Brosim and Friends MP10 Hellfire Ring Service

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I did this.... I know, I know.... pay for the ring.. ( and it SUCKED HARD)

But the experience was awesome!! the ubers went down fast.... even when one disconected (computer failure, he came back). was fast and overall an outstanding experience!!!

Thank you guys
Thanks Jynx. Had fun with you too =)
damn 6mil for a crappy hellfire ring? count me out haha
But if you did run after run of Uber MP5 and still didnt get drops for the ring... even a crappy one, it was kinda worth my money for the time
Most people im finding just want a hellfire ring. For 35% exp boost 180dex minimum and other random possibly epic bonus stats. Would I pay 6 mil for a ring? since I already have a hellfire ring, No. Im not most people though..

MOST people cant do mp10 they have to use up their portals on mp6 and since its not guaranteed for them it is worth it for them to use their 3 portals and 6 million on a sure hellfire ring drop.

But you noobs who are qq'ing and crying about our service and the 6 mil you wont understand that you were born to whine and moan on forums. So keep bumping my post! Thanks

MOST people cant do mp10 they have to use up their portals on mp6 and since its not guaranteed for them it is worth it for them to use their 3 portals and 6 million on a sure hellfire ring drop.

this is why it worked well for me... thanks again
<---- did not read thread...

i had fun looking at the profiles though broism is !@#$ing awesome!
Wish I had the money for this(broke as a joke after multiple upgrades lately). I'm now 0/5 on the damn Eye, all on MP6(one on MP7).
Off topic but are you suppose to get 5 nv stacks before doing the bosses? Free bump!
I don't know why there are people that complain just cause you charge 6M... You have a service that someone is willing to pay for. Who cares if you're getting rich, to those individuals that used the service, it was worth it to them. Gotta love the people that B&M on something that's completely optional and has very little if no effect on their gaming experience what so ever.

PS. free bump.
Seriously I do not understand why so much hate? With inflation and the price of gold these days.. What can you buy with 6mil? What is 6mil? Honestly, I did help out whenever I could for my buddy Enxius sometimes and wasn't aware of this new changes. I guess this implementation is not profit driven but rather to compensate us alittle for our time and motivate us to continue to serve more ppl.. Think abit it if each of us get 2mil out of this (3 fighters).. what can we do with the 2mil? For the same amount of time, we can easily earn more then 2mil from farming.. Yes we do benefit from the parts but come on, demand is not the problem now.. but rather supply is "our time".

Mp10, Guarantee ring within 20mins for your precious portals. What's the big deal?
Leave the guys alone, I think its fair that they charge 6m and all you have to do is stand around, you don't have to lift a finger and you are guaranteed a ring.

The point is they were doing it for free, but then you had every Tom, Richard and Harry getting in line to get their guaranteed ring.. Some people are lazy, why chance MP4-5 solo when they can get someone to do MP10 and guarantee a win? All I have to do is keep farming keys for portals and wait till I roll a good Hellfire... You guys see the conflict that is happening here?

For those that can solo MP7-8, more power to you, they are providing a service.. no big deal

and 6m is not really that hard to make..

GL to you bunch !! ^^
So much hate in this thread.

They are insanely geared group, who will carry a person on MP10, for 6mil gold. Good deal to someone just starting out and a possibility of getting a BiS ring to help them level paragons.

Stop hating on these guys, the service they are providing is good, and they could charge more...
Love you strangers who realize how we are aiming to be fair thanks for the positive feedback. =) 2mil is all I make per run after the split so thats really not a lot to me.
Seems really quite generous of you guys to do this at all. I agree that doing the machine is very fun, and for those hating and criticizing, charging 6 mill isnt all that much for a 35% exp bonus (think about how much leoric's signet is on AH). I already have my ring, always would like to make more to try and get better rolls but what these guys do seems very fair. I like what jynx said. I dont want a ring, but would love to play with you guys just to experience seeing your absurd monks go to work. Cant imagine getting my monk up there...

Audi makes great point, 2 mill to you guys, is nothing...look at my monk...2 mill to me is nothing...cant really do anything to improve with a few mill...

Highly doubt they are doing it for the money. In all likelihood you can get way more money from getting drops at MP10.

Very impressive and very generous. Though just personally - it was a lot more satisfying getting the ring on my own (yes it did take time), but then again I like personal accomplishment and in the end...just a game everyone.
fuk the Hell fire ring it's Not worth anyway ,,,,and 6 mills ? ... , just couple hours farming ,,,not that much ,and no one can't upgrade with 6 mills so fair price . I'd pay 6 mills just only to play with with Top10 geared monks, just for the feeling .
Yeah Charles, I know the feeling. I tried to get to their level but you need a lot of gold once you hit a certain point. I got up to 205k unbuffed and stopped upgrading cause could do the content fine with what I have. I've rolled 30 hellfire rings and none are really that great but it is nice for leveling. Glad to see monks offering this service but its the wizard who you really have to thank. I've done the same setup on mp10, perma freeze wizard makes the fights a complete joke. Only fight you even have to really move around on is the skeleton king fight to avoid arcane sentries and that little walk he does that the wizard can't always freeze.

But, was nice to come here just to see some of the top geared people. Good job on your runs guys. I've helped alot of people do rings and I can understand why you charge. It takes away from leveling and time for you to do our own farming. I usually only go on runs now if someone asks and they provide the machines cause I don't even like farming keys anymore.
Haters gonna hate as always :P

I'd be up for giving 6mil just to run with you guy's for a 1/2 hr of fun. I've already rolled about 7 rings but hell, still would be fun even tho I have a perma freeze wizard friend that we can tank out MP10 as well.

6mil is a drop in the bucket now anyways. 1.03 different story.

Free bump for the D3 gods :)
bump again cuz you seem like a cool dude :)
someday i'd like to help do uber runs as well... not quite there yet though, free bump!

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