Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

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I feel a difference as well. Molten, desecrate and RD appear to be doing more damage but I suspect it is some other mechanic that has changed. Specifically life leech or life on hit. I really wish there was some form of combat log implemented.

Take care.
I don't even think Bli$$ can figure out what happened. Maybe on Tuesday they'll release a statement. If the changes aren't reverted, or improved dramatically, I think I'm done. I'm at my breaking point. Farmed and farmed, sold great items to make over 150 mil. Was making great progress with MP and felt like it offered me something more that I could have fun with. People on my friends list were doing MP1-7.
Now? Now it just feels like the same game with the same lack of PvP and same boring maps. And I haven't seen ANYONE play MP on my friends list in the past couple days. Know what's also crazy? I bought a WoW 60-day card just over two months ago because I was bored of D3, along with my buddies. Well, saw the change to WoW's system, and abandoned. Played maybe once or twice in that whole 60 days.

Do you even vidyagame, B?

!@#$ing travesty.
edit: nevermind. Still elemental craziness.
This reminds me of when peolple were saying molten ext is ticking for more damage. Didnt it take over a month to get someone to admit it was....

And it still is lol.
I did several runs yesterday and I too realized that the molten damage is out of the park. It has never done that much damage before. Buffed I have 1000 res, 51k HP and 6800 armor and I die within 2 sec standing in the fire.

On top of that I am not getting tired of mentioning that the drop rates for the keys are broken. While it's theoreticly possible to get such bad luck, it's highly unlikely.

I play at MP4 with a 40% chance and got 1 key out of 16 runs. And please spare me the flip a quarter coments and google some lessons on statistik.

Can you take a close look at the Burning Guardians. I run MP4 at the moment and can stand in a desecrate pool pretty comfortably but if even a normal BG shoots fire I go down in health quick.

The only elites that I die to in this difficulty are BGs or elites with molten and its not through a lack of being cautious. My health just get hammered so much faster for these fire attacks than any other elemental type.

Before others speculate. I use resist all and thus don't have many discrepancies on my elemental resistances (bar cold).

I posted earlier about the damage increase and have since been watching it pretty carefully. In hindsight I think it is just specific elements that seem disproportionately increased as opposed to the entirety of damage.
Not sure if I am experiecing the same thing...
I usually farm MP5/Mp6, its not hard, elites just take a lil while to kill (30 sec - 1min)
I barely die during my runs in any ACT, but yesterday I tried doing lower MP's to be efficient and see if the key drop rates are acceptable.
MP2-MP3, I got slaughter by succubus and Phase beast elites, yes I know the succubus reduce armor to half etc etc, even so, I barely died in MP5/6. So on my second run I tried killing off the succubus first and leaving the phase beast elite.

Test 1: see how many hits I can take from ONE Yellow elite phase beast, killing his minions first.
I stood there with a full HP pool, 40k ish. Got 2-3 shoted. (im buffed with enchantress as follower as well)

Test 2: I ran around until he casted Desecrator? 40k HP went to 0 HP in about 2-3 seconds....
this also apply to Molten.

My only guess is that In higher Lv MP, the mobs dont die as quick and I could life leech off them while standing in those fire pools etc.. where as lower MP, the mobs die instantly.

my 2 cents.
10/28/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Obliv71
idk either man but its about the same groups of elites that are getting me and like i said i have 900 all res across the board also arcane torrents get me too were before if i time Spirit walk right id only get hit by 1 or 2 of the beams and my health wouldnt go down

I mentioned something about the increased arcane sentry ticks earlier ..

I was measuring 5-6 ticks per second.

However, if this is right then this is right.

Increased tick frequency could explain why your spirit walk isnt working as well to avoid this damage, though.

I feel a difference as well. Molten, desecrate and RD appear to be doing more damage but I suspect it is some other mechanic that has changed. Specifically life leech or life on hit. I really wish there was some form of combat log implemented.

Take care.

Not leech or loh, as I have none and I have noticed this as well.

More likely damage reduction has been tampered with somehow, either accidentally or deliberately.

That is a guess, though.

I still don't think it would be out of line to ask for a breakdown on how Blizzard is testing this issue plaguing some and not others. Are they number tests in which no real play is involved or are they actual play tests? You can log in, start on MP1 and see elemental damage is clearly hitting for more than it should, it doesn't take much to see that (IN MOST CASES, not trying to insult people that kite.)

You can call me a bad if you'd like, I've played this game for far too many hours/killed too much to be concerned with what most think.

As I've said, it baffles my mind how some could have not noticed the change.

On the 24th, pretty much anyone who played was able to play at a higher mp level, or at least have an easier time in their respective level.

This went bye bye, and then some, the following day.


I just got my butt handed to me by the act 2 key warden's mortor attack in the blink of an eye.

over 5k armor (very good for a wd), over 1100 fire res, and +6% extra dmg reduction.

There really seems to be something very erratic and unpredictable about elemental and RD damage since the patch. One moment they do not seem so bad, and the next they are truly brutal.
Use sesimic slam to own !
Why hasn't this thread died yet?

Didn't a Blizz employee respond and say that your guys tin foil hats are on too tight??!?

Accept the "new" damage if that is the case and play at your appropriate mp level, if anything the "buff" to monster damage is good. It gives us more of an end game challenge since there isn't anything else to do but farm right now
Blizzard... I've never doubted you, and even now I don't doubt that you *think* nothing has changed, but something did change.
Weird how no one I know noticed anything. But I sure am amused by 50k dps players claiming that before the patch they could play at mp8. Suuuuuuure ;D
Well when too many people step forward and say the same thing, it isn't because of the overly-used "tin-foil" hat fiasco, it's because it's happening.

Doesn't really matter what a blue says on this because if it isn't their damage scaling table, it's something else. Those of you who insist on the tin-foil hat would basically imply you think Blizz has perfect programmers that don't make mistakes..

Give me a break.. think about it for a second..

Mistakes are made, and something has obviously gone awry outside the MP damage scaling table. So either: A) They are lying about it and scaled up the damage, or B) When they made the initial change in the first place, they screwed something else up.
The damage dealt from mobs are reverted back to when 1.0.5 was first release. I think patch 1.0.5a ticked it back.

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