got message from "GM", dont know if its real

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the message is from whisper

[blizzard01] whispers: [Blizzard Game Master]GM: Hello dear players, the system checked out that you're using and unapproved third party software, please visit HTTP://GM-BATTLE.NET to verify your account information. Otherwise, we will suspend your account.

i recieve it just today, and i actually went to that website, it show exactly like the battle net login page. I tried to login but it say fail.
i m afraid its fake, so that i immediatly change my password. Just want to make sure if something wrong.

plz reply asap.....thz
It's not real, never go to a site like that.

The only place Blizzard will ever ask to you log into (if they even ask that) is, no where else. Also Blizzard will just ban you and send an email if they think you're cheating.

Never give out your password, never visit shady links like that.

Change your password and get an authenticator if possible
You fell for a phishing message. You are going to want to scan your computer for malware as well. Sites like that not only steal the information you type in, they put nasty things on your computer to steal your passwords and other information.
Blizzard NEVER asks for your logging info EVER. They already have it, and dont need it. Its advertised in all their games also.
I receive the same message...and i go to this site,i try to login and it dosn't work so i thought it was a scam so i immediately change my password like 4 time and change my email after i do a scan of my computer. so my question is i am safe or they can scam me with my old password and email?
I would never count on being safe. However, if your PC is clean and you changed the password and email then you might be ok. It depends on how good of a scan you did and what you scanned with.
Yeah it's fake. Good job changing your password asap, may have saved your gear.
i also the same this massage i just change it my password ...donno is real or wht ...
I just got the same message. Suspecting phishing immediately, did a search through Google for the supposed site, and found this. Went back into game and reported for spam and inappropriate player tag (Blizzard01... seems inappropriate to me, but not for the normal reasons).
Be warned: it is *very* easy to make a website that *looks* like an existing website. All they do is copy the code + images to get their base. Then, they add some code to save entered user/pass to a database, and now they have it.

Then they can try it on Bliz site to see if it works.

It should also be noted that they are liable to try other accounts too. So if you use the same login info on other sites... time to change your passwords.
yeah i just got the same msg freakin bastards tryna scam .....
Report them in game using the right click report spam option (there is no scam option so they ask us to use that for gold sellers, scammers, spammers, etc) and then you can follow up and report them for hacks/cheats/scams using the info here in this post :)
I reported him....Took a screenshot of the message he sent me to and put it in the ticket...Hopefully he gets banned
It should also be noted that they are liable to try other accounts too. So if you use the same login info on other sites... time to change your passwords.

there is no doubt they will.
its a known fact that sites like these are not phishing for just some game account. that would be silly. they try a the information they find on many sites (email, banks, etc.) and see if someone was stupid enough to make the info the same. depending on what they find they can sell the information for different prices. then you wake up one day and not only is your game been hacked but maybe your identity!

never make the mistake of making your game info the same as anything related to real world stuff. set up a separate email just for it and a separate password. if it ever gets hacked no big deal they only get your game info and possibly a email not tied to anything else.
i got this just today
i got a message from the gm about useing a plug-in board not shur if its fake but it came in a wisper and i dident got to the sight but im not shur of it
It is fake. They are trying to get you to go to a website that will infect your computer and steal your data. Blizzard will NOT message you in game for violations. They simply ban you and send an email to you.

If you went to the website then please download Malwarebytes, update it, and then boot into safe mode. Run a FULL (not quick) scan with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions. When done, repeat with a decent updated virus scanner. Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender for Win 8) is free and considered decent these days.

To read more about phishing scams see this support article

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