Is +52% Damage to Demons worth it?

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I know that a few items give this stat but im not sure how many items do give it.

Sever - 25% Damage to Demons
Tyrael's Might - 15% Damage to Demons
Hierophant's Seal - 12% Damage to Demons
Total = 52% increased dmg to demons

Dual wielding with Skycutter puts it at 63% increased dmg to demons.

3 questions that i have:
Im not sure if having these items on followers affect the final % too so would it be higher?
Are there other items that give % Damage to Demons that aren't listed here?
Finally is "% Damage to Demons" a stat worth getting?

I would like to know some info on this topic as well.
wait.. arnt, they all..... demons?
I'm pretty sure the mobs are not all demons... under their names are the monster types and you can see that some mobs are demon, beast, human, undead, and some more.
If you run through act 3 and see what monsters are demons and what packs are beasts is the best way to see the % of demons. From what I have seen the demons are succubus, golgors, soul rippers, and crawlers. Beasts and Undead make up the rest. The monsters that really are dangerous are all demons and are harder to avoid. I however would not invest heavily in the stat unless you find an item that favors better basic stats over it. The amount of damage you will be doing to demons will scale with how many you encounter in a given act. Say 40% are demons. You then add the damage % of your gear to 40% of the monsters and graph the speed at which your time killing said monster goes up or down depending on what stats you are giving up for increased damage to demons.
In my opinion:

50%ish more damage to demons means if you hit a demon 100 damage, then you will hit a demon 150 damage.

Instead, stacking critical hit damage or chance will increase your damage output to demons (also all types of mobs) more than that.
11/04/2012 06:23 PMPosted by Alex
m not sure if having these items on followers affect the final % too so would it be higher?

And for this question: You can take a look at someone's or your profile of any character, at the bottom of the page, you can see followers of you/someone have, you can check what stats followers have are added to your total there.
Sever and heirophants seal really aren't worth it. You can gain much more DPS on a ring than the bonus% to demons heirophants gives you.
Tyraels are not too bad, and can roll pretty well. The 12%MS and bonus to demons is a nice extra if your not relying on your chest for the set bonus.
Getting a SOJ would probably work the best for anyone. Trash mobs die pretty fast as it is, its the elite/champ packs that take time.

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