Rate the monk above you !!!

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from 1 to 10 and next upgrade !!!!

I know my armor and belt sucks !

I'd give you a 6/10. Your DPS is pretty good, but it doesn't look like you have any real life sustainability (e.g. more LoH/LS/regen,etc).

And yeah, start with the belt. That should be an easy one to upgrade.

For anyone rating me, my monk is at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/hmyuah-1890/hero/14928572


your bracers, i think you could find an easy rare upgrade with more CC, also your Vile Wards, a better one with double resist or vit or life% instead of the gold find.

Thanks. I actually have a pair of strong arm bracers with CC and AR but was doing gold/exp runs on MP1 (also why I had the fleet footed passive). I also have a ring with CC and AR in place of my Hellfire.

I agree on the vile wards, but the good ones are really pricey :)

Ranking other monks is tough, I will give you 9/10, definitely top tier. I would say Vile Ward, lose the pickup radius for more stats elsewhere, but I'm guessing you consciously wanted one piece with pickup radius?

Oh, whoever ranks my profile is going to be like, wtf??? It's all whacky. I have a Skorn with 4.5% LS that puts my DPS at 144k (with the current profile). I actually just upgraded to a Nat's set yesterday which puts my DPS at 155k, HP at 33.5K, more armor than I have on my profile and and more all resistance than is showing on my profile. Sorry for complication.
lolol yea, sorry, edited my post

Yep i love pick up radius, excelent for life sustain (health globs), couldnt find Vile wards with more dex, double res and pickup radius :(

This thread will never deliver because you guys started stroking each other's e-peens in replies. It will forever linger in the dead space of past forum posts and never know what it is to be a multi-page thread. I hope you're happy with what you've done.

Your item is awesome!

7/10 upgrade your chest piece next.
@Tarzan ...

Speechless when i see ur armor .. all end game item .. I just cannot reach ur dps .. Great!

I think you can drop some of your vit gems and go with more dex, once you up your dps past maybe 60k with innas pants the LS should work fine but then theres the problem with your resists, you can probably upgrade your rings to have some res on them. The average damage on those are nice though, try to get IAS in them so you can sustain better with your LS.

7/10 nice gear, with great emphasis on resistances, but i believe you can lower your AR a bit and make room for more DPS. An upgrade for the ammy would be great i would personally recommend ave damage, dexterity, CC, CD, with armor. it will increase your dps exponentially, i would also suggest a belt upgrade, innas is currently very cheap in the market, if you have enough gold go for witching hour.

I am personally in the process of decreasing resistances and shifting over to AR so i can drop the OWE and make room for combination strike.

8/10, many "famous" items indeed :) your bracer is probably the weakest link right now. strongarm or lacuna might bring a little more special attributes. at the same time you want more HP for better digestion of those spiked burst damages.

All in all once the bracer is done it'll just be a matter of upgrading weapons to higher base weapon damage eventually.
Man, you guys have some awesome numbers. I just hit 70k and was starting to feel good about myself. :P

I'd suggest that WTFWJD drop the MF gem and add +EXP or +Life, but really that's a minor nit at best and you are probably set as is. I like how you've made the slower weapon work.

For whoever looks at me, Yuri is the monk that I'm playing. My son plays the other, neglected one. :)
@Tarzan ...

Speechless when i see ur armor .. all end game item .. I just cannot reach ur dps .. Great!

so 8/10? 9/10? 10/10?!?! :P

@domino - 6/10 - more crit damage and crit chance. defenses look solid.
9/10 easy Tarzan. All I can say is squeeze out a little more resists maybe.
I think I logged out with my 40mf amulet on. Dps one has like 48 CD and 6 CC on it or something. I had 30 million when I hit 60 and dumped it on this gear. I tried to get a lot of magic find so I could get more drops to get more money for upgrades. Am I at the point were I should drop big amounts on single pieces for more of a last upgrade before godly items? Or am I still able to upgrade everything a lot for maybe another 100 million as opposed to spending 100 on one or two pieces. With the money I have left in probably at a stand still for now though. Am I to critical damage heavy?

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