Several months later [GTX 660M]

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I am still lagging, and i am getting low frame rates no matter what settings I change.

This card is supposed to be able to handle D3 with no issues on the highest quality.

Since day 1 I have been getting lag issues and stutter.

I have done everything in the stickies...

switched to SSD, disallowed indexing, changed internal D3 settings, changed Nvidia settings, nothing has worked for me.

My driver is up to date, I have tried other drivers, including BETA drivers, and none of them help.

Can anyone help me?
I play other games just fine, but D3 is my only problem.
Hi, I bought a new laptop with GTX660m as well. and it seems like there are some issues with diablo3. other games works fine.

does anyone else uses this same graphics card? and played the game normally? if possible, could you share the driver version?

i am currently using 306.97 driver. and i have the problem.
erm. an update. i turned on vertical sync and my problem disappears.
I just bought a labtop not too long ago and seem the have the same issue with v sync on i have the 670m.This card is a little less than the 660m but i know what your talking about and very disapointed because i really want to play this game.I dont think the new nvidia update did anything whats up blizzard.
Man, I am getting tired of waiting, custoemr support 0 help.
Man, I am getting tired of waiting, custoemr support 0 help.
Man, I am getting tired of waiting, custoemr support 0 help.
Man, I am getting tired of waiting, custoemr support 0 help.
Man, I am getting tired of waiting, custoemr support 0 help.

I just posted the same in your original forum. But here:

I'd like to add I think I figured out what the issue is.

Diablo 3 is not being run on the 660m. I used the NVidia GPU Activity monitor to check to see if Diablo 3 was being properly allocated, and it is not.

Compared to WoW, which properly uses the GTX 660m as the GPU.

Diablo 3 does not. So it seems to be a Blizzard problem.

Note: I even used the right-click context menu to try and force the GPU to be activated. It just ignores the request.
^ Thanks for responding, i checked the GPU activity bar when I ran D3, it seemed to be using it..

I guess not to full effect?
It would seem that way. When I get the chance I am going to try using the beta 310.57 drivers. It's definitely a D3 only problem though. I can run Shogun II on Ultra without AA but the other option enabled and get like 40-70 FPS.

Edit: Just tried the new drivers, still not allocating to the Nvidia card.
Hi Win,

Had this problem previously with the old 304.xx nVidia series drivers.
My previous solution was to turn off vSync in D3 and enable Adaptive in nVidia control panel.

But with the latest 310.xx drivers, the stutter is back.
Tho' with the same changes above is still playable, I believe it is Blizzards issue that needs this to be addressed.

You can try 306.xx nVidia drivers too, the settings previously solved most of our gripes with G55VW + GTX660m.

^Thank you I will look into it, so are you still experiencing lag, or where are you at for now?
I think it is a problem specifically with the mobile series of geforce cards. My laptop has a 400m series card and it doesn't run very well on there. I get lots of stuttering, even with vertical sync, and I have even turned down most settings to see if it made any difference. It does not.

I get great fps on battlefield 3, everything set to high, and even on wow. However diablo 3 is very nearly unplayable on there. What throws me off about this is that a few months ago it ran fairly well. Prior to one of the patches I had a lot of problems, then it was all right, and now it is awful again.
I don't get why it's not fixed after so long </3

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