Looking for a little friendly monk advice...

So I have been working on this build for some time by looking over the many variations that people have come up with for gear that works well the right skill/rune combo that just about everyone is running with some slight variation here or there.

I have had much success over the past few weeks especially working up to mp 5-7 fairly easily and now am the envy of some of my other friends who play with me because of the amount of legendary and set drops I'm getting plus the fact that I managed to have a great deal more dps then everyone I run with. However, despite all my increased success over the past few weeks and even finally getting my first Hellfire ring as well as feeling more confident about my playing ability, I am still looking for just a little bit more.

My main question is just how is it that a lot of similar builds have such significant amounts of dps over mine? Is it just Paragon levels that will help, because usually there is a difference of 60 levels or so which seems to me the be the major difference or is it something else that I am missing? Can I manage to squeak out more dps with some minor changes or do I just need to level more? What are the major things I am missing other than dps to make it up to mp 10 or just closer? Is it just LS or LoH? From what I have read LS is better but is there anything else I could use?

Any help in boosting me up to that next level would be greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.
Attack speed and Crit Dmg are what is currently holding you back.
Obviously I am not speaking from experience but I too have been checking out as many configurations as I can and a healthy balance of CC/CD/IAS is where its at. Not that you don't already have a swinging set o' gear. I recommend using a DPS calculator so you can see how further paragon lvls will effect you and you can find some that will allow you add the CD/IAS effects just to play around with different item configurations.
Thanks for the advice. Where can I find a good damage calculator? Is there a particular one you rely on more than others?
Also, take other people's profiles with a grain of salt. Some of them log out with many self or group buffs to inflate the DPS on their profile. I looked at a profile with 30k more dps than me and all my gear was better. I plugged his profile into a dps calculator and it was really about 40k less than mine. Made me feel better.

For your gear, get some IAS on a ring and get another DPS stat on your ammy. ATM your ammy sucks imo. And skorn is good and all, but if you want to proc more tornadoes you're going to want to dual wield. Your crits will do less, but there will be more, thus more tornado procs, but it's totally up to your playstyle--that seems like a good skorn. Also, get some gloves with 2 dps stats, preferably crit, IAS and 200 dex. You can get a pair like that for pretty cheap, add resists for a bit more gold, add a ton for vit. Innas 4pc is also weak unless you're just farming low MPs and don't need the vit/resists.

How is your life regen? Looks like you have 0 loh or life steal, which might mean you die a lot. The time you spend running back is dividing your dps by the second if you're looking for fast clears.

http://theasiangamer.com/d3-damage-calculator/ You can literally upload your bnet profile. So easy!
I agree with Amiar
Theasiangamer.com I hear has a good DPS calc
D3up has a eHP and damage calc together and you can import your profile and change item affixes and rolls as well. Good Stuff!

Nameless went all Rainman and created an awesome spreadsheet if you choose to go wicked hardcore.


Good luck!
Thanks guys...


Your right, I have 0 regen but I had some other gloves I just hadn't put them on yet cause I was at school when I was in the forums earlier and didn't have access to login and change them out yet. I got them last night and forgot to put them on before I went out drinking with friends so there is that. It's a little bit more dex and vit then the sage gloves but just like 1 % less crit hit and no res.

You mentioned two terms I haven't seen before... IAS and ammy. I was afraid I would need to dual weild but I am nervous about loosing ground with a lot of dps falling off if I choose two one handed weapons. At least the last ones I had were great dam but I still had less dps. It probably was because they did less crit dam and that is something I can look for now.

I will absolutely check out those damage calcs later. I checked out d3 up before but didn't see how to change around stuff to see what I might be able to improve on but I will look at it more later.

Also, even without the health regen, I still find that most if not all of the time when I die, it's because of elites and especially when they have reflect dam. I still think I need to look into it but I'm not really dying that much.

Edit; By IAS you mean item attack speed I think but I am not sure what you mean by ammy. Plz explain.

Also, I just looked over the rmah and gold ah to see what some of this stuff might run me and it's not cheap. I was looking at rings, gloves, and some of blackthorne's set stuff as a replacement for some of the inna's. The only thing that seemed feasible gold or even rm wise is the blackthorne's stuff which is only a few bucks here and there on rm. As I am less inclined to pay cash and a little low on gold, it looks like I'm going to be farming for a while. But thanks for the advice all around.
Hi Everyman,
I agree with the above posts, without any sort of LoH, LS, or even regen for the matter, it means you will die a lot with boss encounters past MP2. Your glass cannon build looks nice on the character sheet, but you may consider giving up some dps for LoH/LS until you can afford gear that gives you both.
loh = life on hit
cc = crit chance
cd = crit hit damage
ias = increased attack speed
APS = attacks per second
soc = socket
sw = sweeping wind
fot/tc = fist of thunder/thunder clap
moe/c/h = mantra of evasion/mantra of conviction/mantra of healing
boh = breath of heaven
owe = one with everything
lpss = life per spirit spend
lps = life per second
ls = life steal
MH = Main Hand
OH = Off Hand
Ammy= Amulet
got it, I had most of that down. it was just a few here and there that I didn't know.

Anyway, about how much LS is a good enough amount? Most of what I keep seeing on the AH is around 2 % and there is sometime a few things with around 5% but that's as good as I've seen.


What do you recommend I look for in a better ammy? I keep going up here and there from different ones and went with that one because someone suggested to look for avr dam or plus to min or max dam and found it to be a little helpful. Should I just look for other dps stats like crit hit or crit dam. I was also trying to boost my vit just a bit despite how expensive it can be.
Two guides to plug, so that you can develop an understanding of some different approaches to building a good monk.


I'd suggest reading at least one of the two guides for some ideas, what to consider, what to steer clear of. Hope this helps.

Oh, and

11/13/2012 07:55 PMPosted by Analbumcover
Nameless went all Rainman and created an awesome spreadsheet if you choose to go wicked hardcore.

This is the most hilarious post I've read about my spreadsheet. But I'm glad you found this helpful.
Okay so I have changed up the build a little... mostly, I added the two 1-Handed axes that both have at least 2.5 LS which I found on mp 5 to really help. Ref Dam elites are not much of a problem anymore as long as I play smart and use serenity and heaven's breath wisely along with healing potions.

I am bidding now on a better pair of gloves and ammy to increase crit dam a bit more too so that my overall dps improves but I am sacrificing a little vit and dex to do it. Doesn't matter in the end because after loosing 40k dps from taking off Skorn and putting on the two axes that I have now (which aren't showing up in my profile), the new ammy and gloves will bring me up to 92k as shown on d3up.

I would like to break back up to the 120 dps I was before but until more stuff comes on the ah that has the crit dam, lf as well as dex and attack speed that I need, this should be where I am sitting for a good bit. Still the LS is a big improvement.

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