Giveaway! Glove 114Dex/58AR/5%IAS/10%CC

Demon Hunter
Pummel Wrath (256 Armor)
+75 Str
+114 Dex
+123 Int
+58 All Res
+5% IAS
+10% Crit Chance

Celebrating a couple of things today, first off, two great drops on levelling runs and then my levelling partner hitting para 100 this morning. We're all moving on to MP5-8 now for item farming so I thought a giveaway was in order to mark the occassion.

This time I will do two dice and open the comp up to more people, since I can't roll 1, my post will count as the first and the next poster will be #2 and so on until we get 12 people.

Remember, only the first 12 posters will be in contention so be quick!

Good luck.
This sounds pretty cool.
Keep the karma good.
I'm in...
I'm in.
Let's try this out ;)
I'm in too?
@Van, you deleted your post, are you entering or not? Right now I'm not counting you unless you confirm.
Me. BTW congrats..Hope you find much more
Congrats on hitting 100.

Don't need the gloves though.
Actually, I respectfully withdraw my entry. I have decent gloves as is and would rather let someone who needs the upgrade get it. Cheers
Am I in 0.0
I'm in if there's a spot left
Am I in contention?
Too late?

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