Need advice for WD's gear hitting 100dps

Witch Doctor
Hi WD masters

Need expert advise on this. My objective is to hit 100dps. I understand dps is not really the only factor in accomplish D3 but i would like to minimise this thread discussion to just the topic above.

Questions. What would be the next TWO items/gems recommended to replace with the highest dps incremental value and WHAT would be the recommended item/gems with the following conditions:

1) priority on the reasonably low cost item. Ie. witching hour and zuni marrow are good but beyond me at this point.
2) your experience on why these were recommended.
3) any other comments.

I have been trying to mix and match various items and currently this is the highest dps configuration I could muster with reasonable survivabity and no luck on hitting higher than this.

I need high dps with a view to go urban challenge and above mp7 game config with a group of friends with above 100dps.

Thanks guys !
Your itemization closely resembles mine--I can give you my item pathing if you provide me with your budget.
SOJ won't increase your DPS sheet but this can be BiS depending on your build.

also you have to upgrade first your boot and off hand which are really bads.

But indeed what is your budget ? You won't break 100k dps without destroying your survability if you have a too low budget, its better to keep 400+AR and 3.5k/4k armor
Mojo - damage is too low. You can find a cheap mojo within the range of 80-300+ + intell + abv 8 cc easily. It might be a little more exp with mana regen and vit.

Rings - buy 2 rare rings with Int + vit + at least 3 cc and 25 cd.

Boots - Yours has to go. No main stats. Find a rare with high int + vit + ms.

Gloves - get a rare cheap budget glove with 7% cc and 30% CD + int and vit.

I think these few should be enuff for you to hit 100k dps.

For other items, you may like to look at vile ward shoulders, inna pants, a cheap black weapon 800+ dps with base CD and socket etc.

Good luck and have fun.
I think you probably hit 100 dps around level 30 so you should be good to go :).
Same here, I'm having trouble breaking that 100k dps barrier while trying to sustain a good amount of armor and resist. I have dps gear that goes up to 94k but that'll make me a glass cannon.
What I have now can farm up to MP3 without much trouble.
Any advice for my part that can switch out with a minimal budget so I can progress to higher MP?
You need alot more int. Those boots have int on them if you look. You want the blackthorn's pants too. Vile Ward is a vastly superior piece of shoulders. Your weapon is too low dps. You need a lot more CC and CD.

You are not close to 100k. You will need to drop a good amount of gold to be so.
As much Int on pieces as you can afford, 7+ crit chance and 60+ crit dmg necklace with as high avg dmg and int as you can afford. Rings with Crit chance/crit dmg preferably w/avg dmg(if you go with a pox you'll have to just settle for crit dmg if you're on a budget), pickup a thing of the deep. Gloves with as high int/crit chance/crit dmg as you can afford. You basically have to get crit chance and/or crit dmg in each slot its available.
11/13/2012 04:49 AMPosted by SilentMike69
I think you probably hit 100 dps around level 30 so you should be good to go :).

LOL. I think I hit 100dps when I was like level 15-20. I can't remember that far back though.
Your focus on %PoisonDarts is in my opinion not the way to go at this point in time, and the reason for that is because your base DPS is just way too low. I think you need to upgrade your base damage by a lot first, that being your Weapon DPS and Mojo Damage.

If you really like PDarts then you can stack a good amount of iAS without worrying about mana, and you can keep Bears for some AOE burst, or change it to something else (Acid Cloud?).

So yeah my suggestions: Weapon DPS, Mojo Damage should be priority, and your gloves are in serious need of an upgrade. If you're going low Int on gloves then it should be for some serious crit chance + crit damage + attack speed, remember, Gloves can go up to 300 Int.

11/13/2012 05:34 AMPosted by ofgortens
I think you probably hit 100 dps around level 30 so you should be good to go :).

LOL. I think I hit 100dps when I was like level 15-20. I can't remember that far back though.

It's easy to see what he means though,so !@#$ like this isn't even worth the time it takes to type it. Gl in the future, though.
my advice looking from your gear is to get more int/vit on your stuff, and pick up a manajumas SET with a socket in the weapon for insane mana regen.

***your rings need upgrading. you need int/vit on them. or +life.***
***ammy needs an upgrade. int/vit+socket***
you have lots of crit but it does you no good since your int is only 1750 all around.(this is really what its about. you need to boost your int really badly)
buy a WD knife that has +int on it. 200 is cheap and easy to find.
find shoulders with over 100 int/vit on them
your gems look great and im sure you will upgrade them as you game on.

i also advice on skipping increased attack speed items since all attack speed does is make you hit faster and not harder. with my manajuma's set i was at 85k dps unbuffed, i moved to skorn and was at 120 with IAS stuff, such as andy's helm and tal rasha's chest and more. i removed it to be at 100k unbuffed with a crappy hellfire ring more when i run ubers.
Wow ! Thanks a lot fellow masters WD out there ! That was indeed a great insight and advice. I tried shuffle older stuff from my backpack and I managed to uncover 30k extra of dps on my original 38k. So now total is 68k.

Next, i would do some bidding on the right items and hopefully should be hitting 100k dps soon.

Thanks a million guys ! D3 is so much fun to play with this community around.

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