Brosim and Friends MP10 Hellfire Ring Service

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Enxius, I sent you a request for administrative purposes. Check it out ;)
6 million! But I got my run for free... oh wait my roommate happens to be among the top ten DHs in N.America lol carry on!
11/20/2012 09:53 PMPosted by LordRaahl
Enxius, I sent you a request for administrative purposes. Check it out ;)

This is a true honor indeed being inducted into your sticky-thread. Anyone who has not done so I highly recommend checking out LordRaahl's sticky post atop the Monk Forums.

+1 Extremely Entertaining!
There are plenty of people who will do this for free as well. Maybe not as quickly or efficiently as this uber group, but if you're short on cash ...
ya, for 6mill, you can buy 6 IM from me and I mp9 carry you for free. guess you can get more than 3 organs? lol
got 12 IM but not enough gold :'(
If you can find a free mp10 run go ahead :) If you wanna brush shoulders with Brosim among other holy @#%! geared monks this is the place to be!

status: Online
WTf hwo do you do over 520k damage. Ballin'
i want to farm fast got 1 infernal machine. i can pay. add me now and whisper me that you can do mp 10 with 100 % guarantee drop each uber bosses . add me now i got 3 hours left to play . DEATHISME#6969 . (reply fast if you want)
can u add me? incrept#6153
accepted invite sent
15min runs tonight, bump :)
The Best AGAIN!!!
I have 6 million gold and 3 portals!
11/25/2012 04:37 AMPosted by wapow
The Best AGAIN!!!

No Wapow. YOU are the best <3!
Enxius, what time are you guys usually online?

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