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Witch Doctor
Which mp/act/quest I should be farming in? I've played a total of 12h ish in the last 3 to 4 days and find nothing but crap for items.
The key thing here is usually speed over what MP you run.

If you can run A3 MP2 in 30 minutes and A3 MP0 in 15 minutes. It's better to clear MP0 over MP2.

I run MP0 Act3. Roughly 10-15 minutes per run and here is my route.

1) Back track Arreat Core
2) ToTD 1
3) Arreat Core 2
4) Bridge (I run the circle)
5) Keep 2

You can do skycrown & stonefort also.
Agreed. People never take into account the XP bonuses you get for killing 20 or so monsters at once. Over an entire act...those mass kill bonuses add up nicely.
you get any good items to sell doing this? or this just strictly for gaining experience?

Both, the faster you run = more exp & a higher chance for legs to drop.

Majority of my legs come from trash mobs.

Higher MP gives you a better chance, but in return your clearing speed is reduced. Which is not exactly great for exp & farming.

edit: I do anywhere from 4-6 runs per hour and majority of the time atleast 4-8 legs drop for me.
Thanks man! much appreciated! :)

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