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Demon Hunter
Hey 240k unbuffed monk here. Just wondering which dh out there have 250k+ dps to farm mp9-10 with me and my friends sometimes.
add me if you want...I'll be on later.
Isn't saying you have 240k dps unbuffed exaggerating slightly? I know your profile is showing you equipped with exp rings, but I'm sure it would still be hard to reach that with the rest of your current gear.
Maybe he means 140k which would be completely true.

MP 10 takes too long to be honest. I think the most efficient MP is the highest level you can do while still being able to one shot enemies. MP3 or something.
245k (with steady aim) and 500k ehp. Been looking for a higher mp farm group, add me.
i have 240k dps so its not a typo, will add the above ppl who requested.
273 K DPS completely unbuffed with 74K HP and 800 AR. Would like to find good players to farm MP9/10

Add me if interested !

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