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I posted this in the wizard forum but they are moving so fast. Hence I post here again:
Hoping for some advise. Can't get my head around on how to proceed.

Hey fellow arcane masters.

Check out my Wizard. He is currently running MP6 for keys and organs.
He is also melting everything in MP1/2 wearing max out MF gear for drops.

I am still not tired of my build. Depending on solo / group play I switch out the storm armour with prismatic for the resistance buff. And sometimes I run a familiar with sparklint instead of force weapon. And sometimes blur will be swapped for glass cannon.

I can cruise along nicely. MP6 is a bit of a challenge. Wich is good.

But now my dilemma. I just can't seem to get more towards MP10.
Do you think my build can hold up if I get better and better gear over time?
Or do you have any tips on what to upgrade next. And how to upgrade?

Of course. There are the gems. But I just can't afford them and I won't use a credit card. They have to be step by step. Damn I missed out in the price drop recently.

I am also playing with the thought of an meteor build. But I don't know where to start.
Maybe someone out there can help me on my way?

Cheers folks!
For a raining meteor build there is 2 essential things, Crit chance, and apoc.
you should aim to get your crit chance into the 40s and have around 15-20apoc.
I don't think blizz hydra would hold up in MP10, not without having a massive dps(300k+)
MP10 is really only doable by the critical mass wizards who perma freeze everthing.

My next upgrades if I were you would be a new chest, pants and then maybe a higher DPS weaopn(although they are expensive with apoc)

MP10 is really only doable by the critical mass wizards who perma freeze everthing.

That is a shame. So much for build diversity.

APOC. I just realised the Blizz/Hydra build does not need APOC. I went and bought a new wand with 200 DPS more. Better stats. Dropped the APOC and got 7k DPS more. That was a good start. MP6 is more doable now.
Get the weapon Maximus for your enchantress. the demon is the best tanker for kiting build. It is selling for less then 400k.
11/03/2012 04:23 AMPosted by WNxNiteHawk
Get the weapon Maximus for your enchantress. the demon is the best tanker for kiting build. It is selling for less then 400k.

That's a great tip. Bought one who also keeps the same dps for my follower. And it works rather nice. Got better pants as well. Seems like I can keep my storm armour now when playing MP5/6.

Getting crit higher is expensive. Seems like I will keep on grinding. But isn't this what's it all about!?

My next upgrades if I were you would be a new chest, pants and then maybe a higher DPS weaopn(although they are expensive with apoc)

Did that. That helped. Riding on 77k DPS now (buffed). Also found a different Triumvirate while testing which gave me more health without compromising on damage. Worked out nicely. Another step towards MP10.

I kept my APOC wand and now let's see how I can up the crit. Going to be expensive.

Btw. Does LoH help with kiting? Or do I have to physically hit something? If so I should also get LS besides my buffed 900 life per second?

Any advise on that?

Keep it coming folks.
Upgraded some of my gear. I think MP7 is coming soon to a theatre near me.
Yeah MP6 is going nicely with current build and gear. Takes me 20min to get a key if it drops.

Ubers on MP8 in a group also not a problem. Doing them solo is somehow not worth it anyway.
CM/WW/Meteor here.

I just need more IAS and I should be there with the perma freeze and 500K meteors.

I honestly don't think Blizzard and Hydra cut it at the higher levels for the following reasons:

1. You can only have 1 Hydra active at a time.
2. Blizzards don't stack.

So getting Twister Whirlwind up and running gives you APoC and then you can rain down the meteors.

If you have gotten Frost Nova popped on 5 enemies, thats an extra 15% crit chance, so almost guaranteed crits, and in the time 1 blizzard has been cast and completed, a meteor build has sent 10-15 meteors down, for about 5 million dmg in 6 seconds or there abouts, I don't think blizzard can come up with that sort of damage numbers.

I'm happy to be wrong, but that is what I've seemed to have worked out after being a Blizzard Hydra Wizard in my previous life. :)

P.S. If Blizzards did stack, and were only limited by AP, then I would take it all back.
I changed my build. And updated my boots and chest for Zunni's. Unfortunately profile not updated yet. I replace Hydra with Meteor Shower and Blur with Astral Presence.

MP6 is so much smoother now. The Build works really well. I can't spam meteors due to the lack of APoC at the moment but everything just dies as easier than before. Of course I need to kite but I love doing it. And I face palm everything with max MF gear in MP2.

If someone wants to join me in farming add me. Or wants to give me tips for gear and build don't be shy.
I forgot to add, that The Oculus makes this build fly.

Diamond Skin Prism = -7 AP

So down to 43AP for Meteor

With Oculus bonus thats 39AP for Meteor

Decent Crit Chance and APoC, I get 27 AP for a crit

If I have Frost Nova Deep Freeze popped on +5 enemies then I get close to 70% CC, so each meteor costs about 11AP and then I become attack speed limited.

If anything, try to get some APoC and IAS. 20+ is the magic number for APoC they say, I have 27, which is 3 off the max, it seems to serve me ok, and you don't need so much AP to begin with.
Hi Smartdrive.

I think for pure DPS the next easy/cheap upgrade might be your triumvurate to one with better average damage, although the +int on the one you have is very good.

I have found the Blackthornes Chest/Legs a very useful combo and also pretty affordable. The 2 set bonus is +100 vit and the chest comes with AR, 3 sockets and decent stats. The legs you can get a comfy +400 LoH which procs with Blizzard and Meteor.

It looks to me as if you are mostly kiting, yet you have very good armor and resists. I wonder if you might clear faster using spectral blade - healing blades rune which gives 5% lifesteal, perhaps dropping magic missile to do so. You already have damage at distance covered with blizzard/meteor/hydra and blades does a good job vs trash mobs and the opportunity to heal much quicker than regen.

If you don't like the blackthornes option, another widely used is Innas pants for their IAS, sockets and they can roll upto +100 Int iirc. You will sac a bit of life; but you get a lot back.

Another excellent and cheap combo is 2 nats-set which provides +7 crit. Boots and ring work for me; but there are other viable combinations depending on what you most want to hand on to in your current setup.

I'd also welcome some advice on what to improve next. I can easily obtain 160k dps with forceweapon, sparkfint and glass cannon; however my melee build doesn't survive very well when I do so. The spectral works pretty well to MP3 going toe-to-toe with all but the nastiest elites; but it becomes squishy MP4+.

If you want some fun facerolling MP1/2 with insane speed try Archon. With 90k dps in Act 3, you can pretty much stay in archon form all the time.

Update your bracers. More int. Way more int. Maybe even Strongarm Bracers. Although you will loose some crit.

Check my profile now. I got Zunni's chest and boots. It made possible to move life regen and AR away from my rings. They will be replaced with crit and crit damage rings in the future.

At the moment MP6 is a breeze. One vey important thing to keep in mind for my build is the weapon of my enchantress. The summoned demon is great when kiting.

And I have no problems in MP8 group play. I hardly die.

I'll give the blades a go. You might be right with my amount of resist and armor.

I will look into Archon as well. As it stands though I love kiting. And my MF gear allows me to melt everything in MP2 in seconds as well. But maybe Archon is a little faster. I'll check it out.

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