Fellow Singaporeans Dh please report in

Demon Hunter
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I visit Singapore to meet up with old pals from Soul Calibur and Tekken.

You can usually find me at Bugis Mall at the arcade playing fighting games.

Ha! I used to be at Bugis all the time playing Blazblue and SF4, who knows, we might've walked past one another before.
Lao ya recruit reporting for duty, sir yes sir!
v sexcited to see so many sg players here
So many siao kia KPKB here JK, JK :P

SG DH here, nice to see so many SG players here, DH in particular :D

Wow, almost everyone is so well geared and committed to the game, nice
hahaha knn pvp come we meet in promo there and pvp LOL!!!! ON NOT????
10/26/2012 08:02 PMPosted by AuJo
hahaha knn pvp come we meet in promo there and pvp LOL!!!! ON NOT????

siao boh...
pvp seems so long long way still
Who scared who??? Errr... I actually scared of of you as my gears and all of yours are so far apart LOL!!! Sucidal!!! LOL
boh equip liao, from elite become peasant. sibeh sian now 200dps nia :(
Cool didn't know so many of us were from SG
10/26/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Nash
Wow, didn't know all you guys fr SG too. I'm reporting in! I should really get help from you Guys for my organs. I must be the unluckiest dh playing the IM. Have 8 organs but can't make a ring. Sk/mag hate me and never dropped organ. The group I play with can only handle mp5-6. We tried higher but I spend way too much time reviving the dead. I can't carry the team, next higher dps in the group in 100k. At least 1 of them get one shot from kulle. Once enraged, GG already. The bigger joke is that after playing so many times, all of them have made rings except me. Damn sad.......

I get what u mean...

Ytd have to carry a noob friend's friend in mp 5.

KNN we open portal for him, we kang the sai gang, he die and don't want repair, waste time rez him liao he naked. End up he get organs already then zao! We were supposed to make 2 games of portal, he left after first. My friend also stunned.

Yeah lets get together and farm organs together...I only got 1 so far. Damn dulan.
SG DH here reporting! Anyone farming keys?
@fieryeel ... if i were u... i block him even if he's my friend.. haha ask him go relax 1 corner..
yeah can look for our group for free uber mp8 runs :)
I need a !@#$ing spine organ! Someone help me pls
you all ah, better speak better engrish, wait lky scold.
so many SG DH??? lol
yes boss
Reporting in sir
Not surprisingly, lots of sing are using dh. We just love to arrow ppl...
^ LOL... i see that most of us are bosses here...

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