Giveaway! Glove 114Dex/58AR/5%IAS/10%CC

Demon Hunter
Im in! If I can still be
Roll percentile!

Just kidding...awesome to see your giveaways again. :)
Okay guys, only had 12 spots so a lot of you were a bit late but thanks for all of the kind posts, I do appreciate them. Whoever congratulated me on hitting 100, I didn't, my levelling partner did, I'm about to hit 79 but I was never going for 100 since I don't have the time left before I have to call it a day.

Anyway, dice rolled 7 so ifLaNa#1738 you are today's winner since Van never confirmed if he was in or not.

Thanks for playing guys, now we're farming MP5-8 the drops have already been way better. Scored 4 leg's and a few okay rares in our first few runs so expect to see a lot more comps.

I will certainly be doing a Spirit Stone comp in the next few days, now Leah (My levelling/farming) partner is level 100, it will drive her absolutely insane if I do it in MP8. :D

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