Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

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Uhm...I think blues are probably more entertained this has been going on for about a week. Isn't this like the 4th or 5th version of this thread?

Also if you want a blue response....ask them something completely off topic about the gameplay. It's about the game mind you. Just something like what follower do you use or what's your most memorable moment.
I find it amusing they are responding to dead-body-count in villages and life on kill bonus... but yet 18 page threads go un-answered. lol.

What the...
Blue don't dare to post, they will rather post in a new thread.

dont lie, r u sure u got 200m to give for ppl u don know? lol
Look up my chars :- )

I can spare 200m.. info on PvP is MUCH MUCH more valuable to me then that gold. I will get lucky and find something nice soon enough anyways.

Build diversity is going to be promoted in PvP in diablo III. Just like other PvP games people will create builds which synergize together, I.E. PMR, MLS, !@# from WoW. Back in the D2 days when I ran a PvP ladder we ran a very specific blizz sorc, ww enigma barb, double bowazon comp that beat every setup we came across.

D3 PvP has potential, I can see it. I have years of PvP experience in d2 and years in WoW, multiple gladiator titles across many classes. PVP NERD!!! Trust me man, the potential is there. Just gotta give it a chance and we NEED to know the specifics of how its going to work, the setting, arena based? open pvp? What is it going to be? Then we can start theorycrafting compositions and seeing what classes may synergize very well.

I can already see in a 1vs1 setting a demon hunter running a 3 sentry build and hungering arrow doing really well. Barbs will be VERY strong because of CC immunity, the only thing I might think would need looked at, but builds based on move speed and fury starving them might do okay verse them.

I good go on all night, I've made sure to level every class but witch doctor (next on my todo list for the thanks giving weekend) and I can't wait to learn about WD too.

Also using my experience in the technology industry for making a site to give people better information and tools to analyze there classes. I already made a pretty cool shopping cart using the API, it loads your profile and you put in a list of upgrades you want and it analyzes it to show you what the best EHP, DPS gains per 100k item wise.

This game can rock guys! Some more tools, pvp, more stuff to do, we just need a bit more transparency and communication from blizzard.. they are really frustrating me with the closed doors, but hang in there! We will be raging at eachother as well as having nerd-gasms when we own people soon enough!!!
Please blizz employee, type in "Soon" and give some lucky guy 200m
come on !
Blues don't give specifics because when a specific detail changes even slightly pre-release (or upon release), a lot of people transform into arm-waving screeching monkeys.
bump in hope that i can the 200m...could really use a good nat ring.

Blizzard why you no show?

I would expect them creating a ladder system very much similar to that of sc2. In that no one has unfair advantage over another opponent. trophy systems, rewards, unlockables, New items (new legendaries) battle arenas, and maybe new animation design on your avatar depending on your rank?

This would result in a new interface than the one we have now, both to show your rank, your rewards, and (hopefully) better channels to talk to other players ( I miss that from frozen throne)

Arenas maybe inspired by the locations based on the DH, monk, witch doctor, and wizard story lines. or maybe even new levels inspired by the character profiles (would really love to meet Tyla Shrikewing, or her descendents)

maybe different battle styles than just the 2v2 but rather something like 3v3 where both teams fight incoming waves of creatures, ubers, and bosses. Last team standing wins.

maybe theyre making this patch big with new things such as having random portals to hell pop up in different locations where in which you fight a random uber or so. Or even more side quest missions such as having the base under attack and you have to protect the citizens (or the soldiers).

Maybe a whole lore geared toward the PvP - Tyrael holds a gathering of champions, which to see who will be crowned "Guardian of Sanctuary"

Maybe they'll do something to the wolf companion.

maybe actual missions that include protecting the caravan, protecting tristam from within, etc.

Maybe missions in finding Decker's soul, or even Leah's soul in hell.

Maybe a mission in Limbo. Mission that requires you to fight your way out upon death during the campaign.

Maybe create more bind items that together make an item, that would be most definantly, better than one of your other times.

Maybe inspiration from dante's inferno and the 7 circles of hell. Or maybe you fight A corrupted Imperius (who actually is Lucifer), and the story of sanctuary, heaven and hell, is all that comes before the creation of man

Maybe they'll just release PvP with the expansion pack...

And please more cinematic.. better than just drawings on paper. Maybe cinematic that actually show a Barbarian, or Witch doctor, actually fighting (just like the one with imperius fighting diablo)

Or, or or, an expansion pack less than 60 bucks...
lets hear about competition in this game whatsoever...except via a 3rd party site (dprogress) cant compete over loot you get your own drops....cant honestly.

when is pvp coming out.......for christ's sake
Bump for glory!
humpty bumpty sat on a wall.
+1 -- I will be amazed if you get a blue response answering any of these questions.
I doubt a blue would actually respond to this...

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