Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

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PvP will be extremely unbalanced :/
That said whatever Blizzard does people will whine regardless, so blizzard is in lose, lose situation. Based on this why should they even care.

Of course they're in a lose-lose situation. They're losing by not releasing it and of course there will be those people who are dissatisfied with certain aspects, but pleasing a majority is always what Bliz has done and right now the D3 majority is finding other games to play because they aren't getting half of what they paid for.

As for why Blizzard should care, they probably only care at this point because they would have to face legal charges if they don't release PvP as advertised.
11/24/2012 01:34 AMPosted by Rouna
PvP will be extremely unbalanced :/

6 months after release and 10 years in the making... I don't see how Blizzard could release an unbalanced PvP. They've had TEN AND A HALF YEARS to work on it and it probably wont even be out until May 2013 (No fact here, just personal exageration) anyways so they really have no excuse for unbalanced PvP
pvp will be lame because they'll probably just turn it into WoW pvp with ratings and matchmaking and stuff. But yay bump for a shot at $$$
i think we must make only threads about pvp or anything new until one blue answer us.
I really hope there is some news on this. Very thoughtout post OP. +1


Maybe the reason for the long silence from Blizzard's end???

Who knows, but I like to think that is the case.
I think it would be cool to have while people are pvping boss or monsters that are in the game come into the pvp match you will have no idea who and you have to kill him before you pvp and if you don't they get harder and if you die after killing the other guy with out killing the boss its a tie. it should be random so people cant prepare. This would make it more interesting I think
I'm also playing because I'm waiting for PvP
OK blue lest do it , post right after me and will give u 50% of the gold ! lest do IT !!!
Hopefully PVP isn't super broken.

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