Getting Error 73

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I was doing fine in game...i get this error while im doing some trade in SC then switch to HC then got error cant start the i log out and i got this message while i m trying to log in..
i found out i can log in with my friends email but i cant log in with my own email!!

Could you try what's described in the following article please?
im still having the same error after delete the battlenet cache folder

Is the friend's account you're able to use also in the SEA region? We've had recent issues with the region but I believe they were sorted out mostly last week. I've issued a reset on your account anyway as it's been fixing issues like this. Give it another try please.
yea..fixed.. thx.. able to log in now.. =)
I'm having the exact same issue. Followed the steps in the link and still error 73.
Same here. Deleted the folder and I'm still getting the error.
Same here, cannot log in, already deleted the folder
me too :( Same issue - deleted the folder already.
Also getting this issue, have followed steps in the article with no joy. just want to log in D:
Same issue!! deleted folder and still not working. what is going on??
Yep Error 73......
Same problem :(
I am also getting this error. I was in the game menu looking at character and I alt tabbed to log into the forums when I went back I had been DC'd. Hopefully this provides some insight?
Help! I am getting Error 73!
Blizzard is trolling.
Same here. Deleted the folder and I'm still getting the error
Same error,already deleted the folder but still cant login.
Deleted cache as well, also still getting error. Sup, blizz?

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