name lines)

Also at what graphic settings are you running Diablo 3?

Best regards,
Have you tried resetting the SMC? I have had this issue twice and resetting the SMC fixed it both times.


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