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Guys, I'm a bit lost. On paper my stats "look" good (or so I think, compared to a few profiles I looked at), but I'm still taking a LOT of time to put down elites with MP2. With SS it's quite fast, but when in cool down it takes a long time, and because of that on MP3 or higher I get KO too much to farm efficiently.

Should I think about saving for a Manticore or should spend my hard earned gold coins somewhere else? And if so, where?
Id focus on getting crit chance on your amulet and rings. Try to get your crit chance to 50% then you can lose sharpshooter as a passive. A manticore isnt needed, if you can find a good rare with base crit dmg and a socket you will be fine. Because of your low crit chance, I suggest farming MP1, you will kill 1/3 or 1/2 "MORE" the elites you would as if you were in mp2. It's all about getting through trash as quickly as possible, if you can 1-2 shot trash, that is what you want.
I believe you answered your own question in the problem you are facing...... You aren't doing enough damage with SS regenerating CC.

Changing to a 2sck manticore running 1300 DPS and 100base CD and 2 100% CD gems in it will still have you in the exact problem you are in currently although your dps will show even more over-inflated with all the extra CD but no CC.

Unless I read your profile wrong... I see a total of 10% CC. 9% on quiver and 1% on Inna pants.

That is your issue is you aren't critting often. And once you crit with a 2h xbow which are slow you end up maybe with 2 shots that crit and then it resets back to 10% and gains the 3% CC every second. If your average to crit is at say 40% that means you have to make up 30% CC with SS and your base 10 CC to get to the 40% CC. That means you take upwards of 10 seconds between each crit.

Your gear needs CC. CC should be manditory on all gear that can have it unless there is some strange reason not to. RINGS/AMULET/GLOVES/BRACERS/QUIVER need CC. Strongarm bracers with 4.5% CC are cheap and rares with 4.5%-6% are just about as cheap now a days.

Your gloves, amulet and one of your rings are single DPS benefit affixed items. YOu have ASI/CD on one ring which is OK if you want to sacrifice the CC on that ring but the other items really need it. Including your bracers.

I bet if you spec it out ... you are better off getting a ANDY's 9% ASI helm with ASI/CC on it over that nat helm. You will lose the +130 dex bonus but will make up for it with 9% ASI and 4.5% CC. Those andy helms are super cheap now unless you want open socket or very low fire damage.

Get your CC up into the 35% rangeat least. you will see your DPS grow just from that and reduce the need for SS and able to use other skill(s) there.

Once you get your CC up then you can look at what weapon to change out to. Moving to another weapon from a 1400 dps weapon without any CD will look like you are going to probably lose DPS unless you go with decent manti dual-socket as you are inquiring about. However that is not the solution to your problems at this point IMO.
Agree with the input above. Crit rate is much more useful in boosting your damage than ASI. And while your bow dps is nice, you might have even better damage output getting one with a lower dps number but with Crit dmg on the bow and a socket.

I don't see the point in manticores, except on Scoundrel. For the same amount of money, you can get an excellent rare bow with better stats.
Thanx guys, this will help a LOT! As you see, I have been directing my gear towards dex and AS, but totally neglected CC, but I'll try to correct that from now on.
you can suffer some DEX for CC. If you like the speed in which you shoot I'd try and maintain the AS you have as well. dual-fecta gear of CC/CD or CC/ASI isn't too expensive unless you are going for MAX CC on that item. usually you can got 1% lower than max roll and prices are pretty reasonable.

if you look at my profile you will see I show 43% CC and 65% ASI the CC is actually higher as I get the 10% CC bonus from ARCH and most of the time with the gear I use I'm over 60% CC Total. You will also notice my DEX is about 350 lower than yours yet I'm running 190k dps no SS. 1/2 the time I don't run steady aim either which drops me down to about the 164-165k range because I run perfectionist and going in more melee style against monsters the SA isn't doing me much good. I typically run this higher DPS build against ubers in higher MP levels where I do keep some distance between myself and them allowing the SteadyAim to work for me in my favor.
What a difference!
I switched my Nat's Sight for an Andariel's Visage with just 4.5% CC but also with 8% AS and only 152 dex and at least at MP2 I'm considerably faster to clear down elites. Thanks a bunch for the tips!

And as luck would have it, a mob dropped a Manticore (711-1065 damage, 251 dex, one socket, 95% CHD and 10% AS), but with those stats I'm guessing I'm better off selling it. What do you think?
Ok One rule of Thumb... Please remove Sharp Shooter when upgrading your gear.

The improvements you see when SS is active is based on the illusioned fact that u have 100% CHC .

Therefore get gear which pumps up those CHC to around 35% w/o SS and CHD to minimum 350%. there you will see the real damage happening.

Simple as that
Though my profile hasn't been updated, I also got a Warrior's Asylum bracers, that though have 0 dex, gave me 6% CHC, so without SS I'm doing almost 125k DPS (with SS it goes to 242k). I just tried farming AIII with MP3 and though I'm doing quite better (faster) then i was before, it still is a bit challenging when I get to tougher mobs.

What would you guys say to be a DPS value without SS? I "think" I can pump it up to 135k if I get around 10Mil gold, but above that I think it would demand some very serious coin that I can't see how to earn. The idea, like somebody suggested above, would be once I get my base DPS to a good level to turn off SS and use some other power instead.

And out of curiosity, what would be considered as good, great and awesome DPS for a DH?

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