[Build] Hybrid C4Proctor (ZD CD reduction)

Witch Doctor
12/07/2012 01:02 AMPosted by Guybrush
Have you looked into using queen spider over hex/gargantuan at all?

Indeed, it's a good spell for procing.
Why I don't mention it? Because this build is about balance between proc, survivability and dps. For proc, the stacking of acid cloud does the job nicely. Thus, I prefer to use the last possible slot for survivability/dps (hex), to orientate an uber (garg), or gain movement speed (stalker or angry chicken).
But you're right, I should mention it as a possibility. But since I never felt the need for more proc, I never really tested it well, which I shall do first before adding it to the op.

12/07/2012 01:02 AMPosted by Guybrush
This skill is VERY much underestimated as far as procing goes.

Really? I've seen it in almost any build called "Proctor". So this is pretty much know for its procing abilities, I believe.
So, I tried the queen spider. It's actually a bit weak on the proc side (compare to the acid cloud). Its proc just gets drowned by the acid cloud one.
In the end, I would not recommend it.
Here is a little video of farming in mp1, 28k dps unbuffed full mf.
More vids:
Gameplay at low mp (28k dps unbuffed, full mf):
Gameplay at mp7 (50k dps unbuffed) :
Thanks for the vids. Yeah, it definitely seems competitive with a straight FtM build.

So you're essentially losing the ability to face-tank but getting control effects. The deeps seems on the low side, but as a support build, yeah. Also, those vids make me want to switch over to French, she sounds way cooler.

Btw, do you think cold damage on the SoJ would help? And no Blackthorne's? I was thinking of this mostly because I got a high LoH roll on mine. Nice witching hour, btw.
MP6 Uber gameplay (Raka & Gohm) :

12/10/2012 03:30 PMPosted by SimplMasheen
do you think cold damage on the SoJ would help?

Unless, there is chill effect, I doubt that cold damage will slow in anyway the mobs.

12/10/2012 03:30 PMPosted by SimplMasheen
And no Blackthorne's?

Blackthorne's pants are of course great. I just don't use them because of my "I don't like legendaries skin that I can't make vanished" disease. ;-D
Bump for Skywalker -- add to the builds list please!
Fantastic guide, on a great build idea!! - V well written/constructed.

It's nice to see something viable along the 0ZD lines that is at least attemptable for less than the 100-200+ mill required for the primary 0ZD.

FWIW, i've continued running w a 5% freeze belt since pre-1.04 when i was lvl 20ish. The reason being it still proc's nicely off acid cloud. It looks like i'm 1-2 good pieces away from replicating the permafreeze/stun of the old proctors, but the single freeze source still cuts in fairly frequently. So i'd definitely advocate the use of any decent cc attribute you can squeeze into a build running acid cloud.

Oh, & I used to run w a Blind ammy after the pet procs got nerfed - blind & freeze were the best & cheapest cc's to retain. Blind works basically identical to stun. Supposedly some things are immune to it, but i never noticed a big problem with it. Minor problem: adding another attribute onto your ammy gets v v expensive, so one compromise could be to use a blind ammy on your follower...

Acid cloud is an amazing offensive skill w its ability to proc. It's definitely in the interest of us WDs to maximise it's awesomeness if we're going to bother using it in a skill slot.

Def needs to b added to the builds list!
Ubers mp8 (50k dps unbuffed):

12/21/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Technobabble
Fantastic guide, on a great build idea!! - V well written/constructed.

Thank you very much!
Is any one using this build. Im running it with varied success atm. Don't know if i should try to maximize IAS (increases survivability since i can proc LOH and stun/freeze more) or try to increase my pure damage.

Any tips would be usefull.
@Mogunda : your gear is pretty close to mine. AS is the same, thus tends to be a bit low to proc efficiently, but still it's fine: just did a mp10 run (see video below) and had a good survivability.
I do mp7 easy, and my gear upgrade would be more dps and LoH.
On your gear, 800+ LoH on the amulet would be good
You should aim for 700 minimum elemental resistance, and try to up your vitality: comfort would be 80k life.
Could you precise what is your main concern, or main failure (elite/affix/mp level?) at the moment?
Also, I don't know why you have graveyard injustice in your build right now...
Oh, and since your are on the european forum, the same thread exists there:

Now, I came to post videos of our MP10 run with 2 C4 Proctor and a C4Dogs (Tripleyou, TerenceHell, and me):
So Ive been running with a straight AC+ZB for elites farming / leveling build and geared up to mp4 farming, which was still pretty quick but starting to show to limits of that approach (about 170k DPS unbuffed).

So I swapped out a lot of gear to try this build as it looked awesomely fun and group friendly and offered a way to work at higher level MPs (7 and above) that my base AC build did not. I focused initially on dropping the CD to 0 with a view to improving DPS after.

So while its certainly great for survivability (continuous generation of health orbs and loh procing!) I can't seem to get it killing elites fast enough. In MP4 it takes far less time with my AC build. Its just soooo slow and the crits aren't that significant.

Any tips for modifying my gear / build to make it work better? (I could do with a bit more radius pickup but its not the survivability issue but the overall delivered DPS I seem to be missing (and yes, I know PUR would help that a little too)). Have I messed up somewhere that Im not seeing?

- And thanks for the guide - really well written and easy to understand.
Hello Jotter! Glad you tried this build.

Let's see, where should I start?...

First, this build won't be as dps effective as a ZB or pure C4Dogs one, since you'll loose affixes to procs instead of pure int/cc/dcc. As you said it'll bring other pros such as survivability and group fun.
That said, there are a few things to know:
ias is deceptive in this build. It boosts you sheet dps, but actually lowers it during fights since you won't be blowing up dogs continously (well you can, but not most of the time).
So, if you blow the dogs every 2 seconds after they reach their target, ias will be your foe. Such is thus manajuma knife combined with witching hour and lacuni.
Also you went for a mara, which will make you loose a lot of dps (cc and dcc). A soj is a better choice for lowering the zd cd.

Another tip: you can adjust the ratio between AC and sacrifice. On a tough elite you'll want to stack AC to freeze him and proc LoH. On a hard elite, you may stack only 2 AC, and blow the dogs as soon as they reach their target, thus improving your dps. On elites that don't stack too much bad affixes you may go cqc living only on globe drops (especially if you have extra health on globes on your gear) even casting from time to time 1 AC to keep him calm. This way your dps will be close to pure C4Dogs or bears.

To be honest, you are facing the same trouble I have for months (mainly because of a lack of gold drop) : I can't find a way to improve efficiently dps without it costing more than an arm and a leg. Still I found a few ways: I changed my weapon for a black slow one with high range of damage. Since the homunculus is so low in range, we need to make up for it with the weapon and the amulet and rings. The result of change of weapon ( previous was a manajuma) my damages went up significantly as well as my crits. The drawback was that I was not casting AC fast enough to regenerate and proc well. So I had to buy a lacuni to get back a decent AS.
Now, with my 50k dps I do around 250k damage per dogs on crits.
I know another WD that in 2 days equipped himself to reach 100k sheet dps with this build and simply rocks.
Hi there, been a fan of your build since you posted it. Having a real blast playing it.

I change the build around a little bit sometimes though. I find using bears with L/S weapon is quite fun, but you cant beat the stun lock AcidRain build gives you. I compliment my 300k+ dps archon friend very well.

This build is massively under-rated.

Just thought it was about time i gave you some credit.

+1 and ty for sharing.
I just tested the pvp on the ptr. That was fun!
I dropped soul harvest for well of souls, dropped gruesome feast for spirit vessel, and equipped the Azurath, and go!


bonus: at the end of the session my templar greeted me... With wrath! maybe I did too bad in pvp and that annoyed him... ^_^

ZeMickey can u help me to buy some stuff for the build?? i have 240m and idk very well what to buy, i need to buy all my equipment whit that money and i like this build :D
Hello PlayerKiller (! frightening nickname you have here :D )

Well, with 240M you should be able to have at the very least the same gear I have.

I'll try to put the BiS items down here, basically the ones I'd love to have.
Since I'm roaming only the european server, I'll give you estimation based on what i know, but the price should be cheaper on us servers.

Head : 8 or 9s ZD CD reduction; crit chance (less than 10M). Would Be Nice : 200+ int, socket, vit (20M+)
Shoulders: Vile Ward with pickup radius, chill (less than 10M). WBN : 250+ int (50M+)
Neck : LoH 700+, CC, DCC, 150 int and vit (less than 30M). WBN: tal rasha alligience (100M+), blind, damage range.
Gloves : 4.5+ stun, CC, DCC, @res, int/vit. (20M)
Chest : Zunimassa 150+ vit and int, with +armor (or pickup radius) (30M). WBN: 250+ int (100M+)
Bracers :Lacuni prowler with CC and pickup radius or +10k on globes (4M). WBN : int, @ res (50M+) or knockback
Belt : witching hour, Freeze, int 50M+. WBN @res or vita.
Ring1 : Stone of Jordan close to 30% to elite, 6+ ZB CD reduction (depending on the helmet) 100M
Ring2 : Zunimassa pox CC, DCC, damage range or attack speed if slow weapon (30M+)
Pants : Blackthorn's with 400+ LoH, pickup radius. WBN : @res
Boots : Zunimassa's trail with pickup radius (20M). WBN : 200+ int or @res if none on pants
Off Hand : Homunculus with 18+ s reduction on ZB CD, damage range 30-80 + (50M)
Weapon :1000+ dps 1.2 AS, Socket, DCC, 600+ LoH, int. WBN : Echoing fury 1300+

There. Keep in mind that you should have around 700 min @res, about 4k+ armor, 40k+ life, 20+ PUR.
tyvm zemickey i love the build, i try to buy some similar things but the prizes are veri high right now :S, check my profile for what i can do whit the money, right now i only have 2m xd but the build is working, any advices for futures upgrades?? (i know some parts of the equipment suck but is the best i can buy u.u)
You're welcome PlayerKiller.

I would be interested to know how much cost your gear (at least the main pieces) on the US server.

Now, for 2M, you won't have many choices. Your main line of improvement should be @res that seems a bit low, and the LoH is definitely too low on your amulet : you miss about 500 LoH on it.
So, one about :
- the change of the amulet for one similar with about 850+ LoH
- Get rid of your Hellfire (since it won't be as useful in the next patch 1.0.7) for a zunimassa pox to get a good bump in @res (+55 bonus set and +61-70 zuni pox). You should be able to find cheap ones.

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