WTS High Quality Mace 200M


200M is negotiable. Post your offers here!
Try finding a similar one in ah :) If you don't want it, it's fine. I don't appreciate people telling me that im out of my mind
200 MIL?

You are out of your mind, sir.

Gotta agree ... I'm in the market for a new weapon I thought I was going to see something good here. OP if someone offers you 50m you should pounce.
Well someone just offered me 100M so i think your argument is invalid to some extent. As i said 200 mil is negotiable :)
search echoing fury with 100 str, 80 crit damage, socket.

I'm just posting it here for players who think that it is decent for its price and partly for the LOL'z. Kina bored doing act3 over and over again.

Again, if you don't want it, that's fine :)
As a reference, I found my offhand for 5 million.
nice offhand!
200m for this 523-976 damage weapon ?
take that 100m and run lol
NO leech and 200mill? Am I missing something here?
Not missing anything, this guy has no clue. If you get 25m for it, take it and run. I have a stash with 3 weapons of similar quality that have not sold on the AH and I have had them at 15m. One weapon has 98% crit, socketed, same damage range with Str and Vital, and it has no bids.

Its not worth close to 200 or even negotiable in that range.

Sorry dude.
If you have similar weapons for 15 mil then hit me up. Need some 1 handers for diversity.
Worth 30M tops.
@northern, im shopping for a budget offhand now, has 8M gold. you may have some for sale?

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