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With that kind of a budget, you're basically looking at completely starting from scratch. I would suggest taking a look at my actual build (or comparable DHs) and see what we've done. I've gone for 3 piece nats, 2 piece inns, high dex vile, high dex (soon to be CC) mempo as the key pieces. Obviously get yourself a good manti (I'd go to a high damage 1 soc instead of a low damage 2 soc - you'll get more DPS). I've generally concentrated on getting both CC and CD on everything. You may see that I've got AS on my gloves instead of CD. I did this because I found them cheap and they had great dex and vit. Comparable gloves with the same dex and vit with CD cost a ton and give me no DPS gain, so don't feel that anything is really 'fixed'. Do as your budget permits. Don't let eHP slip your mind though. Be careful when looking into witching hour belts (as I'm sure you will do). They look all great and stuff, but it takes a very good one to outdo innas belt when paired with innas pants. If you're doing any ingame comparisons, don't let the numbers fool you. They don't take all the damage into consideration, so use a build calculator. If you have any specific questions along the way, feel free to ask me and I'll give you my two cents.


Ah ok. Good stuff! That's a decent ring. It could use some dex on it too, but it's not bad.


Something I can't stop suggesting are mempos. You'll get a big eHP boost without completely losing out on your DPS. It will also allow you to swap out those vit gems for emeralds. This should net you a substantial eHP gain with either a small gain or no loss in DPS (check a calculator). This opens up options for getting more DPS. For example, with the extra eHP gained from a mempo would let you safely swap out some of the dex on your bracers to double or even triple (almost) the dex on there. Same with your vile ward. I had one like yours but recently switched it out for my current one. Big DPS gain, small HP loss and nearly no eHP loss at all. If you like dual wield, you may want to consider getting yourself a calamity and a better spite at some point in time. It's costly though. Another option is a calamity and DML. A lot of top hand xbow users do that. Failing that, there's the good ol manticore. Best DPS for the cost. You'd see a massive gain, but not everyone likes them.


You're absolutely on the right track. You're doing very well for eHP, so DPS should be your next target, as you already said. I don't really see any easy places to upgrade DPS without losing a bunch of eHP, except for one place. Your manticore! If I'm being honest, it's the weakest link. It has no dex at all and low damage. I would personally ditch the two soc idea (too expensive for a good one) and go for a high DPS 1 soc with dex. I had a manti like yours (40 more damage and 190 dex) and have since gained over 20k DPS by going to my current one. You'd be looking at 30-40k more DPS with a switch like that. Even if you don't want to invest that much, you can get a 1250-1275 DPS 1 soc with good dex for reasonable prices these days. Other than that, you'll just have to drop some eHP to gain DPS. You're definitely on the right track though! Good luck.

I can survive reasonably well. I can basically tank anything with gloom on, and with NS on, disc tends to replenish fast enough to maintain it. That's not to say it's a cakewalk, but it's doable. To be honest, it's tough to make a DH that can solo MP10 effectively. If you don't have uber gear or leg nats, it's very possible that you get overwhelmed or can't keep disc to gloom. With a team (and a tank), it's not problem at all. I really don't think you'd be able to solo any ubers (I don't think I can, but haven't actually tried), but with a team it won't be a problem. Also note that builds should be different depending on what you're doing. For example, in an uber fight where you have tanks, steady aim might be a good idea, and spike trap with bola - imminent doom would probably be the most effective DPS combo. If you're soloing high MP levels to farm, chances are you won't kill things fast enough to keep them away, so you'd want to ditch steady aim for perfectionist or something else. I haven't really played around with the passives and skills much since 1.0.5, but I know these are generally the builds people take.


If you're concerened about health, dropping your andys for a mempo would be a good idea. If you get one with good dex and vit (not very expensive these days), you'll gain a ton of eHP and should gain some life with the extra %life attribute on it. Your DPS might go down a little, but that's ok. Other than that, you'll just have to find other places to get vit on. I picked my ammy and gloves as major vit spots. With your budget, there isn't really a ton to do. Just keep saving and you'll be able to get a mempo. I figure you can get a decent mempo for under 10m (i'm selling a 50 vit one right now for 6m, so I can't see a higher vit one being a hell of a lot more). You might also consider getting vit on your strongarms instead of AR. It will allow you to get both higher dex and increase your life (that's what I did). Your eHP will probably end up being about the same, but your DPS should go up (and your life too). It's worth simulating. Also your skull grasp. Honestly, it's not doing much for you. I'd say either get a good DPS ring or a decent DPS ring with eHP on it. A cheap litany would help you with eHP (AR and I think you can get vit on it too if you don't get a difecta).


Glad it worked out for you! Let me know if you've got any more questions.


At your stage, I wouldn't even think about going for a SOJ. While your build isn't bad, I feel like there are far more fundamental things you need to hit on before going for a SOJ. Take a lok at my first post and sample build to see where I would suggest you focus on. In my opinion, SoJ becomes more important once you start speed farming act 3 on MP1/2. Keep working at it!


One of the keys for DHs is critical hits. That allows you to put out massive damage. To do that, you need high CC. Yorus right now is pretty low (18% plus 5% and scoundrel's 3%). I would say you should aim for 35-40% as a base. I've been running with 45% lately and it's great. Just upgraded to make it higher though (it can't be too high! well it can, but we are both a long ways from being there haha). Take a look at my sample build and first post to follow the logic. It should hopefully point out places where I would change things. Don't worry about the manticore bit if you really like your WF. If you want to stick with it, though, I'd suggest either getting natural CD or a socket.


Can't see your profile!


I would definitely go with the 1 soc. I went from a 1075 2 soc with decent dex and 85% CD to a 1260 DPS 1 soc with 80 CD and same dex and gained a bunch of DPS. I've since then upgraded to an even better manti and gained a ton of DPS. If you really want to know what certain bows do your DPS, STICK IT INTO A BUILD CALCULATOR! I don't buy anything without simulating it first. In the first post I've posted the link to a great calculator that I use. Definitely simulate it, but I generally think that high damage 1 soc bows are superior for people with limited funds. Obviously 1200+ DPS 2 socs are wonderful, but they are just so fricken expensive.


Your eHP isn't bad at all actually (420k), so right now I'm thinking that your low damage is the problem. Sometimes a good defence is a good offence! Since you don't seem to be at the point where you can facetank everything (you have pretty low CC and are not using night stakler), so you need to beef up your damage. That comes down to your dex, CC, CD and AS. Your dex is great, so you need CC and CD. Both your CC and CD are hurting right now, so that's where I would concentrate things. Take a look at my sample build and explanation in the first post. It should help point you in the right direction. If you have any questions, give me a shout.
Yo Genisis,

I made some improvements since the last time. Im now at 170k= DPS (totally unbuffed except for archery) standing at 53k hp and actulayy over 500 resist. for your comments and precious advice . Cheers! and thanks in advance
I just recently purchased a legacy nats set and I must say, I don't know why I didn't buy one earlier. My eHP did take a minor hit, but I still have many places for improvements. It may not be updated on diabloprogress but it is on and d3up

I'm looking to save up for a 1250 dps +dex 2 OS manticore, but with the legacy nats I just got, I would like to boost my eHP before upping DPS (208k buffed is what I am at now). Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Edit: If I add gloom activated on d3up, it gives my eHP boost from 175k to 270k, and with legacy nats, its no problem keeping gloom up constantly.
Genesis - Thanks will look into it, much appreciated

Your build is looking very very good right now! I honestly can't think of much to suggest. Possibly consider ditching your ice climbers for nats boost. You'll get DPS out of that for sure, but you'll lose out on life. I'm almost certain I said that last time though haha. At some point you'll want to switch to a mempo, though as far as andy's go, yours is quite good. High dex and vit, but your fire damage is kinda high. A mempo would give you an eHP boost at the cost of some DPS (but if you get a CC one, your DPS won't change much). You've got some more room for AS on your quiver, but that's not crucial. What I think is more crucial is the bonus on it. While elemental arrow is nice, your DPS is at a point where white trash is no problem. The real issue are elites, and for those you're most likely using bola. For that reason, I'd sugget finding a bola DML. Also consider finding a spike trap nats embrace (I just got one, so my profile hasn't updated). For any serious MP levels, spike traps are your friend. It seriously boosts your effective DPS in those big fights (namely uber fights). It won't really change your paper DPS, but your effective DPS will go up, especially if you get bola and spike traps. Those will be your primary attacks for boss encounters.


I recently bought leg nats too actually. While I do like the disc regen, I find my current build to be much more effective. I'm at the point where I can tank MP10 with gloom and sentry with night stalker keeping my disc up so that I can keep glooming. I tried the same with leg nats and just couldn't do it. Both my eHP and DPS was too low to make gloom enough to cover it. There is no disputing it though, leg nats for farming runs is great. Unlimited vault and gloom when things die fast is great.

Without messing around with the nats pieces, you're basically stuck with getting as much vit and AR on everything. Your DML, shoulders, and belt (simply by cost) are all maxed in that department. You could get some vit on your bracers pretty easily (like mine). Also get pants like mine if you can. That should give you a good boost in eHP. Other than that, you're going to have to drop some trifectas to affordably make up eHP. I've got a bunch of vit on my gloves and ammy. I know it sounds like I'm just stacking vit, but the slot I've got AR on are pretty limited and even more limited for you since you can't use a mempo. I've got a litany ring, but it doesn't give a hell of a lot more eHP than your rare ring. It won't be easy to boost your eHP, but it can be done!
Thanks Gen!.

I posted on this thread awhile back, at that time I had about 75k dps, and approximately 70k ehp.... yeah i was that bad.

After a few upgrades I managed to make my DH into a more balanced character, able to face tank most in MP3 and MP4.

My next question for you after all these improvements (which i am grateful for) is what's next. I have a feeling my Ehp is still not where it should be, and my damage is still a bit weak as well. If you can, can you offer some tips on what to concentrate on next, that would be very helpful. Thank you.

Your the man.

Your build has come a long ways! Nicely done. One thing I would suggest you look into is increasing your CC. I noticed that you've got for AS and CD on a lot of your pieces. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, having high CC is important. It is a huge source of your damage output and fuels night stalker. Having said that, you're not doing too bad with CC (given you get another 10% from archery), so if it's going to cost a lot, you could just ignore this altogether.

Since your CC is reasonably good, and you attack very fast, you definitely don't need vengeance. One major reason why people like hand crossbows is because of the fast attack speed and how it lets NS fill up your disc so fast. I would either drop it for steady aim if you're on low MP or perfectionist if on high MP.

Another change I would STRONGLY recommend would be dropping your witching hour and depth diggers for inna's 2 piece. I say this for two reasons; first, your life is pretty low and neither are giving you any vit. Second is because you'll get a solid DPS boost out of it. Just to make sure I wasn't suggesting garbage, I put your build into a build calculator and checked out he eHP and DPS contributions from your pants and belt, then compared it to mine. Despite the AR on your pants, my pants give more than 17k eHP and 17k DPS extra. The belt gives 5k more DPS and 11k more eHP, and THEN you get to add another 130 dex into the mix from the set bonus. Best part of this is that it's cheap. You can probably get a pretty nice inna's 2 piece set for what your witching hour is worth.

If you're concerned about eHP (you're not doing too bad, but more is always better), you could try to find some vit on other pieces. Your shoulders, for example, could either have some vit on them with about the same dex for barely anything, or you could do what I did and get very high dex and some vit. It's a more expensive option, but I know I sold my old 180 dex and 75 vit vile for 7m ish. Also don't be afraid to look into rares, but with the prices these days, I'm sure you can manage finding a decent vile for a good price.

These things will help both your damage and eHP a bit, but the biggest source of lost DPS is your bow honestly. While I see the appeal, it's holding back your DPS. To give you an idea, my bow gives me twice the DPS contribution of your bow, and mine isn't spectacular. If you're set on a hand crossbow, that's fine, but it's quite expensive to get high DPS with. Even just getting another 100 DPS on a bow like yours would cost more than my bow and would STILL hold you back.

Just keep working on your DPS pieces though, like upgrading those boots to 200 dex ones, or getting CD/CC on your reflection. Things like that will start to bring you up. They aren't cheap, but that's the reality!
@ genesis

u deserve a 1.3k dext 2 os manti for this thread.

I think that my DPS is lower than most DH and I am having trouble figuring out why. I just reached level 60 a few days ago and most of my gear was handed down from my monk, therefore I have not had time to shop around yet too much. I like to think that I am above average in terms of gear, but I think I am missing something in terms of what will help boost my DPS the most.

It seems that I need more dex because my CC is 48.5% with archery bonus, CD is 321 (I could use improvement here), APS is 2.3+. Yet, my DPS is still under 100k. I tried on an andy's helm which boosted me to 120k but I am hoping to get up to 150K with Archery bonus.

Any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance.
Any advice on what first few items a returning player should aim towards?
(Cheapest/Quickest way to get from 100-200k?)
Wouldn't matter if I go full glass if I can farm mp1 at double the speed I can now.
Im having a hard time raising DPS, i really need more dps to farm faster. What do you think should i really need to change first? Currently stuck at 44,372.49 unbuffed. Please and thankyou!

Edit: Could you also suggest a good place to farm at my current dps?
Hey Genesis,

Was hoping you could check out my gear. It is a work in progress. I currently have nats boots and chest, vile ward, inna's temperance, and strongarm bracers. The pieces remaining that I would like to acquire are a new manticore, dead man's, nats ring, litany, and inna's favor for sure. I'm going to get an ammy and gloves as well, but that may be later. The main question I have is what are the prices that each of the first 5 items I listed should cost? I'm seeing prices outrageous prices currently on those items on the AH. Also rare gloves, tasker and theo, or sage gestures? Thanks.
Thanks for the advice Genesis I will look into it and see what I can buy

If only that's how the world worked… Having said that, I would gladly accept any and all 1300 DPS 2 soc mantis. Donate away.


Your build is looking pretty good, but as far as DPS goes, I don't think you're doing anything critically wrong. Improvements for DPS largely involve improving your CC and CD. Your unbuffed CC is 38.5 which isn't terrible, but it could use some work. Try getting somewhere around 45. Your CD is also lacking which is largely due to the lack of natural CD on your offhand. I don't know a TON about DW, but I do know that the general idea is to either get a high damage, high CD, high dex offhand with a socket. That basically means you want danettas spite. The top DPS calamity users actually use a DML as their offhand since it gives high CC, CD, dex, vit and of course the skill bonus. You should also try to upgrade the damage on your main hand, but that gets pretty expensive. I'd generally suggest trying to get CC and CD on every slot that you can. Difectas are a huge source of DPS and is really where you need to start heading. After that, just keep trying to boost your dex. A great spot for that are your boots. You can get another 100 easy dex there without busting the bank.

Another general comment I have about your build is the AR on your armour and pants. While I know that people say that you NEED a certain AR number, they are only partly right. You don't NEED a certain AR value, but you do need a certain amount of eHP to effectively survive. If that didn't clarify it, AR isn't king. If you were to replace your low AR attributes on your pants and armour with even a cheap vit roll, your eHP and actual HP will go up substantially more. That should also allow you to get rid of your vit gem. You may seriously want to consider getting a DML as your offhand since your vit is very low. Your DPS will most likely go up if you get a reasonably good one and your eHP will definitely go up.


There isn't really anything quick and easy about going from 100k to 200k unless you've got unlimited funds. It takes a lot of tinkering generally. I'd also highly suggest you don't even think about glass canon builds. I won't offer any advice for those builds as I believe that they are extremely limiting and generally don't offer much more DPS honestly. That's the end of my rant.

The cheapest and most effective upgrades you can make are: inna's pants, 3 piece nats (no helm), high damage and dex 1 soc manti, and a much better DML. Mine is a good example. It's not AMAZING (I think I got it for like 15-20m?) yet it has over 100 dex more and 4% more AS. You can get mid 200 dex DMLs with high AS and CC with useful bonuses without spending a ton. For your shoulders, you should get vile ward. They are cheap enough now that you can get a big upgrade in both DPS and eHP compared to your current one for under 10m. Bracers aren't bad, but could use some more CC and some vit.


You should take a look at my first post and sample build. It should give you a pretty solid explanation of where your build should move to over time. It's hard to give advice about low budget builds since there is so much variation in pricing. For that reason, specifics are nearly impossible. You can, however, look at the key attributes I have in that sample build and take a look at what sort of similar things you can get in the AH. For example, instead of looking for 150 dex 150 vit 75 AR shoulders, look for 100 dex 100 vit and 50. If you can afford more, tweak the search criterion. If it's too much, tweak it the other way. Good luck!


It appears that your profile hasn't updated yet (blizz dropped the ball when they changed it), but that sounds good. As for your question, the prices depend entirely on the attributes you are looking for. The stuff in my sample build has all of that and nothing cost more than 5m. Since then, prices have dropped a %^-*ton so you can definitely find things cheap. If you're looking for stats on my main gear, the prices will be far more expensive. As for the gloves, don't search for the names, just search for the stats. Most good gloves are actually rares. Nearly all top tier gloves are rares. I have sage's because I found a combination of stats I liked at a good price. I've yet to find anything that seriously compares to it in terms of DPS and eHP that doesn't cost 123489 trillion gold.


Glad to help. Let me know if you've got any more questions.
Thanks for all the help Genesis. I've been mostly trying to get the same items that you have, but for the most part a tier below yours because even with my budget the prices were still too high to afford everything.
11/28/2012 05:53 PMPosted by eun!@#$park
Thanks for all the help Genesis. I've been mostly trying to get the same items that you have, but for the most part a tier below yours because even with my budget the prices were still too high to afford everything.

Ahh ok. It's pretty tough to get everything at once if you've got a limited budget. I've been constantly tweaking my gear for a couple months now. It's a long winded process, so don't rush it! I've rushed things in the past and have ended up losing a bunch of gold. Patience isn't my best virtue, but I've always learned from whatever mistakes I made.
Hey there, I just recently came back from a 4 month break to see alot has changed. My question for you is what peices of gear should i focus on replacing first to increase my dps and Ehp? Im very limited on gold atm so should i be trying to buy cheaper peices of gear for now or saving up and getting one piece at a time? I can farm act 3 on mp0 very easily but i would like it to be faster.
For some reason its showing my SC profile, so here's my hero:

I have some alt pieces not shown in my profile:
DML: 187 dex/200 vit/15 IAS/10 crit/13 hungering
Chest: 150 dex/158 vit/75 AR/ 3 sockets with dex
Belt: 146 dex/88 vit/73 AR
Ring: 160 dex/75 vit/5 crit (actually a bit less DPS than the hellfire shown, but the crit and vit are obviously really good)

I have nearly 40m and am a bit stuck with where to go now. Problem is I don't want to lose my MF as the vast majority of my playtime is spent farming. In a level or two I'll be at the point where I can drop 1 low slot worth of MF if I swap my scoundrel back to more MF gear.

In general I could keep DPS similar whilst gaining crit and would go up in quality of life. Farming speed is dictated by my crits, not DPS. However crit hellfires are not easy to find and helm is difficult (see below). Crit dmg I ignore (past the weapon) since trifectas are godly expensive and more crit dmg on whites would be wasted.

My major considerations:
*Helm has no crit, but anything that will keep the same DPS and EHP whilst swapping to crit is decent money - would have to spent a lot AND lose mf to keep similar stats. Andarial's kills EHP and potentially the exp gain (and the MF (and looks crap)).
*Innas belt is a big DPS boost, but high dex is expensive and even really expensive ones had basically no EHP. I basically require the EHP belt I have any time I do anything non-farming. I have been trying to snipe some cheap ones but no luck so far.
*Weapon is not that great, but costs a lot to even break even with what I have. I havn't been able to identify any affordable 1h combos that work for me, partly because all my crit dmg is on the weapon. I've considered upgrading to life steal with similar DPS for quality of life, but don't think it is worth it since the most I can gain is 1/5 of the leech gloom gives me.
*Trying to get bracers to 6%, but haven't been able to snipe anything that maintains EHP.
*Avg dmg on jewlrey would be nice, but I haven't seen any that jump out at me as value for money.

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