Perma-Smoke build

Demon Hunter
I've been playing with a bunch of different builds like everyones 2 socket manti + DML, and dual wielding extensively. I wanted to come up with a build that would take advantage of the power of disc regen from Nats legacy and came up with a pretty budget friendly build if you already have Nats legacy. I tended to prefer dual wielding because I shot faster but wasn't faster. With this build i'm at 102k without ss but I find it useful as when I'm vaulting to next elite pack it actually has time to charge. Basically build requirements are Nats legacy, Xepherian (butchered) amulet with max disc, life steal weap so u can drop gloom, hellcat waistguard with max disc, disc on nats shadow, and discipline on DML, and a SOJ ring. I use HA so got a discipline DML with 14pct hungerin arrow as well as SOJ ring with 9pct hungerin for 23pct. Bonus vs elites is at 32pct with Hellcat as i only have a 28pct SOJ. This build is mainly designed for speed runs on lower mp levels but it is soooo much fun to play. Infinite vault and I mean infinite. Spamming smoke screen is no joke, which is why you still need prep, but 100pct invulnerability for the next 3 out of four seconds from when I start lets me sit in my little 10pct crit chance circle and relax. Speed! Best thing is items are cheap if u have a nats legacy! Any thoughts? Please try it out!!
Dude, hit ENTER every now and then. =/

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