Game settings and keybinds don't save

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My Diablo account's game settings don't save, each time I logout the settings revert to previous settings. I have changed the gameplay settings and keybindings. For the gameplay options, each time I turn on monster power level selection and the show damage checkbox it gets turned off on its own.

How many keybind changes are you making? Changing 27 or more is known to cause a problem with saving them. As for the monster power level selection, it will reset if you make changes to your difficulty level or resolution.

"Attempting to edit more than 27 Key Bindings will cause changes to Key Bindings, Gameplay, and Social settings to not be changed."

"The Enable Monster Power option will reset itself if you change your Game Difficulty and Resolution settings."
awesome.. so you change 27 buttons and you are not even able to change anything anymore? i changed a lot since i didnt like most of the standart bindings.. so i cannot change the rest of my games to my likings anymore?

is this gonna be fixed some day?!
been having this issue since 1.0.5 ....

really hope they fix it soon, so sick of having to re enter all my key bindings every time i open up the game
does reinstalling the game help?
still waiting for an answer
I have same problem with only video settings, game randomly resets settings to default after game restart. I play on laptop win 8, I can add that on my stationary computer I have never seen this problem , I use there win 7. Any one know what is cause of this?

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