act 2 achievement - judge of character

Bug Report
There's an extra checkbox labeled "orders from maghda" that from my research can only be found in leoric's manor in act 1 which I have making it so there is no way to complete the achievement. Which also means there is no way to complete the achievement "Grand Lorekeeper of sanctuary".

Don't know if anyone else is having this problem but would be great to get this resolved.
When you first enter Leoric's Manor during the quest Trailing the Coven, you will be attacked by a large group of Cultists and some Demon Berserkers. After clearing out the group, you will find this journal strewn about amongst the loot and corpses.

It didn't drop for me the first time I did it either, but I did get it on a later run. Just reload the closest quest.
no I have it cleared for act 1 but the act 2 one won't clear for me even when i get the book on a new character too.
Yes, my husband and i both are missing this Lore book, which is the only one standing between us and Judge of Character.

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