Brosim and Friends MP10 Hellfire Ring Service

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New Holiday Price!

*Due to Blizzard being awesome a bunch of players friends requests got deleted, simply re-send again or post here we'll grab you*

The most geared Infernal Ubers Machine Team n Diablo 3 is available for hire! Come kill Uber Bosses on Monster Level 10 as you receive your guaranteed hellfire ring with probably a crappy roll in 20 minutes.

Group class lineup is the same almostl every time. (Monk, FreezeWizzy, Barb, You). Each player in the group is insanely geared at well over 200k+ DPS and every run has a max haste maxed crit chance freezelock Wizard stunlocking everything so even undegeared players can join in the fun.

The Team




What it takes to participate: 3 portals and 3 million gold. Thats right peeps for only 3mil and 3 portals you can receive a brand new guaranteed hellfire ring drop wrapped around your finger in under 20 mins..No more wasting portals on low MP levels!

Originally up until today this has been a totally 100% free service, however, due to an impossible amount of requests surging in every day we had to start charging because there was not enough minutes in the day to keep up with the demands and we ended up with over 100 people waiting for their turn.

If you're interested send a Friends Request to Enxius#1327 and in the title description put 'I have 3 million gold and 3 portals.' Come and do Ubers with the some of the best Monks on Diablo 3!
Limited Supply of Machines are available for sale for players who dont have all 3 portals. 3m extra should we provide all 3 portals. Simply state '6 mil no portals'.

Did I mention we have the #1 Monk in the World Brosim according to D3progress in our team!!? =)
choochoo express sounds gay as aids.
pish, you see my Monk, I'm crushing MP0!

did they really need gold for kill ubber bosses for others!! i do it for free for all my list for fun only and free ring :))
We've been a free service since the Hellfire rings came out, but after getting 20 friends pending requests per day, for 2 weeks straight, we dont realy have a choice but to charge people.

We are not charging to make gold. We are charging to limit the number of requests. I dont like charging but I have given it a lot of thought and theres no other alternative. If you feel 6 mill is too much to pay for playing with some gg people and on mp10 and a garenteed hellfire ring in less than 20 minutes..Don't pay. Simple as that.
more like..... douchebag express. not worth any1's 6mil. and whoever pays 6mil to make a ring you cant even sell and the chances of its stats becoming actually good are extremely low is verrryyyy verrryyyy......... you know
Wow, epic fail post. You're " rich" in D3, congrats, perhaps on your résumé you can list that under your accomplishments. Unfortunately, nobody will give a @"&$.
I didnt mean to offend people who think 6 mil is asking too much, we arent doing this for gold. The fee is to limit the traffic because there is too much.

If you cant understand that then thanks for the bumps!
If you are getting to many requests why are you posting at all?
The requests never stop coming unless I changed the rules, and charge. I have a capped friends list from people wanting portal runs and I havent bumped my old thread in a week.
11/04/2012 06:34 PMPosted by JRDIIORIO
If you are getting to many requests why are you posting at all?


PS. you can just ignore requests if there are too many ;)
Still dont get why gold? You can just ignore them poor souls
11/04/2012 07:20 PMPosted by jon
Still dont get why gold? You can just ignore them poor souls

speaking as someone who also sells runs.
do you know how good the money is?
because ooo boyoyoy is it good.

honestly if they're having trouble selling MP10's they should just split up.
if you guys are seriously bringing 2-3 people to carry 1 leech on MP10, that would explain why you are getting through customers so slowly.

it's fairly standard on d2jsp now for a single player to carry multiple leechers on MP10 solo.
if you guys did that you'd get through your customers so much faster.
Lol sure
and the rich get ................................................................
Nice .... Free bump :D
I help enxius out as well when needed...
Its always a super fast efficient team.

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