Life Steal bug or problem?? Help

Hey everyone,

I play barb
Now today I got 2 weapons 1hand and wear them I used the whirlwind+sprint build
The probelm is before that I had 2hand weapon and had in stats 12% Life Steal and everything were working like charm will I played when I got the 2weapons 1 hand I had 9% life steal in stats and got 20k more dmg = more dmg more life steal
so where I went to same places I was with the old !@#$ty 2hand I just non stop die..Its was looks like the life steal dont even steal or working

anyone advices or help?
This formula is for inferno

DMG * 0.2 (inferno) * 0.09 (your life steal)

DMG (your previous) * 0.2 (inferno) * 0.12 (your previous life steal)

Don't forget that your are slower with a 2hand weapon. Maybe your have some stats or abilities that are more lifesaving with 2 1hand weapons.
The weapons alternate when you whirl.

If you watch the attacks per second, (if yours are different speeds) and you start to spin, you will notice they alternate.

So, if one weapon is 700 dps and the other is 500, although it adds more paper dps, it might not affect the life steal like you think.

Instead of hitting for a large critical hit (like 300k) with your two hander, your hitting much smaller hits (30-40k maybe?). Life steal works better, not with paper dps, but with larger hits.

Most whirl barbs don't even consider life steal viable until they reach 150k dps on paper. Stick with Life on hit with Whirl Wind until you reach a higher dps. Aim for 1200 Life on hit and you should be okay for now.

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