Follower items are absolutely useless...

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I was personally just thinking along similar lines to the OP while theorizing interesting setups for my Enchantress. Personally I like using Maximus(and have been searching for a 4-5% blind/freeze/stun with loh) and then band of hollow whispers/bul-kathos wedding band/hellfire ring, not necessarily because they're useful, but it feels more interesting. And then I realized, there's no legendary follower items.

I think first and foremost, crowd control procs should be added to follower items, allowing you to get 4-5% on your amulet, 2handed weapon, and follower item might make for some unique variety and effectiveness. Also, in terms of Legendary follower items, simple things like wiz spike/storm crow/hellfire ring procs or other such effects to allow buffing/crowd control(burning axe of sankis - ignore pain, etc).

I agree with previous posts an interesting gem effect would be welcomed. I'm also one for allowing followers into group play. Way I see it is while we normally have a follower with us soloing(even if dps is negligable) with a flat increase to mob hp in parties, we could very well be less effective in a party because of the lack of followers while dealing with the same mob hp.

I'm also curious as to why with all of effort made towards 0 permenance gameplay the followers can't be respecced? Would gladly be corrected if I'm wrong on this one ;]

Mimicking certain player abilities.
At near full potency.
Overall Followers and their items need a buff. They need to be more useful, more powerful and feel like a team mate, rather than a door plug that you use to keep monsters in the other room.

Mine is wearing a poorly crafted Hellfire ring I made, it would be great if that giant fire ball actually did some damage, rather it blazing through a pack of monsters and doing not much damage at all.
Let them wear a full set of gear.
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Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

+% chance to cast relics

DEF: +x% chance to cast Frost Nova when struck,
OFF: +x% chance to cast Disintegrate-Chaos Nexus upon striking

DEF: +x% chance to cast Vault when struck,
OFF: +x% chance to cast Cluster Arrow-Dazzling arrow upon striking

DEF: +x% chance to cast Serenity when successfully block,
OFF: +x% chance to cast Wave of Light-Blinding Light upon striking
11/07/2012 07:15 PMPosted by Raserei
Followers in multiplayer games!

Would be interesting if Blizzard allowed this in one "test" patch to see the result.

Not supporting this, but would still be interesting.
Lots of great ideas in this thread. Just make them more than a mobile stat stick.
For example remove nerf of magic find/xp gaining stats from your follower. This is first step. Add them special legendaries, few types with specific aura/spell which really help you.

For example:
Special legendaries for enchantress:

Legendary of damage
Vitality 100-200
Intelligence 100-200
Crit hit chance increased by 30 %
Crit hit damage increased by 70-100 %
Enchantress missiles cause aoe damage in 4 yards.

Legendary of crowd control
Vitality 100-200
Intelligence 100-200
30-50 % chance to cast meteor with 50 % of her weapon damage and cause 0,5 second ministun in 6 yards aoe. (dont know radius of meteor)

Legendary of single target damage
100-200 intelligence
100-200 vitality
30 % chance to critical hit
200 % critical hit damage
20-40 % chance to cast double-shot.

And much much more
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

Hmm Follower's skill bonus maybe? Increase Kormac's heal by 15-25% or reduce Lyndon's blinding powder cooldown by 2-8 secs for example.

Or, a special affix that lets your follower acquire a % of one of your stats, for e.g.:

-Gain 25% of your Dex
-Gain 100% of your thorns damage
-Gain 100% of your life regeneration

etc etc.
inventory and gears for followers. Just like D2 LOD!
love some of the ideas here. really like the idea of a shared set between followers and players. maybe have a ring or ammy that ether can ware, a follower specific item and a class specific item. also like the idea of special skills granted by gear, and getting more stats like movement or main stats from your follower. just like mf and gf. think if they let us fully gear them they might become op, and all 3 at one time might be the same. 2 seems like it would be easyer to ballance, but not if they also give players more stats. so if i could pic from one of these two it would be the stats.
Give them gold pickup radius.

No really.
imo followers system as a whole is pretty... useless
You people are idiots, the idea of a follower is fun. When bored I put a cluckeye on scoundrel with max attack speed rings and neck. All day long you get to watch chicken meet their doom.
Check the one on my WD's scoundrel. Those go for millions.
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What would be cool is if you stripped the stats off of the relics and instead gave them cool abilities or procs like a chance for the enchantress to do a room clearing AOE pulse like a wizard or for the templar to get a paladin-ish aura, something along that so the relics become more about customizing your favorite follower to compliment your build in fun ways instead of just boring follower only stat sticks.

Just an Idea.
Simply put, Critical Hit Chance. Like 20% top end roll for follower special items.
Having them grant changes or replacements for their limited skills would be cool.

That, or adding procs to them, be it offensive or defensive, since they have very few item slots they can use for gear.

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