How good is my Hellfire ring?

Witch Doctor
I have gotten two...which to me is really the amount you need if one is good enough for your main to wear. (other goes on follower of course)

I'm just wondering is my ring average to above average enough that more hellfire farming is probably a waste?

Stats on main Hellfire:

+ 9 - 18 dmg
+ 177 int
+ 68 vit
+ 4% life
+ 5.5% Crit Chance
+ 35 % xp
That ring is above average... but always have a possibility for better so it's up to you. I really have limited the amount of hellfire ring farming personally. I will do normal farming runs in the acts and then just pop down and kill the keywarden for making machines... but I really don't go on many 'key only' runs anymore.

I'll then have like 8-10 machines stacked up and go on a uber run with some friends on MP8 to get a ring... but that is more for just a break of farming and having fun with friends than doing strictly uber runs.

Also you might want to get a vit rolled ring to stick on your follower for an additional bump in 7% exp when rolling solo. Vitality rolled hellfire rings I have found to benefit my followers a lot more than other main stats.

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