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You're doing pretty good! Your unbuffed DPS is just shy of 100k, so that's not bad at all. Your eHP, however, is pretty low. You're sitting at 110k right now. I would say that you want to at least triple it to begin with. Your resists are 357 right now, so that isn't the main reason. I have a feeling that your eHP is so low is because of your life. See what you can do to increase your vit and %life as that is the biggest thing that you are missing. For DPS, you're not in bad shape at all. Your APS and CC are both excellent, and your CD is pretty good.

Something to consider for eHP would be a mempo. It will increase your dex, your vit (if you get one with vit, it's pretty easy to get 80+), it will give you %life and a socket for a vit or exp gem. Your DPS will go down a little bit (and you CC), but it can be made up in other places. Also try getting shoulders with some vit too. I know that vile wards with ~80 vit and the same dex as you've got are dirt cheap right now, so give that a look.


Your eHP is very good (almost 550k) so the only thing that might be causing your deaths is your offence (or possibly your skill, but I can't judge that). You are using gloom which is key to survivability, so that's good. If you're finding you aren't getting enough disc to gloom often enough, consider trading out vengeance for night stalker. In combat you'll gain more disc without having to hunt around for health globes.

For DPS, I see why it's low. Your CC is on the low side, so definitely try to work on that. Your AS is also a bit low. Take a look at my sample build. It has about 140k unbuffed DPS and about 100k less eHP. It is quite possible to get higher DPS with different choices (or better rolls), but it will cost a chunk. When I created that simulated build, it was about 75m all in.


If you're thinking about regearing, that's not a terrible decision (there are a few things I would completely change), but don't feel that you need to sell everything. Unless you wanted a mempo with vit, yours is good. Shoulders could use vit too. Your ammy and rings definitely need to be changed though. I really wouldn't go for trifectas on rings, and very few ammies have good enough other rolls in trifectas (and those cost ungodly amounts). For your gloves, difectas are generally much better and cheaper. For those four items, you're missing out on dex and vit (and possibly AR too) which is really hurting your eHP and DPS. Even though you have more main DPS stats, sometimes it works out that they actually cause a decrease in your DPS. Your pants, armour, quiver, bracesr and boots are fine, and if you like to use a WF, I wouldn't suggest anything else except higher base damage (but I know they can get pricey). If you want to model any changes with my suggestions, look at the sample build I've got. It should give you a pretty good idea of what I would suggest. As I've said before, it's not something you need to model exactly. In some cases, rares may be just as cheap and more effective, so don't always stick with the names I've got in there (except for set items - definitely get at least 2 piece nats and 2 piece inna's). Sometimes rare rings could be better than nats reflection.


Without improving your leg nats, the key things holding back your DPS are basically limited to your CC, low dex and your bows (though since you DW, you get higher CC with archery - 43.5% CC isn't bad at all). Try upgrading your bows. If you like hand crossbows but aren't sold on dual wielding, try out a socketed calamity with a DML. It should really boost your DPS and eHP. Beyond that, try to pump up your dex to at least 2k, if not higher. My sample build has nearly 2.5k without spending a ton, and my actual build is over 3.2k. There's tons of room to improve, which means it shouldn't be too expensive! Try simulating those things and see where your DPS gets to. Feel free to come back if you make any changes and I'll see what else you could do.

At some point in time, you may want to consider getting 2 piece inna's. It gives a huge source of DPS, but your eHP will go down quite a bit. That means you'll want to relocate some of the vit and AR away from your belt and pants into other pieces. Don't feel you have to do that right now or anything, but it is a future consideration.
Hey guys,

I have been out for quite a while... I would say pre patch 1.0.4... I was looking to get back into it. What should I focus on? Where would be the best place for me to farm? Also any comments on my build would be greatly appreciated.
I'm at a bit of a crossroad here. Other than my upgrading my legacy lacunis to newer ones with good stats, I have no idea what I should focus on after this, especially since upgrades are starting to get really pricy. Nat's reflection seems like a good choice, but getting one that doesn't nuke my LoH without dunking in dozens of millions I don't have is impossible. I know DPS is my biggest concern, along with a bit more LoH/LS

So... halp? D:
Hi Genesis,

Would appreciate some advice. My DPS is nowhere where it should be.
I know the mediocre Legacy Nat's set is holding me back, but I just love the 2 disc/sec regen that gives me infinite hatred for strafe with prep+punishment.

I needs the upgrades i Know, only doing about 95k damage and 35k health

I just don't know where to start or what to aim for. returning after a significant hiatus.

I'm not really sure where your budget sits right now, but your build is lacking DPS and eHP. Try to focus on improving your CC, CD, AS and dex for DPS and try to work on some resists, life and possibly even armour. My sample build outlines a lot of the key stats I would suggest looking for (check the first post).


I can't see your build right now! Without seeing your legacy lacunis, I would still probably suggest right off the bat that you change them. There aren't many legacy items that outperform the new ones, and since the new ones still drop, they aren't very expensive. I also wouldn't worry about LS and LoH at all. I have zero in both categories (though I have some regen which is nice, but not required). Your biggest source of healing should be with gloom, so don't worry yourself with that. Post the link to your profile and I'll give you some tailored suggestions!


Legacy nats is great, so I won't try to get you out of it necessarily (I prefer new nats, but leg nats is by no means bad). What I will suggest, however, is you run away from your nats bow as fast as you possibly can! Yours in particular has extremely low damage (I don't really know what they get up to though). I would probably go with a DML instead (or a danetta's spite with CD and a socket), get a legacy nats ring to complete the set (I know they are pricey though) and try to get a higher damage bow (such as a calamity). If the only way you can get the full legacy nats bonus is with the bow, I would suggest you not use it. I feel like it is limiting your DPS significantly since your CC is great, your CD is great, AS is reasonable (a bit low since your DW, but oh well). Another DPS limiter is your low dex, but that's an easy one to fix. Your eHP is pretty decent, but could be better. The problem with that is a large part of your eHP is coming from your blackthorne's set, which is not really a DH set. It is giving you very ltitle in the way of DPS meaning that the rest of your gear isn't really being optimized. That's not a bad thing, but to improve you'll want to find ways to relocate the extra vit and %life it gives you to other pieces.

Looking at your other gear, it really doesn't look like you're doing too bad at all keeping up the eHP stats which actually complicates things quite a bit. It's a common issue I see when DW ask me for help. Since they don't have a DML, they are missing out on a ton of vit, and in your case you're being slammed with the low eHP of a lower end legacy nats set. It's like a triple smackdown on your eHP, so I can understand why you are using blackthorne's right now.

The first thing I would simulate would be a better bow and a DML (which also requires a legacy ring). That should really boost your DPS and eHP. If you like what the simulation shows you, go for it. If not, I would seriously consider either a new nats set. It will give you better eHP, DPS and allow indirectly improve your eHP even more by allowing you to use a mempo. That's the sort of build I use now (and have showed in my sample build). Sorry if this doesn't really help you at all. You're in a tough spot right now!


By looking at your build, it looks like you stopped playing at around the time glass canons were popular. All of my advice is tailored around making hybrids basically. So my first piece of advice is to run away from being glass.

Your eHP right now is only 65k! That basically means everything will kill you. Your AS is awesome right now, but I'd suggest you get a better calamity with a socket and ditch your dawn for either a DML or a better bow with a socket and CD (such as danetta's spite, but with higher damage than that). Going to a DML will really help your eHP though and will still give you a bunch of DPS.

Take a look at the build I put on the first post. It shows a bunch of the gear I would suggest you consider, particularly the set items and mempo. You can mess around with the rest if you want, but those set items give you pretty good eHP and DPS and the mempo gives you a good amount of eHP without losing out on DPS.
For anyone interested in a build used for higher MP levels, the one on my profile currently works pretty well. It's nothing special really, but is EXTREMELY effective. I just did a test on MP9 Azmodan. I was able to kill him in under 90 seconds, meaning that my effective DPS was over 1.6m. By using spike traps effectively, I was able to multiply my sheet DPS by about 6 times. The turret helped reduce the damage, so I was able to sit there and absorb all the damage he put out. I won't sit here and tell you it was easy though. Any mess-ups when his black floor circle thing was going on basically meant my death. That isn't the point of this post though; I just wanted to let those of you who didn't know that spike traps and turrets are excellent for high MP.
I would love to know what I should upgrade and anything I should change in my build. I can be very stubborn, so an explanation as to why to change it and how to properly use it would help. Thanks!
Genesis, thanks for the advice. I'll start saving up for that Nat's Mark.
When I get a Nat's Mark, that will unlock the path to Manticore + Dead Man's legacy which is more ideal for my Strafe build because of the lower attack speed = lower hatred consumption when channeling strafe.

Dual wielding is just a style preference.
Thanks! I kinda want to avoid gloom, though. I prefer to have that extra skill slot (and since I play with a CM wiz, quick insta-healing isn't as much of an issue).
^Profile there. Forg0t about the whole SC2 screwing up profiles thing.

I has been reading alot of ur forums and am glad that you give gd advice to ppl like me
Now that am one of those ppl so pls i need some advice too.

I've read through the thread and I understand the direction you're pointing everyone towards. The problem I have is that my budget is very low ( < 5 million), so I need to get the most bang for my buck without totally throwing off my build. Do you have any suggestions for cheap but effective gear upgrades? Or am I just at the point where I'm going to need to start sinking significant funds into each piece to see improvement?


Some of the key milestones I think DHs should have these days are the following: 40% CC, 300% CD, 1.7 APS, 40k life and 300k eHP. Having those CC, CD and AS values gives a great foundation to put out high, consistent damage through critical hits. Critical hits are extremely important, so I put a lot of emphasis on that. The eHP part of it allows you to take a couple hits. This really starts to shine in higher MP levels where you simply can't kill things before they get to you. You have to be able to mitigate damage, otherwise you'll be a dead DH doing 0 DPS.

Right now you have about 120k eHP which is a bit low, so I would try to work on that. Your unbuffed DPS is about 50k which could also use some work. Your CD is great though, and your CC is getting close to the 40% mark I talked about (you're at 29% unbuffed). Your attack speed is a bit low, but that's not the end of the world. I don't really know what your budget is, but take a look at my sample build in the first post. It gives you an outline of the stats I would suggest on each piece. Everything except for the set items and mempo have cheaper replacements you could look for. The set items are there because they are really the most effective items to use. I'd really try getting a mempo and 2 piece nats if you can (boots and armour are the cheapest).


Glad to help! Hope it works out for you.


Fair enough, but I really think you should consider it. I would replace smoke screen with gloom no questions asked. Hiding for a second doesn't compare to absorbing damage and healing, especially when things go for !@#$. If you like it though, don't let me tell you otherwise.

Your eHP is looking pretty decent, so you should put some focus on your DPS. Your CC and AS are both great, but your CD is extremely low. I would really work on getting that up. Your dex could also be improved a bit (2500 is pretty achievable these days). You'll be in pretty good shape once you fix your CD and improve your dex (and gems too).


It's like I'm looking in a mirror haha. The most obvious suggestion I have for you is your bow. I have no doubt in my mind that if you were to upgrade that (either a high damage 1 soc or a decent 2 soc), you could break 300k DPS. If you want a good 1 soc, I've got my old one in the AH (manticore with 1374 DPS and dex). That would do wonders for your DPS. Other than that, I don't really have a clue. You're in the same spot as me essentially and I'm struggling to decide what my next move should be. I'm thinking I may sacrifice some DPS to boost my eHP, but I haven't settled on anything yet.


Your build is looking pretty solid. I would suggest trying to move away from your nats sight into a mempo with 2-3 piece nats and inna's 2 piece. That will require you to relocate some resists and vit away from your belt, pants and boots though. It would be worth seeing what you can come up with to move those stats around so that you can free up those slots. It will most likely require more than 5m, so keep working at it!
Genesis. I see you have been giving some great advice. I am currently working on upping my dps as well and have been playing around with a few builds to make things a bit easier. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated :)

Could you give me some build advice with possibly where I should be at MP levelwise?
Genesis, thanks for the advice .I guess i better start saving up for that manticore .Anyway how
much do you want for your manticore with 1374 DPS and Dex ? I will add you to my friend list

One comment I have about the skills you are using is that you aren't using gloom. I don't want to limit creativity with skills since that is how new builds are created, but gloom is one of those staples you just can't get away from. I would suggest taking that over smokescreen or rain of vengeance. You also may want to consider using a discipline generator (either night stalker or vengeance). It will help keep your disc up so that you can use your skills more often.

As for gear, I'd suggest you take a look at my sample build. You've got a fair amount of the pieces I suggest, and some I would probably not use (such as your belt since it gives you basically nothing in terms of either DPS or eHP).


I see that you're using legacy nats, but you're not making use of the full set bonus. In my opinion, the only time legacy nats should ever be used is if you've got the full set. Otherwise, new nats is better in basically every way. I would swap out your helm for a mempo, get nats chest and boots, and look at getting a DML. Short of trying to convert you to my sample build, those are a couple key things you can do to improve. I hesitate to suggest changing to inna's 2 piece since you rely on your belt and pants in a pretty big way for eHP.

For MP levelling, I would suggest doing low MP alkaizer runs. For exp and decent loot, I stick to MP levels where I can take out elites in just a few shots (so basically no more than MP2). It's been generally shown that you get the most exp/hour at MP1, so that's what I would suggest.


Glad to have helped. I've got it in the AH right now at 100m open bid with about 6 hours to go. No bids yet, but that's not really a shock. If you want to see its exact stats and you can't find it, let me know. It's the 1374.2 DPS one with the WD affix on it. If you really want it and will offer a price similar to what comparable bows are going for, I'll pull it out of the AH.
Genesis , I dont have 100m gold no more i use to , I bought a lot of gears for my upgrade .What left in my stash is 20m . My guess back to farming . So now i know where to go
to get gd advice is you haha . Thanks You
hey genesis,

i know ive posted before, but was looking to see what you thought of my gear now and if you had any suggestion. 150k unbuffed dps, 300k ehp
Hello Genesis

I was wondering if you could help me with what gear i need to buy next. I like using the windforce over mant so that will not change. any help would be great thx i have about 17 mil to spend.

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