Fellow Singaporeans Dh please report in

Demon Hunter
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Huat ah
@pewpew i wonder how much time u spend gaming
moi is sgrean too. :D
Anyone wanna run tonight? Doing mp5-7. Add me if ya in yea :)
I come to forum, just rarely login.
Im from singapore too. play daily.
huat ah
old post.. hello???? i hear echoo

all quitted

anyone still playing? lol. all my friends quitted liao. all cui. i am aiming for plvl 100. any singaporean did that alr? confirm sibei eng
the silence is getting louder.
server is down. so just have time for checking forum out
Nash and Shdwflare are both very high Plevel.
Paragon lvl 100 liao like nthing to aim lo ,starting to feel the boredness kick in.
hey! still playing this game. realized it was best played sporadically. left the game for a month and came back to for infernal machines and some monster power testing. currently hunting for keys for my 1st hellfire. add me if u guys want to go farming keys/leveling => MisterToby#6100
now i hear some noise.
Lets Hunt some keys together
Noob Sg dh here too..just came back to playing d3 after few months muahaha
upz for sg dh.
Dh all the way man!
Wa lan eh. Singaporean sibei eng. All DH ai zai one.
Add me alk run mp2 tgther.
DH is not zai at all lolol

but we are all adding DHs here!!!
cant run anythin with 4 DHs!
hi all fellow singaporeans.... simei warrior here

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