Follower items are absolutely useless...

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useless and boring I should say. If I have a full pack of rares, and another 3 drops first of all I will throw away all those follower crap I have and then pick up those 3 on the ground. I haven't changed a single follower item since 1.0.3 patch came out. Blizzard u should think of improving them so they will be more valuable both for players and followers.

Consider this topic as a suggestion for 1.0.6

hope it reads ok, sorry for my mistakes if I have some in this text (not a native speaker as you can see =) ), tried to correct everything I could.

we are speaking about follower-special items here: relics, tokens and Enchantress focus.
You can gear then to add a tiny bit of MF...somewhat useful.
Mine is pretty neat, when I have my chantress decked out in not-horrible gear she gets around 15k dps.

Although I wouldn't complain if they changed them and I still wish we could use them to some extent when playing with others.
I think about your topic a lot.
Sometimes I go to the AH to see what these things are worth, but I never end up bothering to put them up.

Some players are asking millions for these things. Question is... do they sell?
No way. Sell their unique items. I sell those all the time for 500K-900K gold.

I don't know who is buying these but it definitely helps me out.

Wow.... really?

I throw these things away by the truck load.

Your saying they can be hot?
I don't buy these but I am trying to find perfect rolled follower items. They need high main stat/vit, Templar needs LOH, AR, Block %, Scoundrel needs max CD, same with Enchantress.
A good roll on a follower item is very rare, but they are useful, if you value your followers. I find that an improvement to my templar is ever harder to find, but anything that makes him survive better means he'll still be there for assistive heals and stuns when I want them.

That said, there is little variance in what would be considered a good follower item, but their ability to use weapons and jewelry is a bit more diverse and interesting. Could be better, but followers have never really been the focus.
Followers are absolutely useless.
11/07/2012 06:59 AMPosted by Scourge
Followers are absolutely useless.

Yes, considering when you go up against the boss at the end, they basically desert you after all you had been through together....the little bonetrap prison should wear off after a few minutes at the most, yes?

But no they just give up and tell you to go on without them...
Followers are useless for damage. I had my scoundrel up to 22k at one point using spare gear from the stash. Found it to be pretty irrelevent in Inferno.
That being said, they make great utility additions. Not just for the little extra MF you can get from them.

I personally run my Scoundrel with a "Freeze/Pierce" setup. Combined with the triple-shot skill he has, it helps alot. Triple-shot fires off 3 arrows at a time. Good pierce sends each of those arrows through a good percentage of crowds. Good freeze stops them in their tracks.

Very helpful. Take a look at my Scoundrel if you want.

And yes, I've sold quite a few follower items for decent coin.
Followers benefit from a stat gain factor of 2.5 for all prime stats, so getting a good Relic can significantly boost your companion's survivability and damage output. You can still find upgrades, I just chanced upon a very nice Chalice for my Templar yesterday (it's a pity I don't currently use him).

Still, I agree that the most important reason people chose to use Followers for is severely neglected when it comes to Relics. Having those items roll MF/GF/Exp would tremendously boost their utilization.
I am fine with the state if follower item. I geared my Enchantress for less than 1m, and have sold several items only good for followers on several occasions. The 20+ MF I get from her is defiantly appreciated.
Follower items with a main stat > 200, vit, AR, and some other utility are highly sought after. I've sold a few for 10 million and more for 1m+.

I think most have gone the route of using their followers for utility, though. Most seem to pump their followers full of MF gear.

I use to run with my enchantress and she's still geared towards MF. In higher MP levels, I've gone to using my scoundrel. I've given him a good Buriza and pumped him full of ATS. You'd be surprised how much easier higher MP is when half the mobs are frozen (phasebeasts are a joke when they're frozen in place).
The Follower-Special items should have +Skill affixes on them to boost one of the 12 skills they can learn. This would actually justify having items specifically for the followers.
11/07/2012 08:58 AMPosted by TonyS1X
The Follower-Special items should have +Skill affixes on them to boost one of the 12 skills they can learn. This would actually justify having items specifically for the followers.

^ this is exactly what I had in mind

+ it will also add a great value for these items
follower give a boost + wear up to 25++ % MF items or even leoric + hellfire
so this topic is absolutely a troll :)
Templar gives me 27% MF

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