Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

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10/28/2012 07:03 AMPosted by sYs
From what i can tell and have experienced is that the mobs hit harder with basic attacks. Maybe armor values are !@#$ed up? Yesterday we were exchanging with items and the previews said the item increases dps for about 10k.. when you actualy equiped the item it was far worse than the one guy had equiped beffore. Happened last night.

I mentioned about armor values in a previous post, I inadvertantly lost 200 armor from random Str and Int rolls on two items I upgraded yesterday, it made a huge difference. I was taking 2-3 deaths on MP3 farming runs with the loss of armor, once I buffed it back up to nearly the original value I had previously, things were all gravy again with zero deaths.
A lot of tinfoil hats in this thread.

Mob damage doesn't feel any worse to me. I was comfortably farming MP5 prior to the update/patch but now I'm comfortably farming MP7/MP8.
I noticed yesterday and today that I had a bit of trouble surviving reflect dmg mobs in particular, but also at moments when I felt I should have survived because of my life leach and life on hit.

Perhaps the problem isn't with monsters doing more damage, but could there be a problem with life leach or life on hit?
I ran into much the same issues and had to change from Mantra of Conviction w/ Overawe to Mantra of Evasion w/ Hard Target just continue doing MP6 .... and I still feel like Im taking significantly more damage from specific sources of damage , especially Molten and Reflect.
Dude its not refelct damage its cause you play a broken class, WD´s are


play a barb,
- best tanking class,
- best dps class
- MP 10 E-Z mode.

WD's are great man.

I love the flexibility and I love having pets.

Plus I played poison Necros a lot in d2 and WDs really remind me of them.

It's not always about power playing brotha.

Sometimes its about having fun.
Sorry but everytime I feel strong, someone in Blizzard team push the button of pure evil and here I am like an ignorant savage with a stick in my hand trying to have fun with my barbarian and get penetrated. Nerfs... Nerfs everywhere!
Mob damage is fine.

Some players like a challenge ya know, go to MP 0 or 1 if you can't hang in higher MP, thanks.
Mob damage is fine.

Some players like a challenge ya know, go to MP 0 or 1 if you can't hang in higher MP, thanks.

I agree. I haven't noticed such an apparently drastic change in damage.

Mob mentality is another issue. Why is this thread still here?
Confirming this issue as well, initially i thought it was just me but the more i played the more it felt way off, mobs where hitting incredibly hard again, i decided to google it just to see if anyone else felt the same and found this thread. I know the numbers checked out but i have to say somethings gotta be off....
I was clearing MP7 comfortably so after the reduction to dmg I should've been able to survive MP10 but I'm not (should be MP7 dmg before 250%, MP10 dmg after nerf 250%).

No damage reduction hotfix was applied, your tests are bad and you should feel bad.
I have to join the club. some mobs hit harder :/ some molten will melt me away while others i can stand in. Also i would like to report that the goatmen i fields of slaugther some how feel like they hit harder or something :(
I still don't think it would be out of line to ask for a breakdown on how Blizzard is testing this issue plaguing some and not others. Are they number tests in which no real play is involved or are they actual play tests? You can log in, start on MP1 and see elemental damage is clearly hitting for more than it should, it doesn't take much to see that (IN MOST CASES, not trying to insult people that kite.)

You can call me a bad if you'd like, I've played this game for far too many hours/killed too much to be concerned with what most think.
Here is an example I recently stumbled upon:

When farming the plans off the Act 4 Keywarden it took me about 4 attempts in 1.0.5. During those attempts I struggled with his flame attack that ticked massive damage over a small period of time. This number was just above 8000. I recently came upon him in 1.0.5a and his flame ticked for just above 11,000. Something has changed, as this amounts to nearly a 40% boost in the damage being taken.

I kind of wish they would put all patches and hotfixes on the PTR, because otherwise they are not tested properly.
Ok let me explain

Patch 1.0.5 live MP 1-10 available (Blizz messed up the damage reduction here so)

Bam "hotfix" ( Fighting these became easy Like super easy)

Then http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7681242/Patch_105a_Now_Live-10_25_2012
Patch 1.0.5a
This was supposed to fix some bugs. But infact it messed up the last hotfix and it went back to how 1.0.5 was when it was released.

This is exactly what we tested, and our analysis thus far has provided no evidence that the hotfix was "messed up" or reverted as a result of 1.0.5a. The damage values we implemented via hotfix are currently the damage values being used by monsters right now when MP is enabled.

We're not calling anyone delusional or wrong for reporting a different experience; we're simply saying that the scaling bonus to monster damage at each level MP is (according to all the data we have) where it's supposed to be, and that it hasn't changed since Tuesday.

That said, even though there's no evidence of a bug at this time, we're continuing to monitor reports and feedback over the weekend and will investigate further if necessary.

Thank you for your attention and follow through. =)
I dont get it. I mean, something definitly got wrong. And if its not the monster damage, it can still be something what went wrong....!!!!!

Bluepost always says: "Yeah monster damage is fine". Well what about everything else? What affects the damage, the player recieves? Blockchance, Resistance, Lifeleech, LoH... just to name a few. There can be obvious so many things happening.

IF I just look at the things what are know going wrong... i really have to laught. For example archivements. There are still a few mobs, not counting for the archivments. That one guy in the box talking and talking.. its not possible anymore to get the archivement for him... i could name like another 10 things, what changed during a new patch... what you didnt even wanted to be changed...

Come on Blizz, step up a little...!

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