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I would love some advice on making my DH a bit more beefy in the dps department whilst keeping some semblance of survivabilty... presently at 140k dps with steady aim but would like to see 160k dps. I'm using sentry (guardian turret), boar companion, and shadow power (gloom) as damage reduction and recovery tools and hungering arrow (spray of teeth) and elemental arrow (lightning bolts) as my go to damage dealers. Coping ok at mp5 and breezing through with the right tank. Reflects damage is still tricky, but manageable.

Build changes and/or gear suggestions are certainly welcome!
Hi Guys! I'm currently farming in MP2 Act 3 Inferno und goes pretty well. But as soon as i go in MP3 i get more or less instant killed by certain Elite Mobs. I'm not sure what i should change defensive stats arent that bad. Maybe get some kind of Lifeleech? Or more Vitality? On the other side i don't want to lose DPS or too much Magic Find. Do you guys have some good advice for me? Would be very much appreciated!
Wow just wow i'm impressed it's Great to see there are players like your self out there

I'd like to thank you in advanced for the advise your going to give me

I'm looking for general advise to keep me pointed into the right direction i'm looking for gear advise i don't have alot of spare gold but it's easy enough to come by

but the main thing is the build that would work best with my current gear i've been playing around trying to find a good strong build but i'm running out of idea's
@ Genesis

Thanks for the advice. These are all things I am striving for. My in game CC is 38% with my bonuses from DW. When I switch my Ammy It jumps up to 44% and I gain a huge boost in Vit and Dex. I am pretty happy with that. (Of course I would love more CC.) However, I have determined that the Disc. I get from my Ammy is SO much more vital. I have been hunting for some inexpensive shoulders with a high Dex/Vit So i can switch out my armor for Nat's and not suffer too much on the Dex loss. 1300dps Calamity with a socket would be SAWEEETT. More life and res all would be amazing.

Anyways, thanks for the input. Nice thing your doing here.
Hello, liking all the help that's going on in here.
I was hoping for an opinion as to what I should be upgrading next with a budget of about 40million to spend.
I do rely to some degree on magic find so I would prefer to not lose any; thanks in advance for any help!
Genesis, my goal is to be able to farm above mp4. I love the danetta's set, but would switch to 2h/quiver and if it's required. I believe my build is solid, but if there is a better way, I'd try it out. I found the Hungering Arrow/Ball Lightning build boring. Thanks in advanced.
Got me some new pants, but EHP took a hit, mostly from AR going down. I also now have a nat's embrace on perma-loan from a friend, but I haven't equipped it yet since I don't have any other parts of the set to help justify the further drop in EHP I'll take. Anyplace in particular I should concentrate on upping AR or EHP in general? I may end up throwing some amethysts in temporarily just at least raise my life.

"raise my life"...that sounds kinda weird. LOL
Sorry for the delay! Was a busy day at school…


Yeah, I figured that would be the case. Your belt and armour set seem to be very significant in your eHP. Try to work out other ways to take the pressure off of those two slots. Having said that, your eHP is HUGE. You could definitely lose some if you wanted to get higher DPS.


First of all, great name. Love mass effect…

Secondly, that's a great looking build. The things I would change are the following: Consider getting a better bow. While yours isn't terrible, either swapping to a manticore or a high dex, high damage, high CD soc bow would definitely increase your DPS. Boots would be next. Get yourself nats boots for sure. You'll increase your dex by a chunk. Thirdly your shoulders. Vile wards are often misleading - often rares have better stats at a fraction of the cost. Yours in particular don't have vit which is crucial (especially since I see you're low as is and you're using two slots for vit). Another awesome way to deal with low vit is by getting a mempo. Natural %life, option to put a vit gem in for extra life all without completely nuking your DPS. Other than that, looks good! You might want to grab an extra 10 disc somewhere. I went from using my 4 piece nats now to a mempo, so my disc dropped down to 30. I couldn't deal with that change, so I got an extra 10 disc on my armour. Makes a huge difference.


I'd like to caution you against farming in high MP levels where you even remotely struggle. If you're farming for exp and gold, it's not worth it - you get much more efficient returns by doing low MP.

Having said that, there are some places where your build could be improved. To start, your andy's helm is a pretty big issue. You take way too much fire damage, especially at your eHP. Try out a mempo and see how you like it. Even cheap ones will add upwards of 60k eHP (with a cheap vit gem). Mine adds over 100k and isn't too expensive. That will also help you sold your HP issue allowing you to free up those two sockets for emeralds.

Keep working on your CC, CD and dex for DPS and try to get 40k HP and more resists so that you're tankier. Take a look at my sample build for a more specific, slot by slot suggestion. That build gives a great balance of DPS and survivability for a reasonable price.


Thank you! Your strongarms are quite good, as is your quiver - don't need to change those. Your biggest issues right now are your low CD, CC and eHP numbers. A great target for you to work towards is removing the need for sharpshooter. By that I mean getting somewhere around 40% CC so that you don't need it at all. Also be sure to work on your CD. That is a big point of concentration for bow users IMO. Since you don't get the 50% boost from archery and are forced to use lower damage 1 soc weapons (often without any natural CD), you're severely hurting right out of the gates! You don't need to concentrate on AS since bows naturally shoot fast.

If gold isn't much of an issue for you, I'd suggest frankensteining something roughly based on my sample build. It will increase your DPS and eHP substantially.


Nothing wrong with 44% CC. It seems you understand the importance of disc which is great, but there are more ways to go about it! If your keep improving your CC and drop the extra disc on your ammy for a higher DPS one, you'll be able to drop sharpshooter and in its place get the option to use a discipline regenerator. I'm referring to night stalker. That is truly something that will change your gameplay forever. When you crit often, your disc just keeps filling right back up. So while your max disc pool might decrease, the actual disc you are using and regenerating is much more significant.

Give it a shot - no need to commit to anything yet. I'll tell you though, once I was exposed to night stalker, I never looked back. It really is a game changer.


Two things stand out for me. First is your oculus. Consider replacing it with a nats reflection. You'll better AS and a nice dex boost. Second is your belt. Inna's belt will give you a massive DPS boost. I see that your life is quite low despite having such high life%. What that means is that your vit is too low, but that should be easily fixed. Try getting another 100 vit on your shoulders, look into gloves like mine, and possibly even move to a mempo. Actually, definitely get a mempo. If you lose your belt, your eHP will drop a bunch. If you get a mempo, it will further help your cause towards increasing your HP (try to get one like mine at some point). Slap a vit gem in there and with the extra 200+ dex you'll hopefully be getting, you'll be in excellent shape.


Farming effectively at MP4 isn't easy… I generally stick to MP3 and only go to 4 if I'm bored. If you're trying to farm for exp and gold, higher MP levels actually hurt you more than anything. Try bola shot if you're tired of hungering arrow. That's what I use and I quite like it. Ball lightening is a classic, but if you want to switch, you could always use nether. Did a couple runs with it yesterday and I actually quite liked the change. Doing full damage right away and healing is pretty awesome. It's too bad it doesn't't have anywhere near the AoE that BL has. In the end, nothing clears quite as well as BL.

What I would highly suggest doing is looking at my sample build. The places you have DPS are places where I put eHP, and vice versa. For that reason it's pretty tough for me to suggest anything in particular to upgrade.

In general though, work on your CC, CD and eHP. Being a DW class means that you've already got good AS, so don't overdo it when you could be getting more CC and CD. Always try to get both CD and CC on the same item if you can - it really starts to add up.


You did take a bit of an eHP hit, but less than you think. You dropped about 30k eHP but gained 15k DPS. In my books, that's a pretty reasonable tradeoff. I wouldn't suggest dropping your eHP below 250k if you can help it, and definitely try to keep it over 200k. DPS and eHP have this little dance though. To get one up, the other almost always goes down. Your helmet is actually pretty decent, but I think that getting a mempo will increase your eHP. It has high resists, natural %life, good dex, and a socket for either your exp gem or vit gem (I switch mine out depending on what I'm doing). For future DPS upgrades, I'd look into your right ring and bows. Your bows have very low base damage which is holding you back.
Any Thoughts on my build?
Thanks for your advice earlier I was able to increase my ehp and dps by quite and bit. I changed by build according to your suggestions too. I forgot how much fun vault and be. Could you take a look at my build and see where I can further improve?
@Genesis: Could you please comment on my Build, I get stuck when trying to increase my EHP and DPS.
Hi, trying to increase DPS. I'm thinking of changing weapons, but might lose much dex. Any suggestions?
Hi Genesis,

What do you think of my build? I am still trying our either a calamity with about 91% CD and 780 LOH and the manticore i am using. The calamity allows faster generation of hatred and works better for my stun lock build but manticore kills faster except for RD elites.

What do you think i should be focusing to improve my DPS with a limited budget (About 15m and about $18)? Should i be stacking mainly on CD, CC or IAS?

Thanks in advance
@Genesis Thank you very much for your feedback, changed out my shoulders for some extra DEX and will look over your sample build for more suggestions. Keep up the good work!
Hi all

I need some help! I would like to increase my unbuffed DPS . Just a side note I also have a 2 socket Manticore crossbow with 982 DPS and 2.90 LS (I use 90% and a 80% gem with it. (Im poor lol)which adds 10k more DPS but the attack speed is slower and I tend to die more often than the current Bow.
Thanks in advance.

I can definitely dig the idea of getting better shoulders, I just happened to pick these up for a good price. My dh does suffer in the vitality department, and my 9k bonus to globes / potions will make increasing vit as a means of increasing survivability a natural choice.

Mempo is an interesting choice, but I've noticed that decent ones are not only super expensive, but I have yet to find one that won't really hurt my dps. losing the 9% attack speed turns out to be pretty brutal, and the poison nova is pretty fun at 40 percent.

Nat's boots are also a natural choice. Where I struggle is finding a pair with 140+ dex for a price I can afford, otherwise I'll be losing dex and 50 vit for movement speed, which with vault, i feel is a little redundant. I'll keep looking though... especially if I can make up the vitality on my shoulders like you suggested!

Boosting my disc is something I'll definitely look to do. The more often I can cast shadow power and vault myself outta jailer and such the better.

Regarding the bow I'm having a devil of a time finding one with comparable damage that also has the lifesteal. I actually have a decent 2soc manticore the gives me another 9k health and also boosts my damage quite a bit but as it doesn't have the LS reflects damage and ground effects chew me up and spit me out, leaving me to choose different damage dealers that include lifesteal in the rune but don't seem as effective.

I'm definitely gratified that you like my build and really appreciate the advice :)

It's nice to see that you've got 3 piece nats. I would highly suggest swapping your helm out for a mempo and then getting nats boots to get that set bonus again. Nats boots are extremely good and a mempo will boost your DPS and eHP relatively cheaply. While your shoulders have nice dex and AR, there isn't any vit on them. That's a common mistake people make with viles. You can find shoulders that outdo low budget viles substantially. The rare shoulders in my sample build were 5m, have 50 less dex, 20 less AR but 150 more vit. That will help solve your vit problem allowing you to drop your vit gem for a dex gem. Take a look at the build and try to follow my logic - it will help you learn where I like to concentrate certain stats. For example, my rings and belt are almost exclusively DPS whereas my shoulders and helm are largely eHP focused (obviously not ignoring DPS completely, but definitely not ignoring eHP).


Looking good! While your eHP is what I would consider to be a safe realm, it could always use increasing. You may want to consider ditching your hellfire ring. Short of upgrading the dex/vit/AR, it's hard to suggest any more upgrades. You've basically got a solid foundation (and by foundation, I mean a great build - you're in the top 3k for best DH), so you just need to start making small upgrades. It's a slow, expensive process, but that's basically all you've got left to do. The weakest link I see is your manti. See if you can get one with dex on there. Nothing else to suggest really.


Two big things I see holding back your HP is your ammy and your helm. Your ammy should have both dex and vit on there - and a good amount of it. That is a key source for vit. Since eHP is a concern, I'd suggest swapping over to a mempo. If you can get one with dex and cc, that's brilliant. Otherwise, look for one like mine. Isn't outrageous, but definitely has decent eHP and doesn't entirely take away from DPS.

As far as DPS goes, it comes down to two big things (again!). First is the fact that you're dual wielding. Second is that you're using low DPS bows. The first isn't always true - if you can get really good hand bows, your DPS can be awesome. The second is pretty self explanatory. If you're interested in doing significant damage without busting the bank, look into getting a manti. You can get pretty good ones these days for a reasonable price.


Your eHP is in good shape, so that's good. Your DPS is pretty rough though! As I've said before, dual wielding is a tough gig. If you want to put out good damage inexpensively, get a manticore or some sort of equivalent 2h crossbow. For a more specific guide for what gear I suggest, look at my sample build. If the cost is too high, look for similar items (rares) with lower stats (apart from the set items - can't really find equivalents). With that said, a lot of these set items are pretty cheap these days when you're looking at the low end.


Looks good! You've got great eHP, which is a direction I like to see DHs going to these days. A couple places I would personally change around include your helm, shoulders, right ring, and bow. If I were you, I would drop your nats helm for a mempo. It will give you even more eHP and DPS. Then to keep that set bonus, drop your right ring for nats reflection. That should net you a solid DPS and eHP boost. I would also suggest switching out your shoulders for rares that have vit on them. You may lose a little bit of dex and AR, but the gained vit (easily 150) makes up for it in a big way. Your bow is another spot I'd consider swapping out. Until last night, I had been using a ~1075 DPS 2 soc with low ish dex on it and was happy. Then for !@#$s I decided to simulate what I thought a decent 1 soc. It ended up being an 8k DPS boost and I can't say the loss of CD has made much of a difference. You could probably see a 20k DPS boost if you get a high DPS 1 soc with good dex, but as always, simulate it first! If you get these vit upgrades, you can also drop those vit gems which will further increase your DPS. Hopefully thiis helps!


Thanks! If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to ask.


You're definitely going to suffer a DPS loss when you use a windforce - especially one without a soc. I feel like your backup manti isn't very good (no offence intended, just I know how cheap they are these days and I'm sure it could be better). I bet you could grab 20k DPS from a better manti. To help you survive in solo play, give your scoundrel your windforce. It's remarkable how useful scoundrel with a WF is. The proc coefficient for knockback is quite good for him, so it really helps keep the pressure off. I'd highly suggest trying it.

For your build, try using ball lighting instead of nether. It's a much more effective room clearer which will help keep you alive. Nether is good for its LS, but BL has AoE like none other.

For your gear, I suggest getting nats boots and dropping your nats sight for a mempo. Also drop your viles for shoulders with vit on them. Don't understimate rares! Normally for DPS I would suggest getting innas pants and belt, but it appears to be good part of your eHP. So basically, if you're going to use rares there, make sure they are good. Don't half %^- the AR, dex and vit. Make sure it's worth it, otherwise you're making a non-optimal gear arrangement even less optimal. There's nothing wrong with rare pants - the top DH (in my books) has rare pants. Granted they are worth like 2b, but that isn't the point I'm trying to make! Take a look at the build I posted. You've definitely got potential though.


Mempos won't actually make you lose AS, only the CC (and you can actually get CC on them if you have the gold… I DONT!). It's a great way to get eHP in both the form of HP (which you desperately need) and AR. Depending on your definition of expensive, you can get pretty good ones at a reasonable price. I got mine for like 30m (I think?) including the gem. That's because I got vit on it too, but if you just go for the dex, you're golden. Those are cheap and you can get high dex on there. Slap a vit gem in there and you'll likely be golden for HP.

You basically hit it right on the head - you need to relocate your vit away from your boots so that you can get better optimize your itemization. While your dex is very high on there, don't underestimate movement speed. You might not think it's a big deal, but it really is. Moving around the maps quickly is key, be it for kiting or just to clear more efficiently. When I regeared my barb, I couldn't deal with the 12% MS I had coming from 24. I basically just left the game and fixed that problem right away. Also, I want to caution you against vaulting all over the place. Without leg nats, you don't have the disc regeneration to justify it. If you get caught in an elite pack without the DPS or eHP to handle it fast enough, you'll die. Then you have to walk ALL THE WAY BACK.

If you've got the CC and eHP to support it, you can get away with 30 disc. I preferred a slightly larger disc pool (coming from 4 piece nats, it's a big change going to 30 disc), so I got +10 on my armour. Big thing is, you need the CC and eHP. The CC is for night stalker to keep it filled and the eHP (at least for how I play) is to stand there, gloom and pump out damage to keep filling my disc up.

While the life steal is nice, improving your eHP (and likely your disc management with night stalker - which you need to start using honestly) will make reflect elites no problem. If you fine tune your timing for gloom and make sure you're keeping enough disc to gloom when you need to, you'll basically heal enough to not die. The only time I die to reflects is if I'm not paying attention and fail to notice gloom wasn't active.

Everyone has their own style and preferences, so don't feel you need to take my words as gospel. I would just strongly suggest trying some of the things I've suggested out (particularly if it costs you nothing). Sometimes it's something small (like night stalker) that will be a game changer for you. I know it was for me!
Hey there Genesis.

I've been reading around this thread that you've created and it's certainly helped me quite a bit on where I should go next with my itemization! However right now I'm kinda stuck...

I'm unsure whether i should throw all my money into a decent manticore, or upgrade my armor for more eHP since it's rather low. I can farm up to MP3 without dying but it's really tedious and i've got to kite quite a lot. Also, do you think i could get more eHP without losing any of my DPS?

110mil is my current budget. ( current items were brought for 55+mil including gems. I found the gloves and boots myself )


Great thread! I sure wouldn't mind some advice on my next upgrade. I've found myself sacrificing VIT on certain items since it jacks their price waaaaaay too high, but it's sort of come back to haunt me.... Only have 50mil-ish saved atm and with the prices on the AH I think I'm going to have to keep on saving.

I'm trying to save for a decent nat's ring, but if there's a slightly cheaper option to boost my DH I'm all ears.
i could us help with a build with my DH.Level 51 now.I see alot of builds online but i want the best one.

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