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Good luck.
Capture the Flag

Last man standing

Gold Wager


(Maybe something like big FFA. 20 people in the game with little obstacles like houses and shelter. 1m to enter. Each person you kill gives you 500k. Last man standing takes the remaining amount. Maybe 5% goes to blizzard.)

Shrine in the middle encourages people to come out to get it instead of turtling.

Rez time is halved for team matches. Some type of objective that takes time so you can choose between rez'ing and completing the objective.

If you can't balance classes, maybe have team matches where 1 of each role is needed.

Naked killing? Getting body? Dropping gold on death? D2 style... Bring it back. Something fun and harmless. Ears!

Please don't take ideas from Wow pvp.
this is a joke.. no wait actually its sad.. been soo long
I don't know if it was earlier, but i doubt that they would make anything but 1v1 or 2v2 :)
The more player means that much effect on the screen, that noone can see anything.

And this is the easiest to implement :) so in the first round i dont expect more than something arena like with some shiny achivements and cosmetic items as rewards.
I'm sure we all want more info about the pvp patch, but even if we all made threads asking for the info, they wouldn't tell us any faster. If they knew when it was coming out, they would tell us. But they don't know, and a blue post saying they don't know wouldn't help matters.

Of course they could give us some info about what features they're working on, but how well has that worked in the past? Maybe they'll mention a feature or show footage of something awesome like a boss biting a player in half, yet they admit weeks or months later that they couldn't get the feature to work properly. In case you hadn't been following the game news before the release, that really happened. Many players were looking forward to fighting a boss that could kill players by biting them in half, so they were upset when they heard the feature wouldn't actually be in the game, and that wasn't the only example of a feature that had to be cut.

So what is Blizzard supposed to do? We all want info about upcoming patches and content. But we don't want to be teased with stuff that won't actually be in the game.
i want pvp now
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I hope there isn't a "PvP set" but I also hope that players with 800 hours and super gear aren't tossed into the ring with people like me, who quit after hitting 60 in rage of no PvP. It would be no fun to face someone who has supreme gear when I don't have any Orange to my name.

Also, I hope they put in a personal and team rank system, perhaps similar to League of Legends where you can rise as an individual as well as a team. Opinions on this idea?
I'm the curious player too... let's ear from Blizzard on PvP >>>
11/23/2012 11:57 PMPosted by Osuwari
It would be no fun to face someone who has supreme gear when I don't have any Orange to my name.

Agreed, but I think it should be an option.. I mean if you wanna deliberately be a lamb walking to the slaughter, you should be able to join any pvp match, but I'm guessing they'll do something like Starcraft 2's quickmatch: You play against people with similar records to your own. They could factor in your Paragon levels, maybe even dps and armor/vit/resistance, when they match you up with opponents, and of course eventually, your win/loss record.

EDIT: You're --> your (smh)
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