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Bump, well done on the dedication you must have for this game!! I love it also, Kripparian had a Diablo 3 pvp video released today focusing on some of the problems concerning gear, good watch.

I it may be a good idea to have a 'anything goes' gear ladder and a 'pvp only gear' ladder

And lastly, did anyone else get much info off the datamine that occurred with the release of 1.0.5. After researching it for a few minutes I discovered a website that displayed all the info that was found and it got me a little excited as stuff such as what the pvp merchant says when you talk to him and other small details was on there so I started thinking, how much more work is needed in order to implement pvp finally, if they have alot of the small details decided, is it nearly ready?? It's a high chance that it is still a long way away but I still hope haha
ya good video.

Annoncing an expansion before completing the original (pvp). Figures.
Hey. they could always use the wc3 matching sytem for random team 2v2 3v3 or 4v4 and the ladder matching system like wc3, matches good players with average players so teams are always close to fair. so its not 3 friends with 4000 hours and gg gear to pwn every1. it could be random team searching and arrange team searching.
I agree with this thread.

I'm not bumping (this is not a bump, as it's just a couple minutes after the above poster), but I don't care about the 50M. I just want what the OP wants. I want to hear the developers' word on PvP. It's pretty ridiculous how long the game has been out without this feature. I know they're not holding it back on purpose, to be jerks, I'm sure there's some logistical problem going on. But why can't we hear them breathe a word about it?

Also, I agree on build diversity. My WD has six different builds for different purposes, and none of them even involve pets. I see tons of other WDs using other builds I never thought of, and a lot of them are with pets.
some people argue that we're going to 1-shot everything, there will be too many imbalances...etc.

-why not keep the same damage, the same spells as we have but just boost hp by a high % so the fight last for a reasonnable time? let's make it that a player with 30k hp gets 30 mil hp in the pvp arena. a match could last 5-10 mins maybe. disable health potions.

-I'd like to see hardcore arena, if you die you lose your character. That would be so fun to watch. Match players by similar dps/hp/resist or something like that. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 would be available.

-they could incorporate a gambling system (with gold or real money, why not) in softcore pvp too.
i support the fact that this is a very gear based game but I don't believe that minor differences in gear will make you unstoppable as you have to take into consideration of when people use there skills and also critical hits etc. Also if gear does have major advantages such as the 'legacy nat set' i think it supports my idea of having a pvp only gear ladder, but have a normal one so people that have worked hard to get gear will also still be happy.

They have done it before in D2, and they currently do a good job with WoW even though their is so many skills and armours, so I can't see why pvp seems so impossible in D3
all i wanna do is /duel my friends in farm game every once in a while. forcing players to do random queue 4v4 arena ONLY. sounds really lame.

nothing wrong with hostile, nothing wrong with 1.0

bring back the custom game system from 1.0
Last I heard from an interview with Blizzard they said they don't want this to be a type of E-sport or competitive gameplay such as WoW pvp or League of Legends, so they dont even intend to have a ranking ladder last I read. Sadly thats a prime reason why I enjoy pvp. Granted when it is released that I will play it, it will be fun, but with really nothing to work towards, bettering yourself and fighting opponents on your level, whats the point in playing this with the same amount of time I would with WoW pvp or arena? Like I said, it will be fun for the first few weeks, but will just get tedious and I'll most likely forget it exists.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did the complete lazy tactic. Release, and then never touch the thing again, regardless of pleas, bugs, or even cheaters if some were to arise. Them saying they don't want this to be an E-sport (And lets face it, this has the high potential of it.) Its just another way of saying "We are incredibly lazy and don't give two !@#$s about class balance, thanks for your money."
Blizzard stated a couple of times pvp will not be balanced or developed for e-sport, sadly.

You make up too many different options to fight each other. With shrines and health globes, without them, etc.
1v1, 2v2, 4v4 with a matchmaking like in lol would be enough. With matchmaking i mean the hidden elo or normal game system where i can play with my friends or without. An elo system is mandatory cause otherwise 99% of the games will be one side dominating the other and thats pretty boring in the long run.
And for the last fight option, let us duel ingame.

As for hc i think letting them join sc players in the matchmaking would be awesome, without the death penalty, cause otherwise pvp on hc would only find a place on cheap secondary characters. But there has to be an option to fight each other for life and death. With the duel option ingame this would be coverd but its definitely mandatory for pvp on hc.
Awesome would be an option to watch a fight live when two high chars have choosen to duel.

Another thing is the damage to mitigation scale. I think a fight between two eqaully equipped chars should have a duration of about 5-10 seconds if they straight up fight. If fights would be over faster they should add an additional damage mitigation like they 30% that barbs and monks have.

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